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  1. Can DE implement a special activity weapon category? where players can able to mod them individually like weapons? But equip on gear-use activation. (ie, like atmosphere archwing weapon). Instead of buying upgraded weapon/gear where render the prior tier/gear useless (looking at stun spear, mining drill). It just flood the gear wheel if DE keep introducing new "upgraded" fishing spear/mining drill etc. With fishing spear/mining drills/tranq rifle mods being sold at each respective NPC shops.
  2. low1991

    Lock Conclave Feedback to Typhoons

    2589 conclave members offline (of all ranks?) out of 4,459,236 (via forum). That's not even a single 1 digit percentage of the total players (offline & online). Some how these 0.0000000001% player pool deserves a sub-forum for a small section of the game that aren't even part of the main gameplay.
  3. low1991

    Lock Conclave Feedback to Typhoons

    COOL!, a sub-forum for a 2 digit players whom achieved "Typhoon" in PVP! YAY!. What's next? A sub-threat for players who's MR is 30, so they can tell DE, what content should be given for players on MR30?
  4. low1991

    Fortuna - Old Mate rank changes

    Seems to me that, People of Fortuna aren't human, they are robots...
  5. low1991

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    New players can wander in, what's there to stop these players from coming in? Like they would know it's a massive grind wall, and not all read wiki/info about the game before jumping in.
  6. low1991

    Chimera: Update 23.10

    This alert emphasis the problem of solo even more. Thanks alot, instead of waiting for 3 mins defence mission (excavation), i have to wait additional 3 to 5+mins each hoping for powercell carrier to spawn. One more content off to the trash bin
  7. low1991

    Bows are outclassed by Snipers

    I think bows should have some unique system other than sniper combo system. Actually, i think all weapon family should have their own unique weapon system. Rather than just DPS and ammo type. On topic: Bow i think should have higher critical damage, while sniper can get higher critical chance.
  8. Examples=reducing the efficiency of power efficiency, due to the corrupted mods by at least half (25e to 57e). More incentive for cap of 175% to be removed due to core mechanisms. For players to hit 25e for #4 (after change) will requires 400% efficiency, meaning more room for new mods like corrupted mods to be implemented and more player choices (more diversity builds). It may not be broken for you, for it is for me. We can have our own mindset. Still with 1 limit per player for plats. Maybe make it a 5min CD plate, re-useable? to helps sustain player but not make it a reliable source. Yes, changing will hit players heavily in the killing/CC'ing department. But this problem is part of the problem as to why DE introduce nullifer/combus/isolator burse/etc. With limited energy, leaving the solution for energy spam problem will need to be fixed. (You can't fix the root without touching the mid or top layers). The ability spamming also leads to other problem (health/armor scaling of enemies), but that's off-topic for this. For focus, i say it's the leaf of the problem tree...
  9. Yes, it's a huge tree (referring to the problem). We should start at the base/root of it, otherwise subsequent changes to the system will be difficult. In suggestion for energy plates (or all plats/pizza), Limiting stack-able size to 1 will solve major of the following problems (comparing this to single game, changing stack size should be changing 1 figure). Next will be trinity' EV, but that's a ability problem, which will remain a sore thumb in sight. I'm not gonna even talking about focus, or operator as i'm ignoring their existences. (dont like them).
  10. No offences. I feel that tackling the branch of problem will not solve the actual problem. I think that the energy efficiency should be energy usage(cost) per 1 energy required(for ability). Meaning, at 175% efficiency=1 energy can feed at 1.75 rate. So an ability cost of 100 energy can be sustained by an energy efficiency at 1.75 for 57 energy. (100/1.75). It's like how much fuel does the car needs/requires to travel 1km IRL comparison. If 1L of fuel to 1KM = 1:1 or 100%. Using 175% efficiency mean to travel 1km, you only needs 0.57L of fuel.
  11. W8, never update windows at all. Just encounter this problem after leaving WF for like 4 over months. Now WF doesnt recognize mouse 4 & 5.
  12. low1991

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.2

    Have the though of the official survival being inadequate to suit the current player' satisfaction ever come across the chopping board before this got implemented or fixed?
  13. low1991

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes!

    I will consider when i have more option to reduce the amount of visual unneeded eye candy in-game. With the option of lower directx9 soon gone.
  14. Hmm, make spore give lower counter by 3x? while buffing the burst damage, encouraging interaction between spore n players.
  15. Saryn' Spore spreading hit FPS hard when there's 200+ infested (tested in simcuram w 20 rock golem on last phase).