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    Prime Gaming Giveaway

    Parents exist
  2. TwevOWNED

    Specters of the Rail: Update 1

    That hammer looks like the precursor to future Syndicate melee weapons
  3. TwevOWNED

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 10

    You can keep and make scans of the aberrations that already exist. We are gonna make bank, this ensures it.
  4. It's the only stance for a new type of weapon. Anyone fighting enemies past level 30 knows that using a melee weapon without a stance mod neuters the weapons effectiveness, meaning without it the Rapier is useless in higher level content. Making it able to be purchased is just an added slap in the face.
  5. Warframe would be plenty profitable without locking gameplay affecting content behind an unforgivable grind wall for not paying for it.
  6. Do a T4 survival solo for 40 minutes with only the Rapier without the stance mod, and then do one with the Stance mod. If you don't have the Rapier, sub it out for any melee weapon you have a stance for. You will notice that on the run without the Stance, you are using a neutered and ineffective weapon. Without a stance mod, the weapon may as well not exist.
  7. You know you will get a Vauban part, provided you are on for the alert mission. Hydroid Keys could be farmed, and you know you will get a part from the assassinate. Mesa is the biggest offender, combining Alerts and hidden behind a key, but even then each run you still had a guarantee of one part. You cannot say with a straight face that any of those frames listed take longer to get than Nezha. New stances being rare is fine, provided they are not the only stance in that category. A stance mod is mandatory for using a melee weapon for anything other than quickmelee. So if you want to actually use a Rapier as a Rapier and not a stick, you must ante up the plat or submit to an extremely limited grind where you get two enemies a mission. I want to stress that this is the only weapon that has been this way. The Venka had Malicious Raptor from Powerfists, Blade and Whips had Defiled Snapdragon from Scorpions, and Silva and Aegis had Eleventh Storm from Lephantis who is very likely to drop three to four mods over the course of the fight. All of the above were relatively easy to acquire and could be farmed for in a day. Vulpin Mask will take hundreds of Tyl Regor runs, and that's with four pick pocketing Ivaras.
  8. I roll two dice. What are the odds one of them is a 6?
  9. The solution in the best interest of the player then would to not be to put the mandatory mod behind a massive grindwall and then artificially deflate the value with a market purchase. Stances are not subjective when there is only one. There is no option to choose an easier and reasonable to farm stance for Rapiers. Having one stance is mandatory to make the weapon type more than only quick meleeing, meaning if a player wants to use a Rapier as an actual Rapier they must either buy the bundle or farm days for an artificially undervalued mod. Again, the solution in the best interest of the player would would be to lower the required grind rather than keep the extremely limited opportunity to acquire it and add it to the market. This doesn't benefit either the hardcore player or the average user, only those who would purchase things from the market to begin with. Again, grinding isn't bad. Ivara is a hell of a grind but if you put your mind to it she drops often enough to get her relatively quickly. Nezha can only be attempted once per day in an already inflated drop pool. If you could run sorties more than once a day with only the chance of Nezha parts dropping in subsequent runs this wouldn't be a problem either.
  10. In both of these cases, we have extremely rare items, one of which is constrained in a saturated drop table which you can draw from one a day, and the other which can only be reliably farmed from one mission where you get two 0.021% (Four if you run a Nekros) chances at the drop. Now, this by itself is fine. Stuff like Vermilion Storm and Vengeful Revenant I find to be perfectly acceptable because while they are exceptionally grind heavy to acquire, there are other stance mods that are easier to get, and these mods are worth a significant amount of plat should you decide to sell them. Vulpine Mask are not like those stances. It is the ONLY stance for Rapiers, making it mandatory for anyone who wants to use the weapon for more that quick melee, and its value is capped near 30 to 45 because of the bundle. Nezha is the same way, being incredibly time consuming to get with only one chance a day to possibly get one of three parts. Not bad by itself, as dedicated farming could reward players with a valuable set. Except for the fact you can simply buy him with plat, which places the set value below 235 when you factor out the slot and reactor, despite it taking significantly longer to acquire than the most valuable prime set. The precedent this is seemingly creating makes me uneasy if future content will also be this way. Immense grinding and time spent for fundamental items which are worth very little platinum compared to other things that are just as much of a grind to get. To be clear, I'm not complaining about it being a grind to get, it's the fact that the value is limited by being purchasable directly with platinum. If the Rapier stance mod was not in the bundle, I'd be fine with running Tyl Regor for a day or two to get the mod and not have a care in the world. Vengeful Revenant for example is worth an exceptional amount, and rightly so as the grind needed for it is immense. However Vulpine Mask is equally as daunting a task to get, yet is a fraction the value because it is on the market. Is this a big issue? Not really, but it does make me wary of future practices like this.
  11. TwevOWNED

    Monthly Reminder That Saryn Is Busted And Needs A Rework

    If that's the case, then neat, it's been a while.
  12. Full disclosure: Saryn is my most played frame on Xbox and third most on PC. I want her to be useful but in a way that doesn't ruin other abilities to get there. Negative duration burst build kills her original identity as a DoT frame (for those of us who remember her initial release) and encourages making three abilities useless in order to crank upher fourth ability with broken scaling. For those of you not in the know, allow me to educate you. Saryn's fourth ability, Miasma, has an inverse scaling with duration, which increases the total damage dealt with less, and decreases the total damage done with more. Now you may ask: "Why is this ability like this? Wouldn't it make sense to just make it do more damage with duration? Or atleast do that same damage no matter the duration?" The answer to those is that you must understand the time Saryn was released in. There were no corrupt mods at the time, so the only way to increase oower damage was with a single mod. To ensure continuity would not act as another damage increaser for Saryn, the odd scaling was added so that Saryn could not "double dip" into damage increases. As to why not make it the same damage across all duration, at the time there was only one duration mod, and the damage loss from a meager 30% was minimal. Most likely it was just an oversight with the equation. Fast forward to the gamestate now, where it is possible to get negative durtation with corrupt mods, and it is possible to crank up the damage on miasma by a considerable percent. If you don't believe me, go into the simulator with ine Saryn without mods, and one with only fleeting expertise. You will find that the fleeting Saryn will do more total damage, despite having no damage mods on. In conclusion, the current state of Saryn is one where her identity has been skewed due to outdated scaling on an ability. This is not a post calling for nerfs, but a rework of the scaling of Miasma. Have it build in damage with duration instead of against it, and then you will have a kit where Saryn may use all of her abilities optimally without needing to gimp others. But since I know no one actually will read this post I look forward to the comments condemning me for wanting to nerf this frame instead of others.
  13. TwevOWNED

    Saryn Ability Changes For Scaling

    So we should make all her other abilities broken with maximized negative duration gain a base of 400% damage? Or should we instead change miasma to fit her initially proposed identity as a DoT frame instead of "press 4 to make a room take 13,000 damage in half a second"
  14. TwevOWNED

    Saryn Ability Changes For Scaling

    If Saryn wasn't meant to do duration then why was she posed as a damage over time frame? All of her abilities were meant to be used to spread massive dots out onto enemies and Miasma was meant to do that as well. So you are wrong when you say she is not meant to be duration based. The math on her fourth ability is broken and was not designed for a Warframe with the corrupted mods giving negative stats. It is currently breaking her playstyle.
  15. TwevOWNED

    The Radriar Boycott (The Boycott Of The Prisma Skana)

    If this is true it might just out dps the dakra prime