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  1. Hope DE actually discusses how comically boring this so called "event" is. Reb told us that they had something "special" planned for us to replace plague star. All we got was a little story and a shop that used mother tokens, something that a good number of us already had tons of? You guys called this an "event", and this followed up your last disastrous event that was scarlett spear. Is this going to be the standard of events now? Either broken and boring missions we have already done thousands of times before, but with just different skins (SS was just 2 slightly modified versions of mobile
  2. Yeah and they said they would do it about every 6-8 months. But said they were cancelling this year's PS (Reb's own words not mine) and if you payed attention its obvious they meant for this time. Didn't you watch the stream?
  3. So... you replaced plague star this year with this "event" that is literally just a single shop that uses family tokens... and no way to even get forma BPs. Tell me, did Reb actually think this was a decent replacement for plague star? An event that even high MR players would participate in just for the forma alone? All you did for this event was a single shop. Literally gives 0 incentive to actually play if one already has mother tokens. To call this an event is a complete joke. You would have been better off being truthful for once in many years and just coming out and saying that you d
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