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  1. low1991

    Lock Conclave Feedback to Typhoons

    2589 conclave members offline (of all ranks?) out of 4,459,236 (via forum). That's not even a single 1 digit percentage of the total players (offline & online). Some how these 0.0000000001% player pool deserves a sub-forum for a small section of the game that aren't even part of the main gameplay.
  2. low1991

    Lock Conclave Feedback to Typhoons

    COOL!, a sub-forum for a 2 digit players whom achieved "Typhoon" in PVP! YAY!. What's next? A sub-threat for players who's MR is 30, so they can tell DE, what content should be given for players on MR30?
  3. low1991

    Fortuna - Old Mate rank changes

    Seems to me that, People of Fortuna aren't human, they are robots...
  4. +1. But on the other hand, i think binding 1,2,3,4 to only' frame ability, while pressing Q to go to hunting mode, that shows you hunting' items cat, then select item. Complex. But, having the ability to cast ability via default 1,2,3,4 is better than using mouse scroll and cast previously selected ability.
  5. low1991

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    New players can wander in, what's there to stop these players from coming in? Like they would know it's a massive grind wall, and not all read wiki/info about the game before jumping in.
  6. True. In my line, it is common to OT or sleep in over night to complete assignment, so home time shorten for relax. How strict are employers in this current age? If your parent have set-up a company, is it common to try and inherent the business?
  7. HI, as per title^. Me as someone whom have to start work life.
  8. Let's make sortie another token system? Sortie coins. Trade 10 for a Sword riven?
  9. anthem seems to be a game where all abilities are cool-down based but with all the possible nerf that WF will ever have.
  10. low1991

    The Next Gen Looting System

    Basically. Make all resource be held in a pool (mainly host) and be synchronized at mission end. Player (non-host) copy host' pool loot and paste on their on solo-extract. Why not, the game play the RNG dice roll on each enemy killed, and loot be given to players directly (auto into their loot box)?
  11. Use auto install function to install stars to sculpture while spam pressing Esc will lead to un-responsive UI.
  12. low1991

    Arbitrations need better endless Rewards!

    Yes, the concept/layout is there. DE is like.... let's add in some junk into the token system, and make x mods drop from the token dropping arena.
  13. Ok with game becoming segmented, as long it's not mandatory content to a future content. (ie, fishing in a horde killing game, that is required to a future content)
  14. low1991

    Arbitrations need better endless Rewards!

    What i like to see for example is. A full conversion into a token system. User the essences as token.
  15. On-topic: SoTD shld refresh to highest enemy spawn by mission. Or even better, give it no level, and make it does x% of enemy' health per second, and since the SotD are deads, make them receive 1 damage for aggro purpose (i think if it's 0 dmg, enemy will not attack it?), while decay as current patch. Off-topic: Why can't DE implement a resources system that gain on enemy kills and consume when using SOTD, that spawn customization SotD from player's ability setting. Add-on: like, I'm sure, there are other dead corpses laying around the map, why nekroz can't use them? It's not like there isn't any prior invasion from other factions like infested/ corpus/ grineer/ etc...