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  1. Best option is always this. Rhino is incredibly useful, Excalibur is ok, but a reactor at the start, especially for someone who apparently doesn't buy plat, is a big investiment, so selling either of them for frost no less is not a great prospect.
  2. Yeah they used to cost a ton of wisps. I guess that without the wisps cost and given that many people already have it, they increased the price so the market doesn't get oversaturated from people buying tons of them already built to sell max.
  3. Actually, the scars of arbitration is a ripoff of the Rift Sigil... But yeah... Also the Gama pallette has a history, and it's nice, it's not a downgrade, it's a desaturated version, which can be an upgrade, depending on what you're going for. For example i'm using it to nice effect on Ivara and Vauban where i wanted some more muted colours. This is an intermission, it's not supposed to be anything great, it's just filler because they done a goof and ended season1 before being even remotely ready to ship S2.
  4. Yeah, i can read, i know they don't, still they're better than no buffs... Which Nidus doesn't have. Also it's infinite, IF you have the stacks, which sometimes it's not easy (ESO, for example).
  5. More like an upgrade... For Nidus to get immortality you need those 15 stacks, which in some missions, with certain allies *cough* Saryn *cough* can be harsh to get. Sure Nidus' immortality is not finite, but you need those stacks. As for wukong you get 3 free lives, not clear if that resets after dying or not, and each time you use a "free life" you get an extra buff, some of which are kinda nice.
  6. This, i've said it before, and i'll keep on saying it... Nightwave was poorly planned, and this is just another facet of it. From an off-hand comment, i think by Steve, on a dev stream, apparently their inability to fix Nightwave while it's running comes from the simultaneous launch on all platforms, because each platform has a different rate of updates. But they could just have prepared the fixes, add them to patches getting ready to cert on consoles, and when all are patched, just activate it in all at once. I mean it's a damn sight better than just running broken content for months, and then having a gaping hole in content for weeks. Also, the FORMA ACT needs to go, or at least change significantly. I mean as a reward you get 3 forma for 10 000 standing, but then you have to spend 3 forma for 6 000 standing, just from that one standpoint it doesn't make sense, but then you remember that the reward comes once, but the challenges sometimes come weeks in a row. I personally don't mind spending forma, i've actually gone from 50 forma to 30 in the last few weeks, but i'm also getting to a point where i don't think i'll want to forma anything any time soon... Maybe my pets to make them tankier, but that's pretty much it. I'm holding back on formaing melee weapons because, well, melee is in limbo atm with changes coming with 3.0, but no idea what changes are... I'm kinda not ready to spend 3-5 forma on a weapon just to see it completely nerfed in a few weeks/months. Its not that i can't afford it, but i don't like wasting resources. IMO it should be AT MOST, 2 forma per act, ideally one forma. This and the modular item acts are simply not something that should be ask repeatedly. Sure, it's a nice one-time achievement, but not something you should be asking from players potentially every week. It's just stupid, there's only a finite number of times when people will want or need to do that, and asking them to do it infinitely is just showing a huge detachment from the reality of the game.
  7. Well, apparently what you know doesn't go a long way. So please abstain from being self-righteous. I probably have double your Nitain, so stop talking. Problem with your short-sightedness is exactly that, you're short-sighted, and lets face it, obviously self-centered. I have 8 new players on my clan that are VERY active, and all started during the last day, or after the last day of the first Nightwave season. What are those supposed to do? Bow yo your "obvious" magnificence and quit the game? What about the people that only played the last week of nightwave, and only got 5-15 Nitain out of it? They said the seasons were limited and credits would reset, they didn't say there would be weeks of void without Nightwave until the last week of it. There's no amount of planning that goes with that. Nightwaves were supposed to replace Alerts which were a automated system that was constantly up. So it wouldn't be unfair to assume Nightwave would do the same, unless of course we're endowed with your obvious power of using hindsight as foresight. Finally, 15 Nitain in 3 weeks from gift of the lotus doesn't really replace either Nightwave or Alerts. And i could list the mistakes and lack of forethought in Nightwave, but that would take me too long, and lets face it, you're too "awesome" to care. Or we're just upset because i have 8 guys in my clans that don't have access to Nitain, but more importantly they don't have access to Energy Siphon, Corrosive Projection or any of the other "basic" auras, so they can't build their frames accordingly to be self-sufficient. Or i'm upset that i could have planned this better, easily, and i'm not a 20 year veteran game developer.
