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  1. This, also a 3x Amber Star bundle should replace SEEDING FREAKING STEP EPHEMERA in the Arbitration table Seriously, why is that thing not moved to the shop with the other Ephemera like, yesterday Getting basically no reward on a Rotation C round feels real good c':
  2. Also, Heat Status still isn't putting Mirage in light for Eclipse purposes (been this way since 26.0 dropped) Could we get an official statement on whether or not this is intentional, or just a bug resulting from messing with the Heat Status/new shaders? I would hope it isn't intentional because I mean... it's been that way for years, it's a cool niche interaction that isn't gamebreaking in the slightest, and she's literally on fire and fire = light sooooo :U
  3. Can confirm the projectile and distance bug, same thing just happened to both me and my partner It doesn't even show a 0 damage amount, just literally nothing whatsoever Hitscan weapons appear to be functioning correctly though
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