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  1. DogManDan

    2 man doors

    They will never be removed. Contrary to your personal beliefs this is a TEAM/COOP game and when you CHOOSE to run a PUB mission/group you don't get a say in how fast you want a mission to go. If you want to get through something quick either group up in chat prior to running missions or go SOLO it! Without a doubt if you ever get in a mission with me I open all loot and take my time exploring and have done so for 6yrs now so deal with it.
  2. DogManDan

    I put up a quick Alerts/ Void Relic dashboard

    even better is using the official: however the site is clean and easy to understand so good on you for the work.
  3. DogManDan

    Are simple Macros acceptable?

    I would avoid macros as it could potentially get you perma banned regardless of what others may say. It is a fine line of possibly breaking EULA/ToS so be wary.
  4. DogManDan

    Lag on xbox on warframe

    Title is not meant to be spam!
  5. DogManDan

    2FA is broken

    I just installed WF on a new PC and had no problems with the 2FA coming through my email. Honestly that is all on you for not marking it as trusted source so it does not go to your junk mail folder!
  6. DogManDan

    Fortuna: Live Now on PC!

    as stated from here: "Fortuna when??? Well – we officially have an answer: we are hoping to launch this update during the first week of November! "
  7. DogManDan

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    No people don't read. not the point or attitude you should have when posting.
  8. DogManDan

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    hung up already on something that has not released yet. What about all the other changes which will affect Melee 3.0 somehow you seem to be forgetting about those as well.
  9. DogManDan

    Where is Update 22.12.0!?

    It is currently 5:35pm on Friday for DE.
  10. DogManDan

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #190!

    those were indeed some great tenno trailer contest videos
  11. They short answer is the sigil drop has been disabled due to issues atm. No one will be able to unlock it until at least next week, however if the problem is not resolved they are working on a solution to distribute the sigil.
  12. DogManDan

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.8 +

    This is all I ever wanted :)
  13. I thought my eyes were seeing things in game. this is awesome
  14. DogManDan

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    You might want to go look at it again because it has quite a few bugs not worked out for sure. Also noted during the livestream Rebecca was not allowed to die or it would crash the area, so I would say that is a pretty big bug. irony it is not China's founder frame as it is not a Prime Umbra. Also nothing in the Chinese game is exclusive at all, just time gated into the global build.
  15. DogManDan

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.3+

    Got to be honest here looks like a BIG NERF to me. Glad I got my Supra Vandal already because you just doubled the grind for people for no good reason