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  1. Thraks (who was currently in the recreation room of the moon) was at the moment using the dart board to practice his aim and instead of traditional darts, it was mini glaives he was throwing that came with the board, which he thought was pretty interesting. Come to think of it, he has never used a proper throwing weapon before, at least not one those that the tenno uses. He has seen some tenno carry them around now and then, maybe seen one in flight and this has him curious on how it feels like to use said weapon. Maybe he could ask a tenno someday if he could try to throw one. ((Just a w
  2. https://ibb.co/M2rDpzs https://ibb.co/Yk9rSFM https://ibb.co/zxzvCSC https://ibb.co/DgcZqdj https://ibb.co/ScfjL2D https://ibb.co/RCTn6nz https://ibb.co/DVBBGDj https://ibb.co/0GBR662 I was just minding my own business, just about done with the mission when I suddenly stumble upon this (and mostly bugged) room. I have a strong feeling this isn't suppose to look like this. I'm fairly certain this wasn't an issue before.
  3. Granted, you can't wish anymore ((not really though FYI)) I wish for a group of Robotic Pirate Ghosts
  4. Granted, you got 1000 credit discount on any items on the market I wish to summon Clem
  5. Granted, you are now a genie, addicted to lego. I wish to know who the champ is.
  6. Granted, your current gender is none. I wish for immortality *insert Vegeta laugher here*
  7. Granted, you get unlimited nanospores. I wish for mundane magical item
  8. Granted, now you are indebt from another mob instead ((Thug life)) I wish for a car that can travel in time, both back and forth.
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