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  1. I think is my old pc, but is weird, i can play Orb Vallis and Eidolon without a problem, but Cambion Drift in Deimos is another thing. Maybe the lag is because there are so many enemies and many lights everywhere. Maybe is just me. But still, anyone have this problem? Sorry guys I haven't played in a long time.
  2. Well, im guess i cant farm Lavos, i will buy him and then take a break again. This event is meh lol
  3. I mean, I know that the event gives you one necramech to participate in, but, it does almost no damage to the enemies. Maybe because is a low level, or dont even have mods. I just want to know if: i will need a High level necramech to farm in "Endurance" mission of the event? PD: I dont even have my own Necramech. EDIT: I had to buy one necramech in Market, because the problem is not the Necramech, the problem is the weapon, hardly does damage. If i want to enjoy this even i need more. I HAD to buy one Necramech, Thank You TENCENT
  4. People like him, makes this community a good community. Sarcasm.
  5. I hope, but i need to farm one specific Requiem Farm, farmwall :c How many times i must explain that, it was my first Lich since annoying Lich update. Is the only Lich i had in this whole time. I created him accidentally days after update release, i saw nice animations i pressed X. But i didnt know that I would create an annoying lich that would haunt me all my life. I left the game for months, because i hated Lich system and now i must farm requien relics that i dont have, i only have 5 Requiem mods, 2 of them are the same. Is really annoying the Lich system because im for
  6. I had months, i left the game for months, loggin daily only, and sometime playing events or whatever. I come back to the game a few weeks, and now im trapped in farmwall again, and i must leave the game, again, because Liches, i hate them, but i cant get rid of him. I'm sick of seeing it every day.
  7. The best "i will always right" you tried. People can "accidentally" create Lich now, and if you didnt read me, i created the lich just after first "Lich update". When people dont even know about what was a Lich. Now i know everyone knows how to avoid creating a Lich, but then? I cant understand your "people are wrong im right", when i told you that "i created a Lich accidentally in the time nobody know about it.
  8. It was simple, really, was the first time i saw a new animation in Lich system, i did it, now i must farm as hell to kill a annoying Lich with an annoying system. Some people really want to believe that they want, even if im trying to tell them the truth, they say "you lied because you must saw the lights and blah blah blah". Is so hard to understand what "accidentally" means?
  9. Well, is tried to kill Lich, i dont like it, i left. That is why is "tried" and that is why "i hate it". In a whole year, i tried like 5 times, everytime i tried to farm Requiem Relics, i left, because was annoying as hell.
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