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  1. Can't believe we actually pulled this off! Very happy to be part of all this and cant wait to organize more things like this in future!!! ^__^
  2. Dont bother my friend. channeling is gonna be removed with Melee 3.0 (or rather be mixed with blocking and be removed as separate feature)
  3. Only valid reason is the issue of getting argon for new player. Upkeeping kubrow isnt hard at all. and with the newest changes to incubator they cant die either... So DE can just let players use another resource FOR THE QUEST SPEIFICALLY instea of argon. thats all
  4. had the same problem once with Loki's skin and armor.no other way. gotta either pass on it or buy whole pack AGAIN. Basically you buy ONLY skin if and only if you are 100% sure u wont want other pieces later
  5. more stupid AI npc involved? no thanks. i am moving in plains so fast that he would either get stuck somewhere and die or he'd have to teleport all the time. thus not being in action at all.
  6. If i understood you right, then / is already implemented. typing "/w muhoeppy hello" will send you a message, regardless what window was open previously. and some other things too. like /c /r etc... As for removing all the text or at least words... that would be Lifesaver!!! we need it badly!
  7. Yes you cant user weapons with Atlas slide but its one time use ability. not a skill you activate and USE as weapon.
  8. I think we should properly describe the difference between exalted weapons and abilities that use weapon mods. They are completely different since whenever you use actual exalted weapon your other weapons are NOT accessable. for Gara, Khora, Atlas, you simply use you ability once then carry on with normal gameplay with your weapons.. For exalted weapons, whenever you turn them On you use only that weapon until you turn it off or run out of energy. You cant use your melee or guns with none of these - exalted blade, hysteria, Peacemaker, Artemis bow, wukong's staff or Titania's 4. therefore they
  9. Well, lets hope login reward system changes come soon enough to make sense having them in profile - as you can PICK them whenever you hit the milestone
  10. i agree with 2nd part. but why you should not see the reward weapons if you dont have them? It just shows that from Total possible acquisitions which ones you are missing. so in my opinion every weapon and frame except Founder stuff (which are NOT obtainable and wont be in future), everything else should be visible
  11. Maybe I would agree. but that would be just for lowering anasa frequency a bit in favor of other RESOURCES. Rivens are fine as they are. Roughly speaking 2500 of 10k players doing sortie will get a riven. thats actually pretty good number.
  12. riven mods have ~25% chance to drop. so roughly every 4rd run. though as you know rng means random so there is nothing unusual that you didnt get any in 10 days
  13. its just frustrating you see anasa on screen. but very often its more useful to get it then some rivens especially for a player that just started to do sorties. you dont imagine how much of endo you'll need in time
  14. that moment when you open riven for a meme weapon.... and wish it was Anasa that you got. Brace yourself kiddo
  15. over 500 forma? :/ Have you left the hydron since then?
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