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  1. I think the Market would equalize. We are here to play a game at the end of day. And fortnite does allow platform specific items anywhere.
  2. Good for you? Only thing is cross-save is obviously not a console issue because CROSS save involves owning multiple platforms. And PC to blank and vice versa will definitely be the most popular.
  3. They only happened the one time at release for each new platform. The only guarantee we have is that this issue will come up with next gen consoles. At the rate we are going Cross Play for the old guard (Nintendo-Sony-Microsoft) seems inevitable. They want to kill competition from games streaming services. So Cross Save is likely within the next 2 years.
  4. There are plenty of games with cross save. And MS clearly does not care about PC to Xbox or switch saves. Sony is a little on the fence. But saying ms wouldn't allow it is BS.
  5. The body is more or less the same, but I wanted the skin because of the helmet profile. Absolutely despise her default proportions and have been hoping this skin could fix it. That's why I voted for it also I'm a huge fan of Bastet (minus the dated textures) and I was eager to give our new cat lady the same treatment. I'm not very interested in playing her with this new prettier fat head.
  6. The head shape is my issue. It's more noticeable from the 3D model, but her profile has changed dramatically.
  7. Khora Mithra is the only skin I've really felt passionate about and ya'll have changed it to to point of being completely unrecognizable. It's not fair to consider the upvotes for a skin that was changed in the final weeks to look nothing like the concept.
  8. Does anyone know if the glaive throwing speed being messed up was fixed. Bug from chimera with the 3.0 sounds
  9. They got rid of it because everyone hated the old ultimate. She slowly floated around in an awkward channel ability. And S#&$ damage channel abilities always nullify the rest of a frames kit or suck. She looked boring. Now her 4 is a useful slash based AOE so it should scale and enmies are "prone to slash" so in theory enemies hit get impaled and then have a high chance of taking slash dmg from all sources.
  10. Yeah the 4 kind of sucks. I'm not a fan of yet another limited mobility 4th. I think that she should just fire out all the quils/claws at once like she's a porcupine and then impaled enemies should glow. That way you can see who got impaled, then those people should take minor damage and also be either be debuffed or give an effect on death. Its hard to say what effect would be the best without having played her.
  11. Cough, cough Valkyr the one that they wolverined
  12. Usually console is only 2 weeks behind. They are just going slow at the moment. Probably have everyone working on Fortuna right now, and releasing the big update with the switch version makes sense.
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