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  1. I've taken a break for several months but have been around since 2013. There's a lot of things I like about warframe, mainly the combat and absolute freedom you're given in creating different playstyles which work for the most part in 90% of the game. Of course some balance issues exist like certain enemy units being overtuned or ranged weapons lacking the damage potential of melee for skilled play (which I'll get back to in a bit). However, I believe the more pressing issue at the moment is the way content updates are rolled out. My general impression of the last few years is DE may be t
  2. I'm a huge fan of the necramechs being added to the game, but DE really should have made them an optional part of this operation and allowed people to still contribute with their warframes in some way or in a separate mission like the Scarlet Spear earth and space missions did back when not everyone had their Railjacks up to snuff yet. Also is the neacramech skin for the body not being part of the rewards intentional?
  3. I've always wanted the Flak Cannon as a Drakgoon skin! The only way this could be better is if we had augments for these weapons in the exilus adapter slot which change the functionality of the weapons to work the same way as they do in Unreal Tournament. Explosive shrapnel bombs for the Drakgoon alt fire, a charge mode to fire 3 rockets on the Ogris alt fire, and the shockball combo on the Stahlta would be WICKED SICK!
  4. I just played a mission. It told me to close warframe for a new update. Now I can't log back in. ☹️
  5. The comparison between Voidrig and Bonewidow kind of falls apart if we have to invest 5 forma into Bonewidow to make her viable compared to a Voidrig with 0 forma. I'm still in the middle of using formas to get Bonewidow to level 40 and having more mods equipped definitely improves survivability, but the problem isn't with her effective HP or being slower than a warframe. The problem is her kit isn't balanced, has several points of failure, and straight up doesn't function half the time due to bugs. For example: Bonewidow's kit has no way to deal with distant enemies. Excalibur has
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Having a focus lens installed onto a Necramech's arch gun does not produce convergence orbs. Having another focus lens installed on a different weapon or Warframe allows convergence orbs to spawn, but kills from your Necramech's arch gun do not count towards the bonus. REPRODUCTION: Equip a Warframe/weapon with a focus lens, then equip an arch gun with a focus lens onto your Necramech. Pick up a convergence orb in an open world mission (like Deimos) with either the Warframe or Necramech, then kill a bunch of enemies with the Necramech's arch gun. E
  7. I appreciate the quick response, but I hope this is only a stopgap measure and the team will consider making more in depth changes in the future. I've been running Bonewidow since this morning and unfortunately the problems are somehow worse than I anticipated. Taking the proposed changes into account, here's what I found. Bonewidow specific bugs: The slam attack animation locks you in place for almost 4 seconds unless you cancel the animation by sliding. Ironbride has a very high chance of simply not working. Bonewidow attempts to draw their sword, but instead they become emp
  8. I think Arcana overall is a step in a good direction and I realize many of the people working on Bonewidow simply did not have time to make any major changes before release, but I hope you'll strongly consider reworking her kit in the near future as a high priority considering how many of us love the design and are hyped for more big robot action in the future. UPDATE: I've been playing with Bonewidow for a while now, and even after the changes her kit needs a rework which can't be fixed by simply tweaking values and I know it's probably going to be a while before that can realistically h
  9. I like most of the changes so far. Still I think Bonewidow is going to need another look because some of it's abilities just aren't viable regardless of how much you tweak the numbers. Especially "Firing line" which I wouldn't use even if the cost was changed to 0 energy.
  10. I would have liked it if they gave her more than 5 notes to work with and the ability to make actual songs instead of a short jingle set on loop like APB:Reloaded death themes but worse.
  11. I think most people here love the idea behind the necramechs being a whole new experience/way to play the game. I've always wanted a frame capable of transforming into mech suit and having a heavy machine gun with explosive rounds, so the necramech is something I am most excited about. With that being said, I have some worries about the current viability of necramechs in the game, and I desperately hope they don't end up on the chopping block in the future like archwing has. Is there a reason why necramech mods are so obscenely hard to get? Will there be better ways of obtaining them in
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