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  1. that is not good reasoning. weapon swap speed for a robotic space ninja should not be slow as a granny by default. and should not need a mod for such basic functionality. especially when so many other shooting games are doing it right
  2. I also really want this, as well as improved weapon swap speed.
  3. "Mine 6 rare crystals on both Poe and Orb Vallis, with my luck it's 30 minutes each." just replying to that statement
  4. maybe i was lucky but took like 5 mins. get some perfect timing and u get bonus gems just for that
  5. you know you have to do it
  6. if steve said it might not even be possible its certainly not gonna be released anytime soon
  7. disagree with opticor v. they ignored the original charms of the opticor and produced another ferrox/battacor
  8. longer hair would be really nice but holy sht the hair style i want the most is the one in the 2nd row left column. its an old WIP picture where some of the hairstyles are already in the game so i dont get why they didnt release all of them. i want it so bad!
  9. DE the supra vandal is just a a ferrox/battacor reskin. we wanted a giant laser canon vandal regardless of its practicality, the clunky, low rof and giant, unecessarily over powered laser beam is what many people love. its fun to vaporize a single enemy with hundreds of thousands of damage. halving that dmg and increasing fire rate to increase overal dps... destroys the point of a giant laser canon. it is a downgrade to the opticor and a redundant addition as we have battacor and ferrox already.
  10. and the battacor alt fire! opticor vandal is both a redundant and wholly disappointing addition to the opticor family
  11. lmao. i didnt ask for specific stats. they were examples of what they can change. my only point was DO NOT decrease dmg
  12. lmao read my post again. i never said the dps was the issue
  13. opticor vandal came out and its just an extremely fast opticor with less than half its dmg. so basically the ferrox or the battacor alt fire... why? opticor is the designated big fking laser canon of warframe. please keep it that way. please DE, give the vandal slow fire rate and big dmg just like the opticor. give it a bit more dmg, or increase the cit chance and status, increase mag size, etc. whatever u change, please just dont make it a lower dmg version, even if the overall dps is increased. thats not the point. it needs to be an opticor.
  14. u can miss out 60% of standing and still reach 30. so i disagree they need to add more challenges, tho it wouldnt hurt. more important definitely fix consistency of the the challenges. most of the other elite weekly dont take anywhere near an hour to finish. and they especially dont require u to do it all in 1 session. the 1 hr survivals needs to be decreased to 30 mins max
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