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  1. Yes, but Saryn actually sux in low lvl missions cause the spores kill things, so you can't really grow them. Sure in really low lvl missions you can just spam #4. But then you can do that with everything. The Saryn hate is just people buying into a trope without even understanding why.
  2. Some people leave the laptop on when carrying. Even on a proper bag, its still not a good idea, because the computer doesn't have air circulation.
  3. Yeah, laptops have less space for air to flow, and dust tends to clog up the whole thing faster... 2 years seems exactly the right time for it to be requiring some clean up. Try going to a pc clinic thing, so they can clean it, and see if they will replace thermal paste on the CPU and GPU. But do check the temps... if its going close to 100C, you definitely need to clean it. Also, the normal laptop things that people do but shouldn't... Don't use it in bed (on top of covers, if you have a base, its ok), don't carry it on inside bags, and if you can get a cooling base for it.
  4. If its idling (just OS) its a bit in the warm range... Is it a laptop? That's basically my temps with Warframe running (using air cooling, not water).
  5. Download CPUID HWMonitor, free software, pretty great for monitoring temps. Your issues sounds like it could either be temperature, or graphics drivers. Check if you're up to date, and if you are, try rolling back to previous version (since it started recently).
  6. He's not wrong per se. I mean, YOU're not going for high levels, but he probably is, and if you're doing less than optimal damage, that lowers HIS chances of going on because of low efficiency at the lower levels. At 90 PS, that's not a good build, not for ESO, where you want to kill fast, not to stop the enemies away from an objective.
  7. No, you just needed to be in the relay really...
  8. Already addressed that point twice, with different suggestions both times, both somewhat easy to apply.
  9. Yeah, but if you land on a Troll Squad without vote kick, isn't that worse? Its still you alone vs 3 guys. That's always an issue. Honestly most games out there have this, and i've rarely had any instances where i got kicked out of parties because of trolls. Its not that it doesn't happen, but i'd rather that small risk, than have to constantly deal with people that go AFK and what not. If you're kicked from the squad you should just get a host migration, and you're set. Universal Leave Squad exists. Problem is that it doesn't help with anything, for one, if you're playing with friends and just allowed a couple fillers, and you have one guy screwing up the squad (usually the case), the only solution is to have everyone leave and then have to redo the squad, while the sensible thing would be to just kick the broken wheel. Anyway, there's other means to "force" players to get the reactant. Like if 2 + players are in the extraction with 10 reactant each, the remaining players have like 30 seconds (or some other number, these numbers need more info than i have) to get reactant or the remaining players will extract. If he grabs reactant the timer is paused 5 seconds, and resumes after. Actually it does add things to the game: First it adds a lore mechanic and a reason why you're doing it. Second it adds missions that allow for people with like-minded goals to congregate. Third it adds several gameplay twists, like the extra boosts in endless missions, the void buff, etc. The issue here is simply that the way the missions are coded its dumb. The missions should always provide the means for proper conclusion, this is only an issue in like 4 mission types: Defense, excavation, interception and capture. All these suffer from the issues of having waves end before enough reactant spawned, or in the case of capture, have players fly so fast through the mission that people on slower machines get shafted, if someone doesn't notice. Lets also add its a problem because some players are simply dumb. When i was opening for Inaros, the guy with only 5/10 reactant was the guy flying through the level and that triggered extraction. So there's that. The issue isn't the reactant mechanic, its simply that DE still hasn't managed to fix (or even is aware of) this issue of missions not providing enough reactant and finishing before players can get it.
  10. That would also be an easy fix, but DE refuses to implement vote kick. A lot of issues could be avoided if we had vote kick in the game.
  11. Or make the 10/10 reactant on every player a part of the mission objectives. So can't finish waves or a mission until everyone gets 10 reactant.
  12. Apparently that's how they get Tennogen on consoles... Not sure if it even works on PC. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/TennoGen_Bundle_IV
  13. Pretty sure they won't have cross-play anytime soon... I mean for that they need to have all the releases simultaneously on all platforms.
  14. Its a game for 17+, can't handle it... Then maybe not the right game for you.
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