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  1. Definitely getting both Valkyr skins, my time has come
  2. Oh No! You saw right through our evil plan!
  3. There is a long history of them correcting mistakes/issues and changing content based on community feedback
  4. Members of the development get on the forums/reddit and read feedback everyday, its an important part of their job. It's understandable to assume that no one is reading your feedback if you do not see replies from them, but fortunately you can take in feedback without leaving a comment and they do so. The feedback threads are valuable, especially megathread where all the feedback on a certain topic is in one easy to find location. The team does listen to them and incorporate feedback along with numerous other factors.
  5. Nice to see you back, it’s been a long time
  6. Nothing has been announced concerning forum moderation at this time.
  7. No chat mods have been removed, the professional chat mods are in addition to the volunteer chat mods.
  8. Any names or concerns you have about chat mods or their names you can send to support. Support/staff will review it according to the new chat mod CoC
  9. Future actions, it wouldn't make sense to retroactively punish people for breaking rules that were just updated/created.
  10. in the op https://www.warframe.com/community/volunteers#modscc
  11. I believe its all english chats on the pc platform but i'll check tomorrow.
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