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  1. I don't hate AW partially, but if there was one problem I ever had with it, it would be map design. You guys remember the first time they showed the AW trailer, bunch of warships around, and frames flying around dodging and shooting down as much as they can? Then you get the final product, with corpus tight spaces and head bumping central not really allowing you to zip around as freely as you would like, or grineer interception almost what I wanted but overall it's just interception with a new skin nothing real interesting. Wish their was more something similar to the war within AW, it was an
  2. Aside from Limbo who feel restrictive, gotta say trin as supportive as they are, it's also not fun to play as her. Harrow has the energy regen formula done right, and feels fun.
  3. no, your forum rank is by post count, not by ingame rank.
  4. High single target damage honestly, which is kinda not great with said 100 brainless enemies coming at you. Sniper need something else rather than a stat change and combo meter (which isn't great tbh) to make it good in a horde shooter.
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