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  1. Archwing movement: I miss the option while using experimental flight that allowed the player to use thrusters to speed forward, press the S key or back key to flip player's archwing around in the opposite direction. This allowed players to zip past enemies, flip around, and fire at the from behind. I did really enjoy that maneuver. Hopefully this will make a return in future iterations.
  2. The hold melee button does not appear to work when attempting to use heavy attacks with exalted weapons.Tested with Excal and Wukong.
  3. Agree. Players are starving for content so most will grind this out over and over then they will get burnt out again.Creating systems that promote this process imo will diminish the immersion the Lich system has the potential to offer especially over time after Imperium is released.
  4. Found several things that do not seem correct. Not sure if they are considered bugs. 1) The Amber Star BP - when viewing the Amber Star it is partially sunk into the ground. The mesh needs to be moved up to sit properly on its foundation. I noticed this while visiting the Arbiters of Hexis at the relay located at Earth. 2) Shimmering Blight stance for polearms "The Way" does not work. Requires player to hold melee button momentarily, then release, but all it does is perform "slashing winds". 3) Grendel Systems key bug? - during a excavation mission for the grendel systems I lost all my lives towards the end of the mission; however, my squad was still alive and was able to complete the mission successfully. After completion I did not obtain grendel system as a reward nor did I retain my key. I was under the impression that at the very least the key would not be consumed if player or squad failed. Technically our squad was successful even though I lost all my lives at the end. I ended up purchasing another key and obtaining the item, and just wanted to bring this to the developers attention just in case this is a common occurrence for others. 4) Sometimes when messing with my weapon loadouts when attempting to remove mods by right clicking it the action no longer works preventing me from being able to remove the mod. I have to exit loadout window, reactivate loadout screen afterwards,I can remove unwanted mods by right clicking as I was normally able too.
  5. Overall this update looks really cool. There are two things that come to mind which I am sure have been mentioned in regard too melee combat. That is the subject of blocking while in dedicated melee mode and juggling enemies. Both are awesome additions; however, my slight concerns with these to start off, to perform melee block you have to be in melee mode first before you can start blocking. Without a form of holster speed this could destroy players not being able to recover in those O!s#$% situations having to first swap between fire mode and melee mode before they can start blocking. Second, when melee juggle occurs it only appears to affect one target which makes sense I suppose, but the issue I have is while I am juggling the enemy there are typically many more of them around me probably shooting me. Dedicating myself to this without any form of damage mitigation while performing action may cause players not to attempt it often due to the risk of being one shot while in the motion. At least in group fights which we are in majority of the time. Again overall both are great additions.
  6. Maybe archwings will be able to merge with our frames combining into a tenno battle mech we can use in space!!!! Robotech style
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