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  1. I feel, and have always felt, that the New War cannot, should not, end with the destruction of the Sentients. It would be the last crime of the Orokin if everything that they ever made just...murdered each other. It should end with healing, instead of piling the bodies ever higher. Either heal the Eidolon and let them leave Earth, or give them final mercy and let them rest.
  2. DE maybe fixing the Sister of Parvos who has been rendered immortal, invulnerable, by a glitch, whom I have defeated something like eight times now to no avail.
  3. I still wish Void damage had a more interesting passive than bullet attractor. Something like rendering targets more vulnerable to Warframe powers, or generating energy if they die under the Status effect, something both useful and thematically apt.
  4. The test is a very simple combination of requirements. Can you: - Dish out a huge amount of damage to high level enemies, hitting the correct priority targets, and - Survive the damage they're capable of dishing out in return, - In an environment where moving carelessly will punish you, - Under time pressure? Almost everything in the entire game thus far has been teaching you how to do these things. It's the final test of the Mastery system, it should require you to be baseline good at the game.
  5. TYPE: In Game, Sister of Parvos DESCRIPTION: Fighting my Sister of Parvos. Octavia-spawned, Radiation damage. VISUAL: None, sorry. The relevant visual would be her moving without animation, just crouched down in the slump pose but sliding about five meters across the floor. REPRODUCTION: I do not know, but it happens no matter what Warframe or weapon I use to fight her. EXPECTED RESULT: I knock her health bar off, the prompt for a Mercy appears, I press X, and the animation triggers. OBSERVED RESULT: The first Mercy works just fine, but when I take her second hitbar off, she goes into a crouch, slides a distance across the floor, and is not possible to interact with. The prompt appears but cannot be taken. After a few seconds, the window of opportunity closes, she regenerates and gets back up. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time, at least half a dozen times in a row now.
  6. Going absolutely apes#)t berserk on my Sister with pure damage buff melee Ember and a twinked out Nikana, I think it takes between 30 seconds and a minute per health bar. Sisters are several times tankier than Liches.
  7. My time feels thoroughly respected. I'll check back in a few weeks.
  8. Half the time when I knock her health off, she goes down into a crouch, but no prompt appears and no mercy can be performed. I've had the sequence of mods ready all evening, I've 'beaten' her several times, and this is the third time she just got away because the game is basically just cheating on her behalf. Good call. Top notch. A wonderful gaming experience.
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