  8. OR, you know, not end the previous Nightwave before they have the next one ready... I mean, that's just basic. Honestly, idk how Nightwave as a whole could have been implemented in such a disastrous fashion. It's just piling errors and poor judgement at every turn.
  9. What about the people that started AFTER that week? Or even during it?
  10. Next time, don't end the previous season without having the next one ready to ship... Because this two weeks were ridiculous, and that season's rewards is worse. Just make the Prestige ranks have decent evergreen rewards. About the Intermission... I don't think that stuff you can only use once (like a gamma color picker and the Rift Sigil) should be available as evergreen rewards (i don't even think that fits the term). I know you guys are kind of blind to the obvious sometimes (having flashbacks of 8 rounds of ESO with only REPEATED captura scenes as rewards), but single-use rewards are not fit for recurrent reward tables.
  11. Nice changes with the Relic UI, but you forgot the most basic one, that would probably help out a lot! Add color to the item labels to show rarity, like it used to be! The bars are nice, especially since some people might have labels disabled, but the text is a great complement to the bars, and increases readability! Also maybe show that square vaut icon that you show next to the "Vaulted" text when we tab. Maybe put it on the upper right corner of the relic image boxes. This would allow players to have that information at a glance, which is very important, especially when now they might be expected to select and upgrade a relic in between rounds on endless modes. The UI looks great but there are a lot of poor User experience issues that cause confusion, create complicated pathways to information, make grouping harder and just diminish the experience overal, and these would be reduced if instead of just pushing for aesthetics you'd have the usability in mind. Here's some examples: The "Ready" button on squad UI disapears and the "Cancel" button trades places with it! This is probably the noobest mistake you can make in a UI, have a region change functions willy nilly. And i've lost count at how many times one friend or another got himself kicked from a squad because he tired to press ready just as someone else pressed "start now", and caused the cancel button to shift. The Marketplace improvements. Where before we could see weapon stats and other details at a glance, now we have to hover a specific button for a specific piece of information, that should be readily available, all this just to have 2/3 of the screen dedicated to a Diorama that's almost purely aesthetic. Deluxe pack dioramas are the worse. Can't rotate them, some have weird fixed pauses, it makes trying to preview details such as Sugatras and Syandanas a nightmare!
  12. Nice changes, but you missed the most basic of them all.. Change the label Colors on relic rewards so it's even MORE apparent what is what! The bars are clearly not easy to read. This is a case where you have to give up some of the looks to enhance User experience. Seriously, the UI is neat, but it has so many flagrant errors from a UX perspective that it looks like some over-eager kid's work.
  13. I use SO to level up warframes, and sometimes weapons... While doing that, i got my first Khora, and i've got at least 5 extra sets already. The issue with some of these things is that if you just focus on it, you'll end up frustrated and burnt out (like my brother), if you do it for the other benefits, you'll end up with a good surprise after a while.
  14. Volt is a Nuker. Having survivability mods on him (in general) is a bad idea. Volt's Play-style is all about kill or get killed. So you want to get your ability mods, and maybe capacitance (augment) maxed out as soon as you can to be able to get through the enemies. Another thing to remember with caster frames is that, if you're not casting, you NEED to be moving, if you're standing still you're a sitting duck. You CAN and should use your shield (#3 ability) if you need to stand still or if you're low in energy, stand behind a max duration shield, and shoot things. Get an Ignis or Amprex, and you're golden. If you can't get the mods, or you're more the shooty, less casty type, i have 2 comments: a) Next time read the damn text, it says that volt is a caster warframe, pretty explicit! b) Go to Venus Fossa, farm Rhino. He's the perfect warframe for begginers, he's hard to kill even without many mods, and you can use him to clear the star chart and unlock other warframes. Do try out and master every warframe in the game, you'll need the MR. I'd advise keeping all warframes you get, and only replace them with primes. But if you can't afford that, keep a few, and try to get some distinct play styles in your pocket, since you might need a nuker for a mission someday, or a tank, or a defensive frame. Finally, i'd say that it's an incredible waste of money to buy warframes, so you don't have to worry about "affording" anything. The only things that you'll find yourself wanting platinum for (except cosmetics) will be Slots. Warframe, Weapon, Archwing, Archgun, Pet and Riven slots. Those will be the only things you "need" to buy. Also, you don't need to afford anything, you can just grind a few endless missions for relics, open those relics, and every couple of fridays there'll be a ton of people buying "junk" prime parts and blueprints to trade for ducats. Which you can use as a easy source of plat.
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