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  1. Steel Path “Hard Mode” – would like to see: Modifiers enabled on random enemies instead of all enemies from start allowing them to be a sort of elite mob instead of adding modifiers plus increased health to all enemies just cause… it is supposed to be hard should = longer TTK. Unique skins for elite mobs would be nice for identifying them easier in missions when they happen to spawn but perhaps in the future, they could iterate on that. No opt-in requirement for players active liches and thralls. Instead they will always have a chance to spawn in any hard mode mission randomly. Unique sortie style weekend type events for the steel path. Maybe once a week with some evergreen rewards and chance for any rare new mods implemented into the game and/or even skins. *unique skins can add special modifier to player weapons like how rivens boost stats to their respective weapon (future idea for potential reward) What I have seen that I like so far as follow: -Increased spawn rates -Increased starting level +100
  2. When using a maxed investigator mod Helios still takes 4s to scan a target when instead It should only take 2s with mod.
  3. The pro to self damage initially was to encourage skillful play however, its initial implementation was not good because friendly targets could easily get in the way cause the explosion to kill you when you did not intend to hit that player. In addition, the multishot procs depending on accuracy could randomly fire off to the side and kill you. I believe if self damage was still in game the the two former mentions would need to be removed. Also, the self damage inflicted should not exceed 90% of the players max health on first impact. A replacement for self damage that would encourage skillful play for high damage potential when it comes to explosives could work like this. How about if the player inflicts self damage while dealing damage to enemy's, the damage dealt to enemies hit is reduced as a penalty of causing self damage? So players would be encouraged to land good shots to do maximum damage however, if they do not and cause self damage the damage dealt to player would not exceed a % of max health and the damage dealt to enemies would be significanly reduced as a penalty.
  4. I like the concept however a change like that would be dead this far into the games development. Every frame would need an exalted weapon at that point and people who main or play frames With exalted weapons would probably not like the change.
  5. They wold benefit from the +100% efficiency, duration, power, range buff at the very least.
  6. EdDiesel

    Frost 2020

    I believe 8 stacks would put one cast at 60% slow movement and firefate using current cold status affect which could be a reasonable base. Initial idea was just to apply slow movement speed removing the need to use augment to apply that debuff.
  7. Melee can be pretty OP with most builds at the moment. Post mainly inspired by the idea DE brought up when first conceptualizing the idea of melee 3.0 which teased at the idea or a "rage mode" of some type. The weapon damage bonus suggested at 300% can apply to firearm type weapons only and not melee or remove it completely.
  8. So what else can we add to our warframes to make them even more powerful then they already are. Before answering that I would like to mention how the system could work. Simply similar to how points are rewarded in K-Drives (perhaps inspired by Tony Hawk Pro Skater) melee rage points or meter can increase based on unique combos performed during combat such as landing a headshot, backflipping, wall attack, finisher, etc. The conditions would be tailored towards rewarding skillful play. Each move depending when and how often used will determine its influence on how many points are earned to increase meter. Once maxed the player can trigger it allowing them to receive a buff that increase each warframe stat by 100% such as duration, efficiency, range, power, increase damage resistance by up to 90% and also increase weapon damage and ability damage by up to 300% for X amount of time maybe 10seconds.This will allow players to continue playing the way they already do with current melee system and provide an additional incentive for skillful play.
  9. I believe enemy difficulty or engagement can be achieved by allowing enemy spawns or waves depending on mission type have a chance of spawning a group of enemies that share and spread within a range damage resistance. Not invulnerability but resistance. If there is an elite solider on the field he (depending on mission level) can be as tough as a level 5 lich spreading his random resistance buff to surrounding enemies. You can choose to take down the elite mob first or weaken him by first addressing his adds that allow him to be beefy. As they are taken out he reduced slightly in toughness.
  10. Just aim cursor to floor and bullet jump which will launch you straight up. Sometimes it will launch you at an angle depending on base you are standing on.
  11. EdDiesel

    Frost 2020

    I believe Frost's abilities require some minor tweaking. To start with the changes made to cold damage I feel Frost's abilities being cold damage types should excel over the typical cold status affect that can be applied by weapons. For example, with 10 stacks of cold status affect an enemy will have up to 70% slow which reduces their movement speed and fire/attack rate. With frost his 1 and 2 aren't really that viable at higher levels with a small exception to using augments which require a warframe slot. I believe several changes should be made to make Frost's cold damage stand out above the standard status affect every frame has access too if they build for it. 1. Ability 1 Freeze should be able to share the same temporary armor reduction that can be applied by using Avalanche Frost's 4th ability. Freeze is really just the single target version of it. Power strength increase should be shared for both abilities so if a player mods for power strength allowing Avalanche to 70% of the enemies current armor then Freeze should have the same % applied to it, 40% being the base equal to Avalanche. 2. Ability 2 Ice Wave should have the capability of applying slow by default to all enemies hit with an augment up to 70% base. The damage is negligible at higher levels and without any type of utility there is not much use for it without having to use a warframe slot for augment. This could be addressed if Ice Wave had the chance to cause slash status affects due to the sharp ice shards hitting the enemies. Damage scales based on reduced armor. His 3rd and 4th abilities are in a decent place for now imo. Globe being primarily for defensive purposes and avalanche is great for instant freeze to large groups and armor reduction capability. I believe these changes would allow Frost's kit to have more synergy between all his abilities no matter what level enemies he fights bringing him up to par with the synergy capability majority of the new and updated frames have.
  12. I would say bring it back only if; 1. They prevent self damage to proc when hitting friendliest that happen to get in your way when you least expect it. 2. Only the primary shot can proc the self damage not the additional shots produced by multishot. If primary shot has additional explosives effects such as the zarr and brama only allow the primary shot count for the self damage. 3. Add a damage % cap to player. For example if the player is affected by self damage allow the first shot not to exceed 90% of the players health. Second shot can finish them if they have no shields.
  13. Hunter Munitions a silver mod is in one of the best damage mods in game. This alone can take a kuva brama to the next level. It’s no secret that a lot of players build around this mod with many weapons.
  14. I personally like the change to the amount of explosions displayed on screen because often the emission colors from explosions especially