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  1. I say if DE isnt recuirting new members that are trust worthy and no good feedback is comeing from new changes then to just trash the whole program all together because there no use for gotl nor is it for human mods that are not active on regular bases. It all added up to be one big mess. I mean like i stated before gotl is never really help outside from discord and most of them has grown lazy over time. There no need for fellow tenno to be sleeping on the job lol. Far as the forums go idk.
  2. My thing is this if ps4 region so bad why is no changes been made or new tenno being selected for the volunteer postion. I mean come on on ps4 most mods are not even online active like they should be. I feel like other tennos are not getting the proper support, nor given a chance to evolve and become more useful in the community of warframe. I mean come on its been how long since they did gotl or mod change. It look not so good when a new tenno enter the game and is looking at complete disaster of a chat room that suppose to have human mods that there to keep it clean of toxicness. How on earth can anyone get help if they are seeing unmointor behavior and inappropriate content that suppose to be remove. I guess what im getting at is that there needs to be a greater change and new system put in place and rule and logs which i think is in effect now but never the less i think DE should remove inactive mods that are not doing anything on warframe console like xbox or ps4. And same for the guides. Its ok that u on discord but you guys need to be active on console helping new players. That the buttom line. Work as a team so that the chat room and community doesnt lose hope in the game support feild.
  3. Cool so im guessing there no opening of gotl in future. Just asking.
  4. Me too on ps4 the only problems is the mods are rarely mointoring the chat rooms. I dont understand why but hopefully there will be new replacement s soon.
  5. Lol nobody that funny. I guess we all have been nobodies at some point.
  6. Well i think all tennos should have a chance at being a mod or gotl.
  7. This news sound great so when is this change coming. Do this mean i can vounlteer in future?
  8. I sure hope i get into the program ps4 need more active mods and i intend to be the for all tennos. Hope they let me volunteer as a mod and also allow good tenno to become mods too.
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