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  1. Like other people said... Imperator is a good all purpose gun, easy to pickup. Larkspur is nice on land for general use. Velocitus is great on bosses. Corvas might compete with velocitus, but i'd still use the sniper over the shotgun in this case.
  2. Heat, unlike Corrosive, actually requires a trade-over. You'll have to sacrifice maximum damage (ie having 2 90% mods) for the single stat proc. Also having 2 means to obtain the same answer is good for variability. And if you're going to complain about it "being too easy", wrong tree... Warframe IS easy, individual enemies aren't really meant to be difficult outside boss fights, and in those there are usually mechanics to counter the armor loss. And even then, making an enemy which you need to repeat several times over an hour "easier" isn't really a problem. For you to be right, DE would have to rework the entire reward structure of the game.
  3. Ember's Kit is nice, although i think Fire Blast is counterproductive in the kit. With that passive we want enemies to be close so Ember gets the most buff possible, and Fireblast kicks enemies away from the caster, thus removing them from Passive Range. My solution would be to either change Fireblast into "Back Draft" and just have enemies get sucked in when you cast it. Or have a double cast effect like Gauss's 3 or the new Bastille. Tab to blast enemies away, and Hold to pull them back in, which is both handy, and thematically correct since explosions are usually followed by a back-draft that sucks everything back in.
  4. Like i said, it depends on the players and builds, otherwise, it's pretty balanced.
  5. You obvious don't know how volt works. Volt's Ultimate sticks for 4 seconds on the map, and then also does the "tesla coil" effect for duration. It's as sticky or more than Saryns.
  6. Sure, but then, everything is Op on Mars... Even my freaking Smeeta will clear the map (given some time due to lack of aoe).
  7. Again, that's not really true. She's not over the top. She's specialized. Like i said, depending on the map, and the person playing Saryn, you can out-dps her with an Ember in Extermination missions. She's so effective on Onslaught because she can recast her best DPS move, which unlike most other warframes it's her 1, not her 4, and it has the widest range in every warframe. Her being "that" effective is kinda debatable, since again, i can outDPS Saryn in ESO with Volt (yes spamming 4 even), and i can definetly do that easily with Equinox. And finally, the game not only allows it, but requires it. I'd like to see anyone go a long way past 8 rounds without Saryn spores or Equinox's Maim. No other abilities scale like those in order for you to get the kills you need in the time allotted. Heck, i've been in groups struggling to finish round 8 without those "broken" warframes that everyone complains about.
  8. Why not let them fix the actual unplayable frames before you start worrying with the warframes you're just annoyed because you can't be a "hero" when they're around. FYI, i can outdamage Saryin with Volt and Equinox easily on Onslaught and on Hydron, and Volt is actually awesome for Eidonlons. Also, i've out-damaged good Saryn players with Ember on Exterminates in that last year.
  9. Thanks for the update, when can we expect the docks to be available to build?
  10. Thanks for the clarifications! This was never an issue to me personally, since it was a dumb concept from the start, paying for a Prime access just for 7 days of extra mods isn't that much of an improvement. I hope this also serves as an alert as to how bad drop rates and the whole reward structure is, that this minor addition caused such a stir...
  11. First, if you're buying the prime access for that... Well you need therapy, it's not on DE if you can't make choices. Secondly, the nerf to loot mechanics was months ago, not weeks. And finally how is that boost more egregious than any other? Will it turn the problematic 1% drop chance mods into 50%? I doubt it. Basically, the issue is the same as what DE has always had, they have a S#&$ty reward structure, they always had it, and it's actually improved somewhat in some instances. If you just now realized it, well, man, it took you 5000h to realize what most of us learned in 10.
  12. Wow nice misrepresentation there... The only microtransactions that ascend close to 200$ are the Prime accesses, that they release regularly ever few months as most veterans would know. And none of those have anything to do with the nerf to how farm skills stack.
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