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  1. Dude, he takes off 20% HP with those 783 damage, and kills the whole group in pretty much the same number of shots... Yeah, the numbers look correct, but the actual damage clearly isn't.
  2. That's cool! One thing i'd suggest is to try and normalize anchor points, snapping and orientation across all decorations (including orbiter). Its a nightmare to orient objects in relation to others in a decent way since they tend to have wildly varying behaviours. Best example of this is prex cards, and rest of the framed items for the orbiter. Each one seems to have a different way of snapping and orientation in regards to walls and whatnot. Another awesome thing would be a "align to" option similar to how 3d editing software has. (like with decoration active point to another and then t
  3. By the end it was working pretty well.
  4. Scarlet spear should either have become a recurrent thing like the Fissures and Ghouls, or just be there... Its kinda silly to have made all that unique gameplay and systems and waste it on something that only comes by once in a blue moon or less...
  5. Not really a matter of effort, just part of how i enjoy the game ^_^
  6. Nope, that video is definitely not working as intended... They must have introduced some unwanted interaction there, i've used Vortex a lot, and while it does some damage amplification due to the passive (enemies stuck in vortex take 25% more damage)... But that isn't 25, that looks to be more than 250 even...
  7. Yeah, i get that, but it would be boring for me to do that. I like to experiment, and there's always new cosmetics to incorporate, so yeah... I do tend to waste some considerable amount of time with fashion frame ^_^ almost as much as i do theory crafting builds.
  8. I have that for so long i don't even remember what i did to get it ^_^ Me, i have 3 looks on each warframe, a "base" one, with the clan colors, and then i have two others that i use frequently, one for each syndicate that i run (since i've leveled 4 syndicates, i can only do Steel Meridian and Ceph Suda Sigils otherwise i'd be bleeding out too much affinity from red veil), and the ones with the sigil i tend to make them as unique as i can, so i use sigils that compliment my look the most, and then the syndicate sigils on the back tucked under the syandana.
  9. Yeah, i used to do that. Or stuff like "race to X" weekends. I'd choose a more expensive thing (dyes nowadays), and the guy that donated the most for the objectives would get a reward, usually in the form of ranks, but sometimes a prime set, or something like that. But i think we're talking about "official" clan events, and those are sorely missing. The old dark sectors was flawed, but even that was better than nothing.
  10. Must be a console issue, it works on PC. Its not ideal, but works.
  11. LOL I have it in a few warframes where it works, and i did try it out right away. To be honest, in terms of what i usually do, which is to make my sigils almost transparent, and just use the lighting effects to enhance the warframe's looks, the new ones are cool because the light effects are more intense. In terms of design, the old ones are farm more coherent than the new ones.
  12. I'm pretty sure that was cumulative. Might be wrong, anyway i know that i got to gold with just me, my brother and a friend doing it. And wasting time for bragging rights, not really my thing. I do agree that it would be nice to have clans be involved in actual gameplay somehow, but these events aren't the way.
  13. This. You now have 2 Mastery Sigils in the Sigil menu, the Legacy (old one) and Mastery. You have to pick the Legacy one to keep the old look.
  14. Awesome? What's so awesome about spamming the same mission over and over? That's normal gameplay.
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