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  1. 5 hours ago, (PS4)thebigstink1206 said:

    So you guys are just gunna give the Zenistar and similar weapons away to early player while semi-veterans and veterans (like myself) sit here with nothing new. Hook our a*s's up DE! Aint fair that they can get their zenith or zenistar at day 100 while we had to wait. Make a Zeni-Warframe and give it to those who feel this way. 😠

    I absoloutly love the game, its my all time favorite. But you guys are making some bad choices, and getting people angry! This Excalibur Prime dilema where u r buffing his energy is just as fair as the new login system (That is, it's not fair.) I've paid then your average founder and from the moment i got the game ive been supporting (Joined around saryn prime's release.). 😞


    Buffing his energy?? Do you have a source for that? I hope they are.

    • Trinity’s Energy Vampire will no longer affect Inaros when in Sandstorm.


    So instead of buffing one of the worst warframes in the game, you decide to nerf him. This game makes no sense to me. You have a skill that supposed to give energy but it doesn't work for a large amount of warframes. DE get it together please. 

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    Loki will no longer be able to complete the Mastery Rank 10-11 test by Switch Teleporting to the end.


    I don't understand why you would remove this. Why even give loki the ability to do this then? The mastery test is supposed to test your skills and that is one of loki's abilities. If people are smart enough to prepare with the right warframe they should be rewarded for it. Disappointing. 

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  3. People need to stop saying this is a free to play game. It's free to download. Some of us HAVE TO PAY, or the game will shut down. Those of us who have supported DE and in my case, help kick start the game as a founder, have put our money into it. 


    Second I did not expect this thread to explode the way it has. It is never my intention to defame or bring any type of negative feelings towards Warframe or DE. The game is just getting to the point where it is running players away, and making it even harder for new players to want to invest into it.


    Grind has to exist in some form, but there is a point where it becomes too excessive and reliant on luck rather than a payout for the effort you put into the game. 


    Some new players have trouble getting access to very basic mods. That shouldn't happen. 

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  4. people still keeping this thread going with the toxic taste in their mouth



    We get it. You are willing to accept anything DE throws down your throat. For the rest of us. We are willing to constructively contribute our criticisms to try and make warframe a better game.


    If people didn't speak up bout certain parts of the game it would never get better. You are the player that stops progression within a game with your blind acceptance of anything.


    DE is a great company, and one I have too much respect for. But they are not perfect, and that is why criticism must exist. Please stop spamming gifs. Thank you.  

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  5. There are 8 replies of blind sheep until someone finally speaks sense.

    It's a free game. If you want to moan about a grind filled game, go buy The Taken King DLC for Destiny. It's worse, and costs £70.

    Moaning about the grind in a game that has no mandatory costs is as ridiculous as moaning about a sale at your local supermarket is.

    Just want to correct this. The term free to play is not a safe gaurd against bad practices. Neither is this game free to play for everyone. If someone doesn't pay to play this game won't run at all.
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  6. It's pointless, Rhino Face.


    Save yourself the warning point - they're convinced they're doing everyone else a favor and nothing we can say will change their minds. 

    Except a warframe using a power to kill things is it doing it's job. Some warframes are meant to dps better than you. That maens they will end up with most of the kills. Lets be honest here, just for a second. If an ember is taking all your kills, it's time you did missions higher than level 20 enemies. 

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