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  1. 2 minutes ago, KnossosTNC said:

    I thought it was a nice way to repurpose old content, putting current Infested Outbreaks into context of the season's story. It just makes sense. The Derelict missions being repeatable 1,500 Standing farms was also nice.

    But, you know, if you don't need the 1,500 Standing, then you don't have to play it. Plenty of acts this season to get you to rank 30 and above.

    Hehe funny people. Already at rank 32...it is just the weak way of making people play old/outdated missions instead of refreshing the content.

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  2. This seems pretty lame. Wanting to do the "Emissary derelict" nodes you must do "outbreak missions" which are really just invasion missions.

    Forcing people to play these missions? Because there is no need/interest in playing them anymore? Many (most?) players don't need the rewards from the missions so ignore them...but now they are required to get access to a node. Is DE too busy(lazy?) to make new content and instead simply reuses existing, underused, missions?

    The rewards for these invasion...er..sorry...outbreak...missions aren't even special. Seems like a cheap way to get people to play underplayed content...just in a bad way imo.


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  3. It could (should?) be where DE put lore about various warframes/weapons/etc. To include how to/where to farm them! There is nothing (maybe missed it?) in game that explains the new frames and how to get them. Must come to DE forums, 3rd party sites, etc. to glean information.

    While Warframe partners and 3rd party sites are nice to have and could (should?) include helpful hints, etc. it would be helpful if the very basic information about farming warframes/weapons/etc was in game somewhere...and this Leverian seems a good spot to pick up some basic lore/info.


  4. Look forward to running the last mission about 118 times to get one of everything...goodbye 9+ hours of my life...

    If only I had to run robochicken 118 times to get things I wanted/needed...ah...the joy of Warframe grind.

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  5. It seems even worse as a bug when you are running a primary only mission...switch to scanner and BAM you can't get your primary back. Even death does not fix it. Just have to hope your squad finishes mission for you.

  6. 2 hours ago, Dark_RRiderr said:

    Its pointless for me to ask questions since it feels like lately im just plain ignored, but i still go straight ahead and ask it to @DE:

    You already given us a Titan Extractor Prime on the Ember and Loki Packs, and a Distilling one on the Rhino and Nyx one. So what can we except this time?

    Also i agree on Firestar18's post. Im a little bit something of both, the kind of guy grinding for the Items ingame, but also often buying some plat or sometimes certein packages (like the one with the Titan Extractor Prime you otherwise wouldnt be able to get)

    Thanks also to DE for giving the choice of only buying a package with Extractor and Syandana if you already own all Warframes.

    (I still expect this to be plainly ignored)


    I love Strawberry ice cream too! We are almost soul mates! 😛


  7. 8 hours ago, Gerty_Gert said:

    Well DE I would like for you to stop making these prime vaults because i feel like i really got screwed out of my money. I bought thousands of platinum just so i could pay 400p-600p for rhino prime, loki prime, ember prime,, and vaulted prime weapons and not just a few months after that you sell them all in a package with thousands of platinumand cosmmetics and weapons way cheaper then what i spent for my platinum not just a few monthhs before you started doing this. All im saying is i woul like to be reimmbursed for every penny i put into this game or im just not putting another penny into this game at all. i work very hard for my money and i got screwed royally by your prime vaults.

    I agree 100% with this post....I have spent far too much money on those 75% off daily logins as well! Just today I got a 50% off daily login...make the cheap plat stop please I can only play Warframe so many hours a day because work is getting in the way!

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  8. 14 hours ago, Lored said:

    stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).

    This is a huge problem...as huge as there being no indicator which relics are vaulted during selecting them.

    Fix them both but if you don't have the capacity to fix both then lets make the relic vaulted issue a "fix first" item and "get to after all BPs are sold" item.


  9. Melee through walls, etc. is bad. But given some of the super annoying things on some tilesets (those hanging infested things on some tilesets) and the narrow areas in others...will melee still work in a space that clearly isn't designed to realistically let you use a polearm (Orthos) or a great sword (War?)? Or is it going to be dagger melee FTW moving forward?

    Also, stances...any stance that has annoying pause animations are mostly worthless to me...it impacts which melee weapons I use simply because the animation breaks the flow of melee. Doing a fancy combo and you stop with your sword pointing forward as you kill a mob and are standing there for a second or 2 before you can continue attacking other mobs is just annoying. Hopefully, the stops in animation will be fixed with these changes.

    And changing spin to win is fine but you gave us increased damage from spin, leap, and wall attacks. Spin to win through walls...sure fix it...just don't break melee spin attacks because it is used effectively.,,leave it alone.

    As for the upcoming (rumor?) Maiming Strike nerf....is it going to destroy the usefulness of that mod like the changes to Telos Boltace made that weapon useless to most people? In fact, I have changed some builds to use Blood Rush instead of Maiming Strike to prepare for the pending nerf.  But with the new melee changes to combo stacks...what impact will combos for heavy attacks have to Blood Rush? or Weeping Wounds for that matter?

    And light vs heavy attacks makes it sound more and more like Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs Capcom, etc. Not sure I want to play those games as a space ninja...will have to wait and see how the two types of attacks work.

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