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  1. Okay, that point I didn't know, I didn't start playing warframe until after they were no longer available so I only had the other ones to go off. Thanks for the info 👍. You are right, but it is a very big difference to both fire rate and damage. Think about it for a minute, if you took say, the rubico, massively boosted its fire rate and dropped its damage, while also giving it a bigger mag and quicker reload, what would that leave you with? It would look like a rubico, but in actual performance it could end up being roughly similar to say, the latron. Breaking down most we
  2. Yeah I can see your points. I don't deny that the OV is, at least looking at it with a meta viewpoint, a better weapon. My main gripe was that unlike the previous vandal/wraiths, it drastically changes the very core of the weapon, and that goes directly against the president that DE have spent years making, resulting in prior expectations being shunned. Really, I don't have an issue with the OV existing (along with it's current stats). What I have in issue with is the fact that it's called a vandal when it clearly isn't and doesn't follow the path set by other vandals. As I said, they cou
  3. *Okay, I did do this as a new topic in Fortuna feed back. For some strange reason it was dumped into someone else's post as a reply, so I'm dropping it here and also hoping this isn't also kicked into the rough. Hi. As you might deduce from the title I am not very happy with the massive changes that are brought to the Opticor Vandal. I do however want* to explain deeper why I feel like this, and to also offer some suggestions that I think could be useful. The Opticor Vandal, with it's release, is seemingly changing the whole direction that a Vandal/Wraith release o
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