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  1. How about the segment of players whom like boss-like fights (Smarter AI, specific damage point only, different attack pattern), or those BOSS-rush (All enemies are boss, with starting cap of 1, slowly raising the cap by 1), or just some haunted feelings (like the every first event for Grineer Manic), or maybe make it a all-stalker/killer squad rush mission.
  2. Oh yes... the time limited snowball conclave event that alot of the players AFK in-game.
  3. If DE allow players to change player multiplier only in SOLO mode. Changing spawn settings, this gives players more freedom. But too bad, like the old 100~300+ ware ODD, you cant pause for toilet breaks. And alot of the players (not me/ majority) say the challenges come from xx level or when it's alot of spawn, un-like the crappy spawn setting for 1 player.
  4. This alert emphasis the problem of solo even more. Thanks alot, instead of waiting for 3 mins defence mission (excavation), i have to wait additional 3 to 5+mins each hoping for powercell carrier to spawn. One more content off to the trash bin
  5. W8, never update windows at all. Just encounter this problem after leaving WF for like 4 over months. Now WF doesnt recognize mouse 4 & 5.
  6. Have the though of the official survival being inadequate to suit the current player' satisfaction ever come across the chopping board before this got implemented or fixed?
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