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  1. Why can't we wear it like a hat, as the wolf does, when the mask is set to be open hood? The face mask is fine, but I REALLY enjoy the look and shape of the mask as a hat that rests just above the brow.
  2. (would I need to open a support ticket to get the bp back?)
  3. Writing this up just after it had happened. Just completed a 5 wave defense of hydron when the Wolf spawns with his 3 cronies. Lvl 70, 600 million health. No big deal, just was very time consuming to bring him down... After what must have been thirty minutes he died, and he dropped the Wolf Sledge Blueprint. However, as we cleaned up the fugatives, and waited for wave 5 to end, nothing happened. After much investigating, hoping there was a glitched hyeka stuck in a wall somewhere, the game still refused to allow us to extract. As the host, I took it on myself to abort the mission, to hopefully let the host migration fix the game for my comrades. I am without a wolf sledge blueprint however... and i'm sad about it... (pic of the wave simply not ending) (pic of me with the wolf sledge bp)
  4. I'd love to hear some news about new operator amps and tech from littleduck. Also, what qol changes are going to be taken from Fortuna to Cetus? There are large grineer bases that could be captured for more bounties, baits arcanes economy ect.
  5. When Railjack comes next year, will there be a way to set a permenant squad to share the vessel with at all times, even when you're offline? I would like to share the same railjack with three white listed friends at all times without having to invite and what not, making the game feel less isolated.
  6. Clan name: Final Dream Tier: Storm Clan Platform: PC Position: Warlord (second in command) Trading Hall Laboratories Ascension Hall Observatory Dueling Arenas Gardens Misc.
  7. Steve said on Twitter that the Railjack would be like a new home, I hope this doesn't mean you intend to full replace my overly decorated orbiter, and instead there would be some way to transition back and forth between the two? Also, would you be able to pick 3 friends/clanmates who SHARE this railjack with you at all times? So in mission down time, you see your crew moving about the cabin, messing with their foundry, mods ect.? Will Fortuna be given that neat and interesting mechanic to replace the Day Night cycle? I would love to run out into a blizzard and worry about getting ambushed by the Orbs. (would orbs only come out in a blizzard perhaps?) I'm worried about the state of the Gear Wheel. It was expanded, but all the stuff added in Fortuna looks like it might make those expansions void. Will Techno-spears and Techno-baits be added into the secondary wheels of the regular spears and baits? Could we consolidate the Echo Lure and Tranq guns into the same fishing spear like setup, to take up less space? Will economic and resource progress in plains be even partial progress in fortuna? As well as vice versa? Plains was fun, and Fortuna looks really fun as well, but there was some economy problems that launched with Plains and I hope it doesn't become a major issue in Fortuna as well. Can we do something about Crondrocs? Our Dojo needs 3k white pigment, the dang birds hardly spawn, and the flying ones don't drop said pigment. 💔 With archwing brought further into the forefront of the game, will their be new archwings and weapons eventually added? Would be REALLY cool to fly around space with a giant Gantulyst laser 😉 Can we also see more infested Guns? They have the sickest melees in the game, but their primary options are lack luster. Everyone has asked, but I'll echo them anyways. Umbra Polarities when? and lastly, with Venus coming out. Primed Warm Coat?
  8. Frankly, ours is easy enough to beat, but impossible to master. (Honestly not sure how one clan member achieved a time of 48s.) Clan: Final Dream
  9. I've noticed a Gantulyst in particular will teleport if it finds itself stuck on terrain, lures or no lures... I haven't seen him teleport after blowing a limb off with lures attached yet however.
  10. Nice! Final Dream doesn't have massive statues or anything... (besides a literal planet we made in our dojo... and a space ship...) but it would still be fun to see you're reactions to our hard work!
  11. I do understand in terms of power, archweapons fall behind our current weapons, but I feel that has to do more with the limited modding capability. Could we also see new mods for our arch gear, or have them semi compatible with our current weapon mods? Also, what are your thoughts on an "Arch Gun Deployer", that would deploy your equipped arch gun with limited ammo? Even if it restricted movement a slight bit, I think the community would enjoy having a mini gun (imperator) to shift the tide of battle. And if a Tusk Heavy Gunner can run around with a Grattler, why can't I? 😉 And lastly, can we see more infested pets? The Cyst isn't supremely useful, and giving us Helminth Leaper Kavats, and Helminth Moas (when those drop) would be a good reward for ruining our fashion frame.
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