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  1. No, the start of a legend.
  2. Please, all mighty Pablo, let her be true fire gal... Amen.
  3. Well, she still has the power of rock with her.
  4. So, Wips... Sun powers... We all lose in the end.
  5. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つDE staff, please... TAKE MY ENERGY! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  6. However, can't we have post 1000 days content like new weapons and cosmetics? Like, badges, Operator cosmetics,and the like?
  7. Will Melee 3.0 come with a move that lets you throw enemies, and maybe yourself, up in the air for a better mix of aireal combos? Since we are getting better with melee combat in the air, I think a move like this can add a level of depth for the blade players to master with the new combos mixed in.
  8. I have a few questiosn: This may in the far future, but is comming a rework for archwing movement and systems with the upcomming Railjack? Is Sigor Savar going to be in to be in Fortuna? Can we expect something for our operators there too? Is Revenant comming from killing eidolons, dojo research, buying him from the Quills at high price or another mission? Because you guys said you wanted to make this one's grind a bit lighter than Khorra. And I'm done, thanks again Dev Team for such and amazing game, and now a really catchy song that will never leave my brain.
  9. Sorry, but it's not comming this week, nor next week. We have the little teasers this friday, and after that, no more NOTHING until (if things go as planned) Mid-june. Of course, could be awesome to see it sooner than later, but still, big chance.
  10. A bit spoilery... but I made something for the ocation:
  11. True, however, they may well put the trailer with the operator winners next week. Posibilities are endless afterall.
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