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  1. “I see…you know Tenno? I think I will try it out. Sounds fancy and tasty enough to give it a try”
  2. "Gotta be honest, kinda expected the fight to be longer, but I suppose it's best that it didn't last as long" he simply remarks as he picked up his k-drive, followed by pressing a button that made it vanish into him or away.
  3. He nods, looking at the menu once more until he found something that interest him. "What is this...deluxe meat platter on a...board? Sounds hefty" All he understood from that dish was the meat, but the board thing threw him off.
  4. My character was for a moment (Thraks Dhraga), but he's currently in the restaurant with a bigger than normal tenno, about to order food. However, we could say that someone in the staff team watched said Grineer trying to score a goal and once he did score a goal, maybe give him an offer to train him in the art of Lunaro. Just an idea.
  5. "Never imagine a Tenno of all people would be a picky eater, but maybe that is just me seeing it from an ex grineer's perspective" he seemed to still be looking at the menu, having a hard time to pick one dish. "Do you any idea on what I should try? Most of these dishes seem too...complex for my mind to wrap around. Granted, there are some simple ones, but I figure I might try something...fancy, you know? Although maybe you're not the Tenno to ask since you stated being a picky eater, no offence"
  6. Thraks then sat down at the same table, picked up the menu and pressed the grineer icon and like magic, it switched to grineer. ”Huh, what do you know, it worked as you described it” The next couple of minutes the grineer spent time to read what’s on the menu. “There sure is a lot of interesting choices in this menu. Way more fancy than a grineer would get. It was mostly military food like canned, soup, dried meat and so on. Nothing wrong with it, but it gets somewhat stale after a while. Not the food, but the whole eating similar ration bit”
  7. "That's...quite a story Tenno. I'm surprised that you're still alive after being found out by this Ni'saa. Although you did mention that you Tenno heal well, which is something that most living things would want to have. We grineer are happy if we can live a long life, no matter what cost, whenever it's losing a limb, clone rot or simply dying in battle" They would then eventually step into the food area, which looked like a semi fancy restaurant with the golden trimmed tables, chairs, carpets, even the walls were orokin. It seems that there was plenty of tables for everyone. There was even some fancy looking sofa corner tables for those bigger group of people. "The golden people of the old sure liked gold in their stuff. Was gold plenty back in the day or did they found a way to make more of it? Who knows" he shrugged, walking toward what looked like to be a menu on the wall, but it wasn't in grineer. It was in the Tenno language. "Um...I can't read Tenno or whatever your language is called. Could you perhaps read whats on the menu?"
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