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  1. The GIGANTIC WORLD ENDING KNEEPAD CUPPY-PLATES are less than cool, tbh.
  2. Nail on the head, here. Warframe community: “We want challenge! We like this word ‘endgame’ and we think it’s what Warframe needs!” Also Warframe community: “Infinite power fantasy! Explosions of dead enemies! Don’t nerf my stuff!”
  3. I have long been of the opinion that there should be an option to incorporate a baseline version of the Prime Warframe into it, to use the baseline as an optional component at time of crafting, and that doing so should allow you to keep one of the polarity slots from the baseline.
  4. I'm gonna come down on the side of Lore =/= Gameplay There are probably not millions of Tenno. They probably do not do multiple missions per day. Each individual Tenno has probably not killed, hang on, let me check a thing, (sweet jesus) hundreds of thousands of Grineer and Corpus. Each individual Tenno has probably not fought and killed Tyl Regor literally dozens of times for the Equinox blueprints. These figures are probably more like "A couple of thousand Tenno, who do a mission every few days, and who have killed thousands of enemies." So, I'm hesitant to take an activity which is extremely grindy and repetitive and assume that that's exactly what's happening in a narrative sense.
  5. Both victims so far have been people who didn't just break 'the law' or commit some nebulous wrong doing, they've been people who broke with the overall mores and expectations of their cultures. The Ostron was a selfish person who carried out unethical dealings of personal enrichment, where the Ostron overall are intensely community focused. The Corpus victim was someone who eschewed personal enrichment, and who was a 'bad' Corpus because he did altruistic deeds. We expecting a pacifist Grineer?
  6. Sadly, yes. I kinda think the situation almost calls for a hard reset, except that DE can't really do that either!
  7. I see there's a punchbowl. My my. Severely cutting down the 'power fantasy unstoppable god' casual stomp gameplay and ruthlessly refocusing gameplay and power level to be more about 'monster ninjas in a dark space opera' would result in a better game. Thank you.
  8. I’d honestly like to see a mix, with some missions being coordinated by Little Duck, some by Teshin or Maroo, some Void missions being coordinated by Palladino, and I’d like to hear from Ordan Karris. Then again, I would also pay cold hard Plat for a voice pack for Ordis which is just Basic Command Mode Ordis all the time. Forever.
  9. Experimental Golem, Designated for the Use of 'Tenno' Warframe Project Archives [The weapon steps into view. It is humanoid, albeit bigger than any human. It is covered in a flexible gunmetal grey skin of interlocking armour plates and joints, sealed over the face. On top of this armoured skin, it is 'wearing' what is obviously a highly modified suit of basic Dax armour, those subtle protective flourishes attached to the cruder, rougher plating, lending it a martial countenance. "Whose idea was the Dax plating? That'll only piss them off!" "Shut up, shut up, we're trying to persuade them this thing can be a soldier..." Behind the visor of the borrowed helmet, a pair of implanted optics glimmer. The targets designated for the combat test wait at the end of the arena. Today's challenge is for the sleeping Tenno to destroy skeletal robots designed and programmed to dodge and evade, and to strike back with blunted staves. "Can the kid do it? Did you talk to them, are they up for this?" "Yeah, she'll do it. And if you refer to that thing as a child again while the Executor's here, I will personally kill you, understand?" The lines of weakness built into the plating of the creature's forearms begin to glow, almost weeping a sickly looking energy into the world. The weapon it creates is nothing so elegant as a sword, nor as refined as a whip. It is a crude and fragmentary lash of raw Void energy, winking in and out of existence. An unreliable weapon. A supremely destructive one. The beast lunges forward. "Are going to get in trouble for this?" "I dunno. Maybe. They wanted something that can fight." ]
  10. Do you think DE would go for that? "The next Warframe you make and release should literally be a fourth wall breaking joke."
  11. And the end result would be a joke Warframe that would only get played for meme value.
  12. I hate the idea of a Warframe which is entirely just LOL MEMES LOL GLITCHES HERP DERP FOURTH WALL I really don't get why everyone else seems to assume that that is literally the only way to implement the concept of a broken Warframe.
  13. So....they didn't actually fix the reward points bug, they just replaced with an equivalent one. DE please. Surely you folks know that this is not going well. You know that, right? You guys are broadly aware that this has not been a good start to the Operation?
  14. To be clear: We're not making this up, this happened, and it happened to loads of players.
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