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  1. And RIGHT after the update hit we were unable to get back to docks - and lost all our goodies. Guess not fixed yet
  2. Sounds way worse than making the stats fixed for the weapon (still this randomization is a terrible system - HATE to see it in warframe). But at least better than before... Lets say I like the element of my old "weak" weapon. I combine them to get it buffed and keep the forma of the old one... Which weapons element will the final one have? The weaker first one or stronger second one? Can I get stronger stats of the second one but keep the element of first? These are the issues that still remain on this system. PLEASE, just make all the stats for weapon type SAME across the board to not make this major pain in the back... I dont mind the Lich system being dificult or grindy but randomized stats on weapons are just AWFUL! or AT LEAST... make it so that when you upgrade your kuva weapon ONCE with this method - it'll just upgrade it to maximum possible stats for that specific weapon type... so you need to upgrade each weapon just once instead of possibly 2-3...5 times...
  3. Same for my 2 cats. I made a vasca from their imprints but neither taking off the ifected print nor cures from cetus work... both of them are still red
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