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  1. Hey DE, please update if you can. For operator fashion purposes.
  2. I think Jotuheim Oculus primary and secondary color selection is bugged. If it is please fix for next hotfix.
  3. For any of you Nezha fans, new animated Nezha movie from china. We totally need a new animation for the first ability, those flame wheels look sick!
  4. ATLAS-T, hes come. He looks like he has a shaolin monk kind of theme going on, I like it. DE should make a kung fu style stance or drunken fist.
  5. Tenno reinforcements are never pc exclusive. PC will always get it first to have any existing bugs or malfunctions get ironed out and soon after get shipped out to consoles. The main website even has a tab indicator showing the current update build of each platform and for consoles its currently in the development process. If you cant see it, its probably minimized. Its a gray bar saying "Warframe Builds" on the left side on the main page.
  6. Just a small suggestion for Umbra's primed detail toggle. It would make sense to separate his scarf/armor from the umbra shiny bits and rather instead have them be auxiliary attachments similar to Nekros, Valkyr, Nidus , and Chroma.
  7. Yes, this please ^. His scarf should be a auxiliary attachment.
  8. So I was running a defense mission with my Oberon and about 7 waves in I noticed my energy draining like no tomorrow, like 744 to 0 within 5 seconds. Then I googled why this would happen and found this, I checked mission results and sure enough there was a Nekros in the group I was in. I'm not saying this is Nekros's fault or anything but I just wanted to point out this is pretty lame. Please fix soon.
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