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  1. For anyone wondering where the acolytes are, to the best of my knowledge somebody has to find them randomly in missions. Once they complete their mission, what planet the acolyte is on, then later what specific mission will be shown to you in navigation. Navigation won't automatically update however, you'll need to complete missions to refresh it. After a set time / enough squads have defeated the acolyte, the acolyte will move to a different mission, waiting for somebody to find them again. You'll also only find them in one specific room, if they don't spawn by the time you get to extraction, backtrack and search all the side rooms.
  2. Thank goodness, grinding out profit taker 2 bounty a few hundred times was pretty unreasonable.
  3. I presume this means that they won't be available in the market after this time, not that they'll be removed from people's inventories?
  4. Can't wait to play the update!
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