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  1. Please do not bump your own topic as it is against the rules.
  2. Round 2 will be coming soon, get your paragraphs ready to throw at me (╯°□°)╯︵*paragraphs*
  3. Yup I've came to the same conclusion last week when we got a rail to 75% rail health is too high or the attack time is too low
  4. Nah always try and make some moves, just be realistic with it.
  5. Heh I didn't say not to try, nothing wrong with trying and possibly succeeding.
  6. Lol I don't think you realize exactly how large the conglomerate of alliances is
  7. It is also extremely hard to take certain rails theses days so it will be like this for awhile
  8. If you use hysteria without melee it bugs out, not sure if that was the case here.
  9. Locking, flame bait posts are not needed on the forums.
  10. Could also be Banshee or Sayrn if that helps lol
  11. I can confirm its release date When its ready :) lol moving
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