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  1. Since new weapons started being released with very low disposition and raised later accordingly.
  2. Time to get back in action!!! Scrap that, just primary T_T
  3. After following all steps mine still says: Should it have been reset? Have I messed up somehow?
  4. Does this apply to ppl that play on steam? I clicked the link to unlink and it gave some error message instead
  5. 20 inch? WOA! Almost the size of my....orbiter!
  6. Fix to operator self knockdown when? Its been what? 2 years? idk
  7. Oh, 50 Crystal cred, I thought it was Credits, you know...normal credits. Thats actually nice!
  8. The question is: is it worth getting the catalysts, but being stuck forever with yet another duplicate cosmetic?
  9. Where the fudge is our vacuum? Thats all we ever asked for and after the companion fiasco this lesson should be already learned...
  10. It seems the issue wasn't clear to everyone. So, Imma try to explain it. Back in the day I mined a lot in Plains and kept most of the minerals refined, so I wouldnt have to worry about forging them ever again, as nothing required them raw. When Deimos hit, some new minerals started requiring old raw minerals, so in this case I need to go back to mining at PoE, even though I have the equivalent of over 12000 pyrol in refined form.
  11. I love this raw requirement. Anyone else?
  12. I dont need any of these, but d****, those are great rewards
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