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  1. The first is for some reason if you spam heavy attack multiple times in a row in fast succession Ironbride deactivates. The second is that when activating Ironbride you get stuck only walking in the direction you was going when you cast it, can't tell you the amount of times this has walked me off the edge in the event.
  2. If you get interrupted then all subsequent grenades do Partial Reload damage not Empty Reload damage so it's not really worth it.
  3. The K-Drive race Frost Merchant isn't counting towards the achievement, I'v been doing races each day to finish this achievement along with a map where i have been marking off the races i'v already completed, up to today all was well, i was at 19/22 races complete in the achievement and 19 races marked off on the map. Today what should have been the 20th race appeared but when i complete it the achievement doesn't advance. The race is located at #20 on the attached image. Edit: The race appeared a few days later and this time when i did it it worked, i dunno wh
  4. Mods aren't applying to Ironbride right now.
  5. You have to tranq Nexifera on the tendril they hang from, the ball part you are shooting is like a hammer they use to slam things, it's too hard you can't shoot them there.
  6. If the Vulpaphyla dies the larva form remains visible while you are stealthed prompting enemies to shoot at you, reapplying your stealth doesn't fix this. Similarly, once it revives while you are stealthed it won't be invisible until you reapply your stealth.
  7. While you have a Glaive dual wielded with a secondary you hold E to charge throw and then press E to detonate, but in melee only mode you hold E to charge throw and then have to press alt fire to detonate. This is needlessly awkward, can it not just be changed to E to detonate in all modes for consistencies sake?
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