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  1. Well, from what he said, it's not a trade ban. Either he or someone in his group used sketchy (or really good) tactics to get more results than what's considered normal/possible without cheating, so he can't trade until they dig deeper. SOP.
  2. That whole interaction needs to be changed. Not only does it have that effect, but even on levels where you are in premades, if one of your friends quick starts a mission while you're pressing "ready" you WILL leave the squad because the "ready" button is replaced by the cancel button. Not only that, but when you WANT to cancel missions because you remembered you needed to change a requiem or weapon damage type. Good luck doing that. That's pretty much the most basic level of UI interaction, and the most cancerous one in Warframe, and living proof that all that talk about UX is just that, talk.
  3. You can't cure the human condition, sorry... I mean, sometimes, it's excusable, like that's the only fissure available, or there's an unforeseen event they need to attend to... But 7/10 times people are just doing a endless mission only to inconvenience other players (on purpose or out of ignorance), and waste their own time, when they would have faster options. That said, as many people said before, although it's inefficient behaviour, those people are free to do what they want, so if you want better companions, check recruit chat, or get a clan or something. It's not the game forcing you to do anything. This IS a social game, it's meant to be played socially with other people. You refusing to get a clan or find a few people to play in these occasions is just as misguided as those guys that leave the endless missions at the first wave.
  4. Since you're reworking (poorly i might add) the end-mission screen, maybe change the mission progress screen (the one you tab into) to show more mission critical elements, like for example A BUFF LIST WITH ACTUAL TEXT, SO WE DON'T HAVE TO MEMORIZE THE ICONS FOR ALL THE BUFFS FOR WARFRAMES WE DON'T EVEN PLAY? Seriously. I could write an essay on how bad the UX in this game is, especially with many of the recent UI changes. We went from 1 click for info (basically what you want to do for good UX), albeit presented in a confusing and less than ideal way. To a mess of clicks and tabs with different unintuitive interactions for no good reason. Sure empty space is as if not more important than filled space in good design, but you're adding seconds to interactions that users have to undertake dozens of times each day. That just makes the experience worse, and detracts from the game. And for what? A empty screen that most of the times, only shows a diorama that is clunky and obfuscates the actual object of the page. And i don't see many proposed improvements in this post. Sure aesthetically it looks nice, but you know what's the problem with putting aesthetics before usability? It makes the experience, and repeat actions worse, it makes players enjoy the game less. And seriously, do you guys want people to enjoy the game less than they have? Because Railjack wore off pretty fast... And numbers seem to drop... I'll be honest, as someone that has been playing this game for years, and actively pushing people to play this game, because it's the last bastion of developers listening to their community, i'm deeply ashamed and irked by this post. Because it's pretty much the opposite of what DE should stand for. It's not about listening to feedback and improving. It's pretty much Pablo trying to explain to us, like we haven't ever interacted with games or websites, or apps ever in our life, and we don't know when an experience feels good, or doesn't. No, he justifies it trying to push a weird concept of UX, using it to justify going pretty much against most of what makes a good UI/UX provide a good UX. Basically a condescending "You're wrong, i'm right" post. Which is the most disrespectful crap you can throw at us. I don't believe this applies to ALL new gamers either. I mean as a new player i want as much info as i can get when i'm learning the game. And if i'm buying a weapon in a game, especially in the begging, i don't care how good it looks, i want to know if it'll kill my enemies or not. So some info is necessary. Maybe a toggle in the options that shows just basic stuff like ammo, damage and range, or the full descriptor. But having to press tab for more info, when you actually have the real estate to make a decent info box without cluttering the screen? That's just bad UX.
  5. Like spicy said, Slowva is a debuff warframe meant to slow down and weaken the enemy, she's great on some bosses and stuff like Disruption to slow the carriers. But she's disadvantageous in many other situations, namely defenses, some survivals, and other modes where you want the enemy to come to you, or to go through phases faster. Speedva is the opposite, she buffs the enemy, you'll want to use it mostly on defenses and farming survival runs, which are cases where you want the enemy to get to you faster. You'll usually pair it with a strong damage frame. Both builds have their uses and both are better if you drop a stat to maximize their strengths. As for low stats, that's a relative term. Something most gamers will tell you is that a Jack of all Trades build is usually the worst choice in most games. To be strong you have to specialize, since resources are finite. You might think that having 180 range and 190 strength is great, but if you maximize you can get to 280 range or 300+ strength. Basically your comfort zone is forcing you to have low stats where they matter.
  6. That's not how corrupted mods work. They're made for you to build for a specific strength of the warframe, and there is always a "dump stat" that gets lowered. Sometimes (like with Speedva, where you want low power strength) that's actually the "strength" of the build. Basically your conditions reduce the effectiveness of the individual mods, BUT you can use them like you want at the expense of several forma and get a build that will be have higher stats overall than you can get without corrupted mods, just not as effective as if you specialize. Here's an example of a build that meets your standards: http://warframe-builder.com/s/095da9c4a2c67de9
  7. Well, i guess different schools of design teach different things... Because UX where i've learned it, basically boils down to giving people information in the least clicks possible. The abilities screen, kinda works, but, the market is bad UX. The Squad interface, with the moving Start/Cancel buttons, is so poorly built in terms of UX that i've lost count how many times me or someone in a squad i'm in accidentally left the squad because of the Cancel button moving into the "start" button's position when someone rushes the start. Great UX! Seriously, your design, from the art standpoint is pretty good, but don't start preaching about UX. Because UX is User Experience. And when your users are reporting a bad experience, You failed at it. No further argument required.
  8. I don't remember them ever reviving anything either. Not other warframes and much less the operatives.
  9. The relics are vaulted, so you need to get lucky and find someone who has some of the relics or buy the parts. Of course you can also wait for them to get unvaulted, which can take a while.
  10. I have a lot of weapons that i've used without issue for lvl 110 lich missions and the upper lvls of Empyerean which also have some tough boys. One of the best for me has surprisingly been Accelletra, that thing is a beast. Have it modded for slash and viral with hunter munitions, and that thing just rips enemies to shreds (and if you're not careful, yourself).
  11. Ditto, that goes both ways you know?! People already explained how to do what you want, your unwillingness to comply doesn't merit a new "feature".
  12. You realize that these things aren't decided by a single dev and worked on with a tweet, right? They're not going to decide to ban or not a bunch of us without first looking at the stats and metrics and realize the size of the issue and the impact. And much less do that through twitter, which will act only to spread the issue more. You're new to games, aren't you? There's a difference between not being punished for an exploit, and that being the intended gameplay loop. Maybe it's hard to understand, but honestly, i'm not in any inclination to explain this to you.
  13. That's still an exploit, and not in the positive way You realize most of them are on vacation, right?
  14. Personally, not having used it, I think that if they're aborting the mission for quicker resets, then that IS an exploit, since you're not supposed to get stuff when you abort, otherwise, it's mechanics.
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