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  1. More Stalker worship? Man, Stalker is a sad scrublord.
  2. Ah cripes, we actually have to go down in missions to summon this season's mobs?
  3. You gotta bear in mind, in Warframe powers light is thematically linked to damage and offence, and darkness is thematically linked to protection and defence. See also Mirage's powerset.
  4. Bruh. Just...log in, build a Forma, do a couple fissures, see if you fancy doing the day’s Sortie, then log off. Play some Persona or Minecraft or something.
  5. Not sure if this is a bug, but I sure as hell hope it is (rather than an intentional change). The fireball launched from Operator blast attacks when using Madurai used to be optional charge, i.e. you could either press E once and do a Void Blast which would also launch a fireball, or you could hold E to charge a bigger fireball. Now, all Void Blasts while using Madurai are automatically held and charged before being launched, which, uh. Sucks. It makes the entire thing slower and less reliable, with no improved functionality. So, I really hope that's a bug.
  6. A crosspost of some critical feedback! I hate that I have to prefix this by making this fact clear, but I am in fact kicking ass at Nightwave. I’m averaging 43k standing per week, and will have the max tier reached by week seven or eight. Now that that’s out there... There are now three significant criticisms of Nightwave and the way it’s affecting gameplay and game behaviour. 1. Nightwave’s setup is potentially very unfair to players with ongoing family responsibilities or who travel for work or other occupational requirements, and it could seriously benefit from the inclusion of some kind of catchup mechanic. On the topic of time requirements, well, even some folks who were enjoying Nightwave found combining it with the last week of Thermia made it a chore. 2. The Nightwave activities have nothing to do with the Nightwave narrative. Before the launch of Nightwave, DE spoke about it as if it were a narrative campaign of linked mini-events, of missions that would replace Alerts but...nah. It’s just a set of weekly chores that have nothing to do with what Nora’s rattling on about. And, 3. Nightwave is now encouraging the following behaviour: “I have amber stars and Ayatans, but I better hold onto them. Better not unveil this Riven, there’s probably a challenge about that coming up. I’ll stash these Apothics, make sure I have them when I need them. I should Forma my new gun, buuuuut, well, that challenge is probably coming around again. In fact, any kind of limited resource will now have to wait to be used until Nightwave is telling me to use it.” That’s obviously dumb and counterproductive and I reckon that DE did not intend to encourage this attitude. But it’s kinda the prudent response to Nightwave. Now then. I’m going to get back to wishing for the following Elite weekly: “Kill 2,000 Enemies With Operator Amps And Powers.”
  7. That is actually something I'm super pleased to have been wrong about, that's a wonderfully elegant solution, tbh.
  8. Look DE, in all seriousness: We like you, we like your game, we like the concept of this, but please look at the feedback you're getting. Perhaps ask a couple of questions like "Do we want people who have full time jobs or families to be able to experience our game fully?" This is going to bite you in the ass. EDIT: If nothing else, how about a constructive suggestion? Choose Weekly Challenges From The List In other words, each week we can complete and gain Standing from three Elite tasks and seven standard tasks, but the actual tasks on offer are five Elite and ten standard tasks. Once a player gains standing from their allowed number of tasks, the others grey out and are no longer completable. Instantly means that a crappy draw one week is not going to screw someone over. Still does nothing to sort out the whole "Real life is more important than the game" thing, though.
  9. Ok. Second spot of feedback. DE, ten weeks is doable...but let's revisit the math for two seconds. There's about 43,000 Nightwave Standing available per week*. Assume that for whatever reason, a player might find themselves locked out of one Elite task and one standard weekly task, that's 8,000 gone, dropping us to 35,000. Assuming that you manage to log in and do the daily task literally every single day too. That's still taking eight to nine weeks. A player who runs into any kind of real world issues during that time requiring them to not play for a couple of days, or who is gone away for a weekend suddenly forfeits that week of buffer. * Do not try to insist that grinding Escaped Convicts can make up for it. They're a random occurrence, they're worth basically no Standing, and they're currently bugged so that the last one to fall cannot be captured. The Wolf himself is entertaining for about five minutes, and then he's just a bullet sponge who is worth nothing. Why is a kill on the Wolf worth less than capturing one convict? In fact, why is a kill on the Wolf worthless? Lads. Come off it. This system is basically a significant grind disguised as a fun new Syndicate, and the disguise failed immediately because we can actually see the numbers and do the math. What the hell are you playing at?
  10. DE, please take this as preliminary feedback, but..... We can see the initial numbers. We can do basic arithmetic. This is, on the face of it, insanely grindy, and that's assuming that the weekly challenges don't spit out something like "Fill five Ayatans" right after you either fill or crunch down your Ayatan stock. As people are pointing out, you can reach tier 30....if you max out your standing by doing every mission for two months, and we have no idea how long the Event stays up. I like everything about this system, except the weirdly bonkers numerical requirements.
  11. Solo Cap EDIT: Yep, using a sniper rifle. I could use an Opticor, I guess, but I don't actually like the damned thing. Also, no, not using a Riven. Rubico Prime, no Riven mod. Just to annoy you, later on I think I'll go solo cap a Teralyst using Ember.
  12. Dude. I solo cap Teralyst and Gantulyst with Trinity. That's not exactly try harding.
  13. She used a cross symbol for it, so it’s either “Heeai Damage” or “Heeat Damage”. I’m not 100% on either reading, so it’s still up in the air.
  14. Lads. Look at the zalgo’d text. C - We’re going to make H e E A t damage Me r
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