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  1. Would totally pay 1k plat for one of those
  2. Really? So went from a way to motivate ppl to do a boring action to NO MOTIVATION at all. Now no one will want to be responsible for that since it will be a LOSS of affinity as doing anything else will be better. If we gonna have affinity share, at least make it so ALL other activities are also shared.
  3. TL;DR of these patch notes: Positive: Rush Repair Drone is dead Negative: Ivara farm is dead
  4. NOICE. Guess it was an april's fool joke eventually then
  5. Is there a recap somewhere? Couldnt find it here nor in reddit
  6. U still dont get it bro. You cant get rid of them. Its not a matter of need, there is simply no option. Not a single way to get rid of the crap mk1 wreckage.
  7. U dont get it. Ppl who dont own a RJ will fill their inventory with mk1 b4 they can start farming mk3 and thus get stuck with all that trash till they finishing crafting their own
  8. DE should simply allow us to manage wrekage b4 owning a RJ so we can scrap trash. Takes days, possibly weeks depending on how much u play, to craft it and although u can join a game u r kind of stuck with trash loot.
  9. Its quite fun already and although its a small percentage of the total player base, it aint that hard to find ppl to play. DE tried really hard to make it more popular solving most of the community issues in ingenious ways. Two examples: 1 Main concern of everyone was the lack of dedicated servers, however those r expensive to keep in a f2p game. DE came up with users servers which works well, kinda. 2 Lack of incentives to play. This one is tricky, because if u add good rewards u force ppl who dont like it to play. DE came up with cosmetics, but even that ppl complained. Then they came up with exclusive mods, which r harmless, right? Nope, ppl still complained.
  10. This happened with a friend of mine too, was hilarious. He was host, I was in his party but couldn't see it
  11. I never knew about this: https://www.warframe.com/lotus-packs/ Has it always been there? Was it announced or something? Looks like a really great april fools joke. PS.: DE plz add voice packs for rl
  12. Is something being done or planned about the 30 wreckage cap? No one wants to be forced to go back to dojo every few missions or worse, to lose great loot cause u were full. Were recharging wpns really nerfed to the ground or is it a bug thats being fixed? Soon ppl will be reaching 10/10/10/10/10. Are u planning something to keep ppl motivated like a paragon system? Are new ships going to be a thing? Now that AWs r back in fashion, r u planning any new AWs? Or at least their primes?
  13. No, just no. For the love of mother Lotus, just dont. Difficult is easy peasy already, no need for more nerfs. Amesha is good rn so that the noobs can help a bit. I keep using itzal though, slingshot gets the job done fast n easy on cs and its better for farming in the end
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