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  1. Please let us do all things as operator such as mining, fishing and k-driving
  2. This is the reason i never sold or bought a single riven in this game and never will unless smtg changes. Auction houses can be monopolized very easily, in another mmorpg i played there was a clique or mafia as you call it, that would monopolize the ah to their will, by buying all items in it and reselling it to highest prices, making specific friends buying items from ppl that would refuse to sell them, so im not saying im against it, i think DE should set somehow max or some tax prices i guess.
  3. ty Steve for input, can't wait to try the things you guys have been working on, gogo DE.
  4. Most of the questions have been asked. I believe atm warframe needs something to break the grind routine smtg diferent idk, i log and just feel bothered.
  5. this content is too hard for my brain to understand, why not start by removing archguns cooldown for boss…
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