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  1. Dante stopped to listen to the mysterious sound as he took out his Stradavar, shooting at the strange, living, raknoid like spiders. Whatever they were, they most likely wanted to eat or slay them*
  2. Meanwhile, Dante was simply sitting on the ground, checking for any signals nearby and maybe intercept a radio to spy on, even though his corpus was quite limited. In other word, he was chilling (pun not intended). He wasn't sure what to do next, so he might as well gain intel...if possible.
  3. Dante wasn’t sure what to say after what he saw. So many questions running through his head and all he could think of was the phrase: “What in vay heks non-existing bottom happened?” He said this thought out without realizing it. He was so confused.
  4. Oh boy, another potential rp added to my discord server list (although to be fair, 90% are private rps, so I’m not that bothered :3)
  5. Dante saw the whole thing unfold and tried to see what this being was, but like Suno, he couldn’t see what it was. Either his flashlight was turned off or out of energy or this thing has some kind of void magic that causes light sources to hide its true identity. ”Either you start to speak or we will do this the hard way, your choice, whatever you are” He would then aim his stradavar toward said being, switching said weapon to semi automatic mode so he didn’t accidentally spray bullets at Suno.
  6. "I suppose a small detour wont hurt, otherwise this mystery may haunt our mind for a while and so on" he bluntly whispered, probably making the whole curiosity of this mystery "warframe" worse. Although to be fair, he wanted to find out as well.
  7. Dante looked at Gaze, wonder what she was doing and when he realized that she was looking at something or someone, he look at the same direction and prepared himself by steady his Stradavar, followed by having his trigger finger ready and aimed his weapon. Maybe it was one of the raknoids?
  8. Dante simply followed Suno, having his Stradavar in his hands just in case of hostile. Could never be too careful.
  9. "Right, who want to take the lead? Preferably someone who can take a beating if things get harry" he asked in a neutral tone, not really wanted to be the one to take the lead as hes more of a support kind of tenno.
  10. Thraks had decided to rest against a wall, still in the hall of the moon wing, followed by sitting down on the ground with his legs tucked in so he didn't trip anyone. He then brought out what looked to be a grineer themed touch screen from one of his larger belt bags, checking his emails that was all in grineer of course. It was mostly junk mail that contained spam, advertisements and so on. Nothing too special. He started to wonder why he even got an email if the only things he got was junk. Oh well, maybe someday he would get something interesting, despite that being very unlikely. His stay
  11. Atm, Thraks isn’t doing much in the moon wing, just wandering around.
  12. Dante didn’t say anything when it came to the question, he simply held a hand up to signal that he had an archwing, ready to be deployed if needed.
  13. “What about using the caves to travel to our destination? If said option is possible that is. We Tenno are a lot more...efficient in close spaces after all” he suggested as one idea. Cause he had a feeling that not everyone has a k-drive or tamed Velocipod to use.
  14. Dante thought about what the foreman has told them for a moment before he continued to speak with one of his hands holding his chin. "So if this bird like shiny stuff, maybe we could lure it out by using anything shiny and maybe that would allow us to see the real monster, somehow. Does the shiny thing have to be made out of things that shine? Cause I could always gather a pile of gems from nearby gem veins and use that as the bait, maybe even use some fruit from orb valis as food bait, just in case. That's one plan we could try out, unless anyone else has a better idea, then I'm up for i
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