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  1. Yep, need a few for the dye pack, and boy oh boy... Even the bounty isn't guaranteed which is making it worse... So yeah, Valheim is taking Warframe's part in my schedule, since, i really don't have much to do in it...
  2. No... What i mean is that Iron Phoenix has a impact and slash proc on its first hit with regular combo, while, for example Swooping Falcon only has Slash on second hit.
  3. Who the #*!% thinks they cost plat? I always tell new players to start with MK1 weapons for the first few levels while they gather resources and wait for their first "real" weapons to build.
  4. Here's a thing... Combos matter. The fact that you're not aware of this, kinda invalidates the rest of your post. Not all weapons are the same, and not all stances are the same. Some stances make your weapons way stronger (especially ones with guaranteed slash procs in the "dumb combo"). The "abnormal" damage is quite ok, you need that abnormal damage in steel path, so yeah. It only seems abnormal compared to ranged weapoon damage, but that's only because ranged weapons don't have scaling damage mods (like CO and Blood Rush), which is something they need. The could for example use a com
  5. I've been having this issue for a while now... I think it cropped up around the time they gave away the UT weapons. I don't have the flickering or black windows you describe, but i have massive hangups when first entering maps, and its not getting better... I'm running RTX2070.
  6. i own it, have it maxed and never equipped it on warframes. cause there's always something better for the slot... Might add another umbral to my inaros and use it on him...
  7. Well, that's for them to analyse. I kinda doubt there's a lot of "whales" and people that pay to skip are that worried about arcanes and min-maxing, most its going to be cosmetics and quick unlocks. Players that go through all the min-maxing are doing it for reasons that make unlocking arcanes somewhat easy. And honestly a guy that wants a perfect build on his whatever frame probably is willing to run some time through whatever to get a few primes to buy the arcane. Of course, that for this to really work, they'd need to end the plague that is the Riven Market.
  8. True, this is kinda common, but the solution is also somewhat simple... There was one game i played that had this, i don't remember which, and warframe already has the groundwork for this in place (there's already two types of plat, one tradeable, one not). So the fix would be, a 30 days moratorium (that's how long most banks will allow for reversal in credit purchases) on recently bought plat. Plat under moratorium would not be useable for player to player trading, but still useable for market purchases. After 30 days you can trade it with others. Plat acquired from trading with players wou
  9. Gara on Eris is best. Build for max power on her shield, and make it as wide as you can. Infested are melee so not many ranged enemies to mess up your run. Limbo with a long ass duration build should work,. but you have to recast cataclysm and stasis fast and clear anything inside the bubble. That's my go-to thing for those riven challenges.
  10. I'm not sure what you're asking... If you're finding that your weapons are lvling slower, that's not likely. The rate at which weapons and warframes level up is the same always (discounting bonuses and boosts), so it should be the same. What you might be experiencing is differences in how much you're gaining from OTHER players. If you're carrying, and you're using a skill intensive warframe (Saryn, Mesa, Ember, etc) you'll notice a low gain on weapons since weapons don't share exp from warframe kills (while kills from weapons do transfer to the warframe). Otherwise if you're being carried yo
  11. You might need your eyes checked... The geometry in the before is MUCH more jagged, just look at the lips, it goes from jagged to smooth curves. The textures are the same though, so if you're looking at freckles or whatnot, you'll not see a difference, since the picture is demonstrating the mesh changes, not texture.
  12. Buying all the arcanes is somewhat strawmanish. But ok.
  13. Your best score in the endurance counts for your trophy. Expect to easily get at least ~20k with 36 waves done per member of the clan. My ghost clan managed gold with only 7 guys contributing (rough times, we need to start recruiting again :p).
  14. Except that its random? I did a ton of it, bought a lot of arcanes, and never got the receiver for Cedo. For example, math says that for a ~99% certainty of getting the entire lavos set it takes ~200 A rotations which is equivalent to ~12 full 36 wave runs. More if you don't get to the full thing. That doesn't seem much, but this event coincided with holidays and new year, which for a lot of people is a busy time, not everyone had the entire month to run daily. Cedo is more or less the same thing, except you only have 1 B rotation per cycle, so you need ~24 36 wave runs for 99% certa
  15. I agree with you mostly. I was expecting them to add it back, either on Simaris (since that's been the latest dump of things for people to get after events and whatnot), or much better, making the event regular. Didn't really expect it to be dealt in such a lazy fashion, especially when if you add the dev time that went into this, plus scarlet spear, for them to be wasted on a single issue mission. Its just nonsense, they keep telling us its hard to do things, they've pushed back every single release, but they still find it productive to just kill all the man hours that went into these event
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