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  1. True. In my line, it is common to OT or sleep in over night to complete assignment, so home time shorten for relax. How strict are employers in this current age? If your parent have set-up a company, is it common to try and inherent the business?
  2. HI, as per title^. Me as someone whom have to start work life.
  3. So... using this as a basis. DE have all the reason to increase the duration per interval from 10mins (current survival Art) to 1hr?
  4. Only for you. Fashion isn't even a game to/for me. If you don't want to live anymore, go ahead.
  5. For WF, the game generates the lore... and whatever the lore says doesn't mean it's true. Just like how Operator is a pile of S#&$.
  6. See the fun in this on theory, but on game-play, there's no function to this, Eidolon 'only' receive Void damage from operator, NIL from other elements/physicals.
  7. Feel like some grineer lancer wise-up and ask their commander to mass-produce OP-hitscan-airships-with-insane-amount-of-health. I wish Nyx' mind control can affect the entire airship instead of just ONE turret... DE nerf airship!
  8. Agree. Never liked her #1,2,3... #4 is basically AW.
  9. So i have to search for the area on the pattern of ripples? Search & bait the middle of it? Seriously?!....
  10. Rare baits (such as those for the Murkray) appear to work most effectively when thrown into an area with circles of bubbles/waves appearing on the surface of the water (shown right). These hotspots seem to move every 1-3 minutes to a set nearby location in a random pattern. So far, wiki says hotspots = ripples. Not a single hint of how close must it be to trigger the RNG game, (unless u can time ur bait to land in the ripple the moment it appear). No hint on whether if ur bait hit the ripple and triggered it or not. So any bait works the most effective in ripple zone? What happen if i thro
  11. Explain. What are these hotspots? and how close must a bait be to be considered trigger a rare ripple spawn? And how would you know if it does trigger a rare spawn? What bait must be thrown...?
  12. I feels that all bait' material should be PoE-resources. And no bait need materials from another fish... All they should need is fish meat, fish oil for predatory fish bait and fruits etc for prey fish bait.
  13. Open world: Forest. (PoE counted?) Ice. Lava Orokin ruins. Gas city. Destroyed Moon ruins (Lua) Desert Ocean (Sharkwing plox?) Occupied by infested, grineer, corpus, orokin, sentinels, wild animals, stalker faction (stalker only?)
  14. Pls not drop ships... like the current event, where the dropship comes into range to 'drop' off heavy duty units. This is like asking players to focus fire on it... especially, where it somehow must circle around the map or area... Might as well go with borderland 2 style... where units are sent by these 'drop' pods. (like current excavation drill method).
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