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  1. Parazon Mods and new base Helminth abilities... That's what's coming.
  2. Thanks for the input, but honestly, idgaf about these kind of people, i can do my thing easily, and if i'm doing hydron i'm ok with another player increasing the spawn count, but that's for me, people like OP might need the extra help, and that's why a vote kick is the more logical idea IMO. Humm... I'm talking from EU experience, not NA or Asia... Might be that Asian servers are that depleted, since in normal circumstances just the ignore would be enough to ensure you don't squad up with people again. As for the "energy" waste, that's why 9/10 i just bring the guy along, i'm usual
  3. First off, this is one of the reasons why i've advocated for vote to kick in the past, and still do. There's plenty of others, like guys that stay in squad after missions and won't leave or vote to continue (especially bad if doing relics), etc. Now that aside, since there's no vote kick, you have 2 options, with a bonus action: Bonus action is reporting. If you think the actions merit this, you can always report the player. Now the actual actions you have are: either Ignore him if you can, since he's likely to not get any reward from your work since the game doesn't reward afk
  4. You might have overshot the madurai and selected blank by accident? IDK, if you think something is bugged, like forma used and no new polarities, you can always try to reach out to customer support, they might roll that back. (keyword, MIGHT)
  5. Did you use an Aura Forma? Those are universal polarities (looks kinda like an O) so all polarities work as if they were forma'd.
  6. Yeah, this is one of the issues that leads to imbalances between weapon types. Like having Sacrificial mods on melee but not on ranged, having stacking mods on melee but not on ranged, that's one of the primary factors for them needing to change that balance. Prime mod availability is another issue that contributes to disparity. That's why when they announced twin pistols as the exalted weapon type for Titania, Reb said "you'll be happy to know" since at the time especially, secondaries had (and still have for the most part) the best mod and prime mod availability.
  7. Probably coming in with next Baro. He's the guy that sells Prisma weapons and most Primes, so, makes sense.
  8. 1) I don't see how removing stagger from primaries will increase the risk on melee, but ok. 2) No one talked about Nukor, which btw is great for priming CO weapons, but by itself it doesn't do what you claim it does, because i have one, proper built, with SEVERAL valence fusions on it, i think its at 56% status. And while its pretty great it doesn't do miracles. Now shoot a Nukor for 2 seconds on an enemy and then go at the pack with a CO weapon? Then you're one shotting everything in sight. 3) I never said i agree with their speed nerfs. And that's not really how you usually build a me
  9. Depends on how much the attack speed is nerfed, if at all, since they already changed their tone from dev stream to dev stream...
  10. OK, might be some weird compatibility thing, happens. I had a huge issue with my internet connectivity once, turns out some weird SOUND driver that was bundled with the GPU driver (i'm assuming its for the HDMI or display port sound) was having compatibility issues with my ethernet driver... Those things tend to be resolved by the next version.
  11. I use that one, haven't had issues. Might be that you're either having bad luck at the silicone lottery, or you're messing up your OC (if Overclocking).
  12. I love this drama around the patch even though we know nothing. The problem is twofold: 1) The stagger mechanic they added recently, any decent aoe weapon has a stagger (and they added it to weapons that didn't have self-damage in the past), which makes them immediately worse than melee. Since Warframe is mostly a horde shooter, you'll invariably be faced with enemies at point blank, so in that regard its bad. And since melee has better scaling and response at short to medium range and because of dumb AI means enemies will come to you, melee wins. Remember when people were freaking o
  13. Also Molecular Prime (which is why my goto warframe for Disruption is Nova with Ensnare added through Helminth).
  14. Don't replace frames, except with the prime version of that frame (or Umbra in excal's case)... That said, Excalibur can be a dps machine far better than Wukong, while wukong is tankier and much better suited for spy and capture missions especially (he's the actual fastest warframe). Another great alternative, and one i always suggest new players for first warframe is Rhino. He's the tankiest warframe in the game (you can get tens of thousands of Iron skin) plus roar is the best damage buff in the game, and his 4 is pretty useful on low levels, being able to wipe rooms with a high strength
  15. Like i said, there's several ways to do things, and i did mention that one possiblity: Without looking at their DB its all just speculation, and the complexity doesn't increase. There'll always be a unique form to identify a particular item or set of items (for example item ID+owner ID) so the database for the trades will need pretty much just that identifier, price and amount if applies.
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