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  1. You're really not missing much. In it's current state, Liches are more trouble than its worth due to excessive grinding and RNG gating; and that's even WITH the Kuva Lich pack which gives you all the required requiems to kill them. Also they never shut up with repetitive dialogue between missions as you're trying to acquire murmurs... and I say that as someone who doesn't even mute Ordis.
  2. Wow I guess I got kind of lucky on getting one of the unique weapons on my first lich. But yeah I'm totally done since these changes seem to be made specifically for impeding progress rather than actually fixing the issues.
  3. I try not to complain too much because I know the devs generally have a lot on their plate and provide so much for the game overall despite some controversy, but DE totally blew this last major update... and that's without even taking bugs into consideration. Aside from Vauban and Ember reworks (most of which I do like so far), everything else is a complete dumpster fire. Heavy attacks drain combo multipliers with no real reward. My normal attacks already work well enough for clearing out most rooms. If I'm going to build up combo multipliers and spend it on a heavy attack, it better cleave through every enemy in front of me within 15 meters for MASSIVE damage, otherwise it's not worth it. Kuva liches are still too grindy even by Warframe standards. 3 LAYERS OF RNG IS NOT FUN! Getting the last murmur should tell you the correct order of the mods OR having the right mods but the wrong order should just make the lich run away instead of instant killing you. Killing players for having the right mods in the wrong order is just bad game design which punishes the player for even trying. The Grendel missions: enough said (which at this point I'm guessing is working as intended to force people to buy him).
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