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  1. This is exactly my opinion! It is already locked behind finishing the whole starchart which only requires MR5... if the person can handle the content, no need to force require any MR
  2. Just...why? This is very disappointing and utter unecessary
  3. Booster stack and they stack multiplicatively which is very generous! I would be glad enough if they stacked additively, but this is awesome!
  4. Happened exactly this with me. We are simply put outside of battle and gotta wait for friends to finish it
  5. Removing non sense stagger from operator inexistant self damage, when?
  6. Eh? it was exactly what everyone was asking for. It had a CD and was a chanelling ability which made no sense and was very bad
  7. Wise move DE! Maybe make it so the CD doesnt increase with duration as well? No other CD works like that
  8. Its OK, u can post a stream of Helen on her free time..
  9. Altas: is only above 1400 and it caps at 1500, making it too hard to keep up for little benefit Nidus: useful, but the huge CD is a big downside... Valkyr: still counts as channelling for some reason, making it worse than with no augment while consuming a slot cause now it has a big CD... Saryn: WTF is this sh*t?
  10. only Saryn? Boi, they all are pointless and a big disappointment not worth the slot at all. I can see some ppl possibly using nidus one and thats it
  11. This! Would upvote twice if possible. Amps never had self damage, no sense in having stagger now. Its annoying af also
  12. This feedback was awesome! It would be *perfect* if it included a date for glassmaker though. Im hoping it will be released during devstream this friday at least...
  13. Im okay with drop rates, as long as they dont force u to get top tier stuff on earth/saturn. I mean, its ok to have some drops exclusive there, but not top tier, as the drops should help u to reach the next tier till u eventually get to veil. The problem is when u can already cheese veil, but have to go back to earth to farm stuff. That is really boring and deff bad design.
  14. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Tracker not working as expected in anomalies VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/K4zMzhd REPRODUCTION: Go to the blinking spot in the veil and enter the murex EXPECTED RESULT: It is expected for the tracker to work like in other exterminate missions, as u need to kill 20 sentients. However OBSERVED RESULT: sometimes there is one sentient right next to you and tracker send you somewhere else (screenshot 1) and sometimes there is no enemy nearby, but also no tracker (screenshot 2). Sometimes it just points to the exit, while you still need to kill more sentients (no screenshot, sorry) REPRODUCTION RATE: Almost 100%, unless u kill mobs really slowly or get really lucky
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