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  1. Can we stop dog piling onto DE now? Things happen, just play something else for a few minutes. They're usually pretty fast about fixing something major like this.
  2. I was doing this already to hit the Condrix from hidey holes on earth, but the event is over so ☹️
  3. This kit is designed around synergy except for Ability #2. The numbers may need some tweaking though. Passive – Fragment Replication: Fragments are a resource used to manage or enhance certain abilities. Fragments are gained by using Ability #1 on enemies. Up to 10 fragments can be carried at any time, and each fragment increases base health by X percent. (I’m not sure what the final health values or stats are but the goal here is to reach around 450 to 500 base health with all 10 fragments before mods are calculated) Ability 1 – Phantom Limbs: “The warframe launches disembodied limbs which seek out and attach to nearby foes, siphoning their life force into the warframe.” Enemies killed while affected by Phantom Limbs will generate 1/2 of a fragment but using a finisher will grant a full fragment. Upon death, enemies explode dealing 25% of any damage they took in a 5-meter radius. Note: Enemies are continuously stunned by this ability and susceptible to finishers. This ability DOES NOT consume fragments. Having additional fragments will increase the number of enemy seeking limbs (up to 10). · Ability strength increases the amount of health siphoned. · Ability duration increases how long enemies are siphoned. · Ability range widens the targeting cone’s area of effect (like Frost’s Ice Wave), and the explosion radius. Ability 2 – Disembodiment: “The warframe becomes a rapidly spinning mass of limbs which propels itself towards the enemy, sending them flying.” Note: In a nutshell, this is basically Psycho Crusher. The warframe is invincible during this attack. · Ability strength increases damage inflicted. · Ability range increases the damage radius. · Ability duration increases the distance you travel during this attack. Ability 3 – Amalgamation: “The warframe cannibalizes a fragment to create supplementary protection against incoming damage.” Consuming a fragment grants 50% damage reduction for 20 seconds. Note: Additional armor should start to cover the warframe as a visual effect. · Ability strength increases damage absorption (capped at 90%). · Ability duration increases how long damage absorption is active. Ability 4 – Forgotten Ones: “The warframe consumes 3 fragments, creating a flying specter (with no legs) which closely follow the warframe and attack enemies.” Note: Up to 3 specters can be in play simultaneously, and they remain in play until death. Specters have 1/3 of the warframe’s total health at the time of their summoning. Specter health should scale with enemy damage during a short invulnerability period (like Frost’s Snow Globe or Rhino’s Iron Skin). The specter’s attacks should also scale with enemy level (like Vauban’s Photon Strike). 3 different specters are available to choose from. · Red specter: Fires a burst of 8 slow explosive projectiles which home in on enemies. These projectiles deal radiation damage and have a high status chance. · Blue specter: Rapidly fires bursts of 4 fast-moving projectiles which are capable of pinning enemies to walls (like the akbolto). These projectiles deal slash damage while having a decent critical and status chance. · White Specter: Carries a large energy sword which cleaves through bunched up enemies with sweeping attacks. This weapon has a reach of 6 meters, has a very high critical chance, and counts towards your melee combo meter. · Ability strength increases the damage of all specters. · Ability range increases the explosion radius of red specter projectiles, the flight speed of blue specter projectiles, and the reach of white specter’s sword. · Ability duration increases the speed/fire rate of all specters.
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