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  1. Watched Boku no Hero and I was all like ‘hang on a second. That’s a bunch of sixteen year old boys with the physiques of Olympians in their twenties. That kid has frigging eight pack abs and at least a hundred pounds of his body weight is muscle. The hell, chaps.’
  2. Fun fact: life in a harem was like five percent decadence and sexual exploitation, fifty percent boring domestic life, and the remaining forty-five percent was lethal political maneuvering.
  3. A thing which is both good and bad, I guess: Warframe functions like a big buffet with loads and loads of different tables covered in different dishes. Some dishes are bigger, some are smaller and more niche, but fundamentally it’s a big old optional buffet. The only truly core loop of the game is the movement and combat system, powered up by the mods and weapon building/upgrading system. - Sorties: optional - Eidolon hunts: optional - Nightwave: optional - Railjack: optional (for now) - Kuva floods: optional - Sanctuary onslaught: optional - Syndicates: optional - Kuva Liches: optional - Operators: mandatory due to questline but.... - Focus: optional Warframe is made entirely of shallow optional gameplay loops attached to the core game, and deep down, that’s what the community wants. People complain about the game being made up of disconnected islands of content but...look chaps, to a very real extent, y’all get the game you deserve. When Liches were introduced, you know what one of the very, very first mechanical changes that DE hotfixed was? They made Liches optional. Because players whined about not wanting to do it. So while I say that shortening and shallowing the Lich system was a cowardly move by DE, remember that I’m implicating two parties here: DE, for making the bad call, and the community, who won’t actually accept anything more than optional mediocrity. If DE want to go into the game and say “Hey, there’s this cool thing and it’s gonna be a BIG DEAL from now on,” they could do that. They really could. If it weren’t for the vocal community who want Warframe to be good and cool and fun but also to never, ever change in any significant way. https://m.imgur.com/PmoWInT
  4. Time to roll through with my Big Richard Opinion on Liches: Shortening and shallowing their system was a cowardly move. The Lich system as originally conceived was that each individual Lich was a long gameplay loop, with the Lich themselves slowly getting more powerful, leeching abilities from the Warframes you fight them with, and that a Lich could take weeks to defeat. The devs caved on that one in large part because they figured there’d be a backlash from players over such a long term opponent, i.e. such a long time between each drop of the all important LOOTS. This was a mistake, because it instead rendered each Lich into a short, mindless grind, longer than a Sortie but less interesting, with seemingly no room for more developed mechanics. DE, folks, please. You do not merely have a mechanic for implementing a time-gated, longer term mini-campaign with multiple different rewards at different stages. You have two such mechanics already built into the game: Syndicates, Nightwave. If Kuva Liches had been launched in such a way that each Lich was basically a Syndicate unto themselves, and you work your way up the ranks by killing lieutenants, disrupting Lich operations, etc, gaining multiple rewards by breaching multiple levels of the Lich’s organisation, it would have been better. Much better. Instead, each Lich might as well be a lootbox where you find out what it contains when you unlock it, but actually opening it takes two and a half hours of grinding thralls.
  5. The Ember rework is awesome. Not perfect, I could think of a few tweaks, but a massive improvement.
  6. He needs resistance to Warframe powers. Or, if he already has it, it's laughably inadequate. I pressed 4 and sent him to the shadow realm.
  7. I believe I nuked his health off and then Frost, uh, poked him and he went down.
  8. Right. Winged mods come off, Maxima and maxed out Anode Cell go on, plus a Vidar Heat Sink.
  9. Simple question, really. What's the majority damage type of the enemy fighters and crewship cannons?
  10. You did literally say that existing reactors will not be re-rolled into their new ranges, but will automatically be set at their minimum value. Like, I appreciate that this is becoming an argument, but that is something which you did say. I quoted you saying it. Look.
  11. Ok, I'm not sure that directly responding to a DE staff member with the equivalent of "No, you need to re-read what I posted. Get your facts straight," is an amazing big brain move. Also, are you aware that this statement you are making right here, these exact words, are that existing reactors will be neither rerolled nor remapped, but will automatically be set to the minimum? And you are insisting that this is what Rebecca said? Look at the numbers. Every reactor aside from Vidar Mk 3's has their new minimum above their old maximum. Rebecca did not say "We are adjusting gear up to the new minimum and leaving it there." She specifically said that existing reactors will be re-rolled.
  12. Basically, Reb has said ‘reroll’ and DE Saske has said ‘remap’, so we gotta wait and see which DE are actually going with.
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