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  1. I think instead if they want to implement the Granum void in some way, they should have us spend a Granum crown to send her into the void AFTER we have a chance to down the larvaling and see which weapon she has. Also they should only spawn if we have a crown equipped.
  2. Did anyone else not get the drop from watching devstream?
  3. Just thought of something. Instead of spending a crown to spawn a Sister of Parvos, what if we could confront a Sister larvaling during regular gameplay and spend a crown the send THEM into the Granum void once they are down so we can see which weapon they will give us before spending resources?
  4. Looking forward to the next update! Yareli is perfect and must be protected. New weapons look great, hopefully they perform as good as they look. There are a few concerns I'd like to see addressed though. The requirement of entering nightmare Granum Void is definitely going to be the least favorite part of hunting the Sisters. It's going to massively increase the amount of grind to simply get a sister with the weapon you want compared to the Grineer kuva liches. Unless we get a new separate slot for the planned weapon upgrades akin to something like melee stances, I don't thin
  5. I want to make Miss Egg the first mate, but liches aren't worth the crew slot right now.
  6. I thought you guys at DE said you were going to focus on making the ranged weapons better instead of just nerfing melee and calling it a day? Also you said we could bring Necramechs to normal missions, not just limited to railjack missions. There's plenty more wrong with this update but I feel like a lot of the things mentioned in the last devstream about this update were straight up lies as opposed to unintended bugs. My problem isn't with the bugs or delays, but that you misrepresented important changes surrounding core gameplay mechanics.
  7. I've taken a break for several months but have been around since 2013. There's a lot of things I like about warframe, mainly the combat and absolute freedom you're given in creating different playstyles which work for the most part in 90% of the game. Of course some balance issues exist like certain enemy units being overtuned or ranged weapons lacking the damage potential of melee for skilled play (which I'll get back to in a bit). However, I believe the more pressing issue at the moment is the way content updates are rolled out. My general impression of the last few years is DE may be t
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