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  1. My edited comment from another thread: It also absolutely does not solve the issue of cookie cutter builds either. Eight 'Harness' mod slots. Nerf Tether into the ground. (You know it's coming.) It's not going to completely ruin Railjack, it's just going to limit the utility and cut mod spaces down. Your core combat slots, for the host, will take up pretty much all of it, leaving no room for stuff like cloaking, booster power, anything like that. 1 Health 2 Armour 3 Speed 4 Shields/Breach Reduction 5 Heatsinks
  2. Broadly in favour of a bit of a nerf to melee, to be quite honest. Bring ranged up just a tiny bit, but bring melee down a step, so long as it's still fun to use, and it'll be a healthy change. Railjack Harness system still sounds absolutely godawful, mind. Honestly, just...look, I am trying really hard to give it the benefit of the doubt, but sweet Jesus they're not making it easy. The Harness system sounds like it was designed for a team to spend five minutes arguing over builds and roles before a mission. It absolutely guts a lot of really great utility. Wanna cloak your Railjac
  3. Man. It honestly sounds punishing what they're planning on doing to Railjack. "Oh. I hear you enjoyed having a well built Railjack. Having a good ship. With good equipment. Yes. Well, we're improving your Railjack experience, by having your build, your actual build, depend on the glue snorting randos who join your mission. Please, observe: Rando Calrissian, who joined onto someone else's ship specced for, and 'specting to have, the pilot role, regardless. Rando II (Gives First Blood), who's brought unranked battle Avionics that will interfere with your gunnery. And, last but not le
  4. I don't think of it as a high priority, not really. I'd definitely like it if the Operator's quarters were more of a blank slate, and were as customisable as a Dojo chamber. I'd really, really like to have the ability to make my Operator's own room into a wooden panelled, mat-floored lower tech looking warrior's chamber. But...there's other things to be working on.
  6. @(PSN)Silverback73 You’re not wrong, but I feel those are two separate issues. 1. Yeah, power creep has gotten so out of hand that I honestly feel the core system of damage, enemy activity, weapon and Warframe stats, and weapon and Warframe mods and multipliers, the whole thing would benefit from being shut down and rebooted. There’s ‘power fantasy’ and then there’s ‘braindead button mash make the numbers bigger’. 2. Look man, lore consistency is gone. It’s dead. DE are fundamentally not interested. They make things up thinking one quest ahead, taking reference from
  7. Eh. The context for that exact statement was Bonewidow launching in a state which wasn’t ‘unusable’ so much as ‘functional but kinda useless’. Like, on release, the most powerful thing that Bonewidow could do was carry a Mausolon. The mech has been improved considerably, but the role of ‘clunky, inflexible deployment platform for temporary godlike damage output’ still firmly belongs to the Voidrig.
  8. Aye, that’s a thing which needs to be pointed out: The Operation punishes you for trying to use your Operator to reset Sentient resistances. After the first few Orphix kills, the Voidrig lives and dies by its shielding buff, and when the Operator gets out the ability cancels. That is...look lads, that’s dumb. It is not clever.
  9. You can, but I certainly hope you at least have some mech mods and a good Archgun, because otherwise you are going to have a Bad Time.
  10. Hmmmm. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? No problem at all, had the hang of it after the second run. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? Clunky, but that's to be expected, and is weirdly charming? How did you find the pacing of the Operation missions and rewards? Seems ok so far, although... What was it like fighting the new Sentient enemies? Point Mausolon, pull trigger, very satisfying. Were you able to reach 36 Orphix Solo or in a Squad? No, because of the next point! Any other thoughts on gameplay, difficulty
  11. Engineering 10 basically means you can solo maintain a Railjack in combat anyway. What I'd appreciate is an engineer whom you can set for certain priorities, i.e. if Forward Artillery charges = 3 or fewer, make Forward Artillery charges, if Revolite falls to half full make Revolite, etc.
  12. I'm sitting here with a little bowl containing half a dozen boiled baby potatoes, and a salmon fillet rolled in paprika and garlic, wrapped in tinfoil, and done in the oven for a little over twenty minutes. Basically zero effort besides keeping an eye on it and taking it out of the over/off the heat when it's done. What's your go to for "I gotta cook, and I wanna have a nice dinner, but I don't want to put in effort,"?
  13. There will be a uniform. There will be a grooming standard. There will be inspections. Also, I only have one converted Lich, good old Asili Udip, cold hearted murderous she wolf that she is. I wouldn’t change a thing about her, except maybe to have a horrible argument trying to persuade her to dress in black and ivory while she’s on my ship. Oh, should we have to occasionally provide a kickback of pure Kuva to a Lich ally?
  14. On a practical level, there will be salvageable mechs for Operators to bring online, probably. I wouldn’t mind if the Op required a mech, tbh, and I do hope that having put in the effort to have a built, modded mech will be rewarded.
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