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  1. In common sense in-game logic, Channeling skill (i.e. Excalibur's exalted blade or Valkyr's Hysteria) won't receive energy either from zenurik's energized dash or squad energy restore) But Baruuk, which use his restraint as the fuel of his serene storm, got a inconsistency here. I use the energized dash when Baruuk activate the 4, he regain his energy, but when I use the squad energy restore, Baruuk won't receive energy from it when 4 is active.
  2. since someone posted it and I just experienced at latest patch will this issue be addressed? (Even damage number disappeared)
  3. Is that when up to certain speed, stance combo won't processed correctly right?
  4. there's still fusion conflict when upgrading mods with same name.
  5. I put Rank 8 primed pressure point (12 capacity drain) and Rank 8 primed reach (12 capacity drain) on the first mod loadout of a Rank 30 melee weapon without catalyst (6 capacity remaining) On same weapon but different mod loadout, I put Rank 0 primed pressure point and Rank 0 primed reach (4 capacity drain each). I went back to examine the mod and try to upgrade the Rank 0 primed pressure point (which is equipped on that weapon) to Rank 7 (11 capacity drain) game told me that there's fusion conflict on the weapon's first mod loadout. But the mod I'm upgrading is on "different loadout". Can anyone confirm this issue?
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