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  1. You can contact support lol, thats the only option from here
  2. im going to give away these codes on here or twitter whenever i stop being lazy so be on the lookout
  3. check your profiles, in the future tho we do require you to pm one of us
  4. About two years ago or so we changed the warning system so most points expire after a year, we made that change so people wont be tied down for years over something they did a long time ago. Any warnings prior to that change were not able to be automatically changed over to the new system retroactively. If you want your old warnings reviewed just contact one of us on the mod team and the team will look over them. Even after the warning points expire the warning itself will still show up on your profile unless one of us removes the warning
  5. Nothing has been announced concerning forum moderation at this time.
  6. No chat mods have been removed, the professional chat mods are in addition to the volunteer chat mods.
  7. Any names or concerns you have about chat mods or their names you can send to support. Support/staff will review it according to the new chat mod CoC
  8. Future actions, it wouldn't make sense to retroactively punish people for breaking rules that were just updated/created.
  9. in the op https://www.warframe.com/community/volunteers#modscc
  10. I believe its all english chats on the pc platform but i'll check tomorrow.
  11. Yea you can gift
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