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  1. They're snorting fat rails of Kuva on the reg, at 15 Steel Essence for a baggie of 10k.
  2. Careful bro, that's the first or second step to being (sigh) 'blackpilled' and becoming an edgelord/weird jerk.
  3. Honestly...? 1. I am not touching the expanded vault system until there's a better explanation of what the hell is going on, because it sounds like an insane clusterf#[k which DE are going to be 'very surprised' to have to revisit again. 2. I always solo vaults. Always. If a mission can possibly be screwed up by the actions of some Rando Calrissian, then do not bring Marlon Rando.
  4. I honestly have a great deal more regard for posters who just come out and say "No, it's about Kuva, I want to be able to generate hundreds of thousands of Kuva with a four hour mission."
  5. And, yes. I am rightly pissed off. If this was always the plan, then punishing people who liked the Voidrig enough to Forma it before the update is a real jerk move by DE. Seriously, this update sounds like it's come with some absolutely dreadful ideas and poor implementation. Quite literally the only thing I like in the update is the improvement to Garuda's Talons, that's it. Otherwise, not good at all.
  6. Thank you for the heads up, and it was thoughtful of you to turn your wasted time into a warning for others.
  7. Synoid Simulor Catchmoon Kuva Bramma Whipclaw Khora Learn.
  8. Yesterday, for the roffles, I put an Umbra Forma into Valkyr, thus reducing her to rank 0. I decided to re-level her by taking her to Steel Path Gabii. Umbral, Roar, Eternal War Valkyr, starting freshly forma'ed rank 0, with a Gram Prime (no Riven). Stayed an hour and twenty minutes, left with a rank 30 Valkyr and 52 Steel Essences, which put me over the 150 required. In other words, Valkyr just paid for her own Umbra Forma!
  9. Wait, can you please clarify that? Do you mean: Yes, it’s now fixed in place and confirmed that Garuda can use Blood Rush, OR It was an unintended bug which allowed her to use it, and that bug has now been ‘fixed’ by removing her ability to use Blood Rush, ?
  10. Did someone say something about Blood Rush being usable on Garuda's Claws? No? Because that would be just as nice a buff/gift for Garuda as the new Augment, really. Also, with the review of Steel Path and Teshin's offerings, can we get another look at the Bishamo armour for Operators? The female set looks a hundred times better than the male set, and I would honestly just, kinda like the ability to mix and match the components. Yes, that is explicitly me saying that I'd like to be able to equip a couple of the female set components on a male Operator, they
  11. "Do you find it...wisible...?...when I say the name...Cakk Mifa?" I want him fighting wabid, wild kubwows within a week!
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