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  1. You do understand that if the mode is opt-in and you start doing this in protest, it is you who is unambiguously being the jerk in this situation? I get that you don’t like the idea of the mode. But if it is optional, then it is no harm to you.
  2. Remember kiddos, bring the same gear against Stalker as you would against the Wolf of Saturn Six. He’s Status-immune, so use critical weapons, and his armour is Alloy, so bring Radiation damage. A really high crit kitgun is a solid choice.
  3. By the by, for everyone being snide or ‘pretending’ to miss the point, the actual cause of this outrage is not “How dare DE fix bugs!” it is “DE really strongly seem to prioritize fixing potential exploits over fixing game-breaking bugs, which creates the impression that they really care much more about preventing players from gaining something ‘unearned’ than they care about not screwing players over and wasting their time.” That impression is probably not accurate, but it’s still bloody aggravating to be on the receiving end of this kind of screwup. Thank you, you may return to being snide and borderline dishonest. But also, a lot of these bugs can be avoided by just soloing the Exploiter, it’s not hard.
  4. My man, the fight can be soloed in under twenty minutes. Bring a nice solid sniper rifle and a really good sidearm with top high range accuracy, and the second phase is a doddle in under ten minutes, again, solo.
  5. I dunno man. Try just doing it solo, runs smooth, no match glitches, in and out, done in twenty minutes or less. I actually quite like the Exploiter Orb fight.
  6. They intend for it be recurring the same way Ghoul bounties are.
  7. Again, for people saying that the second phase is too hard to balance and multi-task and handle the heat: Ignore the overheat meter. It's basically meaningless. It tells you nothing about how the fight is going. Nothing. Just: - Shoot the coolant spiders before they spray so that they drop canisters. - Charge canisters in the fractures. - Throw canisters at the orb and shoot them so they burst. Just keep doing that and ignoring the overheat meter. I cannot stress this enough. The fight is not measured by the overheat meter. It's measured by the mini-cinematics. That's all. The boss is actually very easy, she just takes about twenty minutes start to finish.
  8. Just spotted that! However, will not be an issue. Just did my third run, about to do a fourth. This is...pretty profitable in terms of Toroid standing and materials.
  9. Ok, this is gonna sound like BS but hear me out: part of the problem is that the UI information during the fight is just kinda bad. Ignore the heat meter, it's really only there to tell you what to do during your first fight. It is a very unreliable guide t whether you're making progress. Just ignore it. Bring a sniper rifle and a really good sidearm, and just focus entirely on shooting the coolant spiders and throwing charged thermia at the Exploiter. That's it. That's all. No more complicated tactic than that. Just throw as much thermia as you can, and pay no attention to her heat meter. On my second solo run, I took her out in twenty-one minutes.
  10. Righto. Second run, from the moment of activating the thermia condenser to the moment she went down and began her destruct sequence, twenty-one minutes and eleven seconds, solo, Rhino P, Rubico P, Akvasto P, Zaw.
  11. It's actually a pretty good fight! My two criticisms are that your feeling of whether or not you're making any progress is not gonna be reliable, it seems like you just throw as much thermia as you can and pray, and that sometimes she won't create any fractures close enough for you to reliably keep the heat on.
  12. Fight's perfectly doable solo! The most frustrating part is that you basically have no real feel of whether or not you're making progress. The overheat bar is kinda weird and occasionally seems to just go down for very poor reasons, while you might find yourself having to go more than a hundred metres from her to get thermia charges, in which time she's summoned more little fire-fighter spooders. EDIT: Got the Hildryn systems BP, going in again. Those Toroids are worth a looooot of standing.
  13. Sounds good! I'm gonna give it a go, solo, because I'm a dumbass.
  14. Man. With all the Nightwave stuff completed for the week, I now have no option other than to go cook delicious sticky rice, and also do between seventy and eighty burpees. Which is gonna suck.
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