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  1. thanks for the feedback tennos, keep it coming
  2. To be honest, I would expect you (The player) to have to work for something like this. would make it worth doing what ever you have to do to get this feature/ perk/ whatever it will be.
  3. yes, I can confirm xD spent 2 weeks on and off farming the same harrow part. secondly I only got smoking body ephemera after 9-10 months of it been released 🙂 and only 2 ephemeras after about 70 or 80 liches 🙂 utter garbage drop RNG.
  4. agreed on dont limit to one, but doing something like in a focus tree kinda way. has a ring to it. but yeah defs more than one augment no question there!.
  5. i actually like the idea of using the augments in a focus school kinda way 😄
  6. I agree, add some features 😄 Edit: spelling
  7. yeah dev streams are just for current thoughts on things and whats going to happen in the near future with plans of whats to come. plans always change and so do people 😄
  8. true, but they pretty much made the 4th dmg side of the ability useless with - 50% range. pretty much a mesa waltz in a way. trading 4th usage and putting that usage into weapons, where mesa has that dmg usage as she shoots with her regulators still, trading normal weapon use.
  9. ffs im pretty sure DE gona turn this into a augment mod. RIP xD
  10. Hi tenno, So i was thinking gauss doesnt really have a (take this with a pinch of salt) "reward for running alot", what about the futher you run in one cast of the ability the more damage your wall slam does? so for example running 10m using this ability its stays at 1.0x damage then 20m a 2.0x damage, 30m a 3.0x damage multiplier and so forth. Probably look at adding a cap that but i think it will put gauss in a very good spot. I've been having fun with him lately and just thought this addition would be so good for him. Let me know your thoughts 😄
  11. but nyx 4th augment cant go in exilus slot. (Assimilate)
  12. pretty much all I (as a tenno) am asking is maybe look at allowing augments into exilus slots but not limited to them 😄 pls DE. and we see what data we get from it.
  13. havent veryfied game fiels yet but did try to restart game and test, after doing so artifact still appears, next step is to verify game files. ill do it later 😄
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