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  1. You expect to get this mode where you're zipping around warships, engaging capital ships and have this massive open play space. What we actually get is enclosed spaces that we slam our frames into repetitively, sitting on our asses doing defense and interception .05 but in space, and a game mode that comes by maybe for a week and we won't see for another month. Archwing melee is also just using the same old animation as well, and has been using the same animation since 2014, so aside from appearance and numbers, it's pretty much nothing unique about that. Maybe the next mainline update gonna improve this, or maybe not, but right now it's boring as hell.
  2. considering we most of the thing in this game can be grind for, nah. Only thing Warframe want out of you is your time, hence (depending) rng messing with you, but that another subject all together. So only thing that you're paying is getting things quicker.
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