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  1. Can't believe we actually pulled this off! Very happy to be part of all this and cant wait to organize more things like this in future!!! ^__^
  2. Это не баг. Все оружия ближнего боя используют свои собственные анимации движения (в том числе хотьбы). Попробуй на каждом фрейме. С мечем они всегда будут двигаться одинакого например. То же самое происходит когда использут остальные оружия... просто ходить с ними - часть анимации фрейма. А вот стрелять - та же история, что и с оружиями ближнего боя. Согласен, выглядит не совсем круто - но точно не баг.
  3. All these fixes and changes to Operation... when ALL THE TOP results in leaderboards are exploits only. Keeping these scores would only be an insult and joke towards players who ACTUALLY try to push it with fair methods. Remove all the exploit run results if possible or just Wipe away ALL the scores
  4. Wish today was April 1st... these numbers HURT so much!
  5. Clan leechers i mean. the ones that join the clan, copy the blueprints and leave...
  6. Thanks for the update ^_^ Leechers gonna have a TOUGH life now 😅
  7. Please let us launch it through discord with somehow importing the steam version of the game... Installing 30GB for claiming a skin doesnt sound much fun 😞
  8. I heard that Moa companions Give 3k mastery instead of 6k. seems weird to me but if its true then everything is right (aside from that 10 XP)
  9. Thanks for the update but when can we get all new items (kitguns, moas, K-drives) added into profile-equipment section?
  10. Still getting Login issues. please fix it. I can't log in into the game for 3 days already
  11. @mistsack i I dont really care much about the outside of the room. i simply cant proceed with my originally planned dojo layout because this hall doesnt quite operate like a hall. so I'd love to know if its intended and i shall deal with it or should i wait for the hotfix
  12. @[DE]Rebecca Dojo Inspiration hall cant have observatory/obstacle course/elevators/reactors ABOVE it. while it can have any of the large rooms.... Is it intended or shall we wait for a fix? Also Inspiration hall cant be marked as Spawn point. shall we expect fix on this or no? Entire dojo building depends on those two things 😞 Please at least let me know if nothing will change so i can plan construction accordingly
  13. "Login Failed. Check your info" and "content servers not available" Fixes WHEN!!!! Have to use VPN all the time after the mainline!!!
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