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  1. Haven't found the repro step but somehow when kinetic plating is active, the physical status effect will still bypass the kinetic plating. Mite Raknoid spawned in Exploiter Orb fight will proc slash on Gauss when KP is active. I think most of physical damage source just bypass the KP ignoring it As image show, my 2nd skill still activated but slash proc exist
  2. Scintillant Still only can obtained by one player in my squad, others somehow can't get from necramech's drop
  3. Not sure it's just visual bug or the actual damage buff bugged out, I equipped with two maxed rank Umbral mod (vitality and intensify) plus a max rank Transient fortitude for a 210% power strength. With the Smite Infusion Augment the damage increase should be 210% but on skill description/HUD when casting it only shows 209% Haven't got into real damage calculation yet but seems a visual bug I guess.
  4. still a bug related to random melee slam flinging although didn't use heavy slam
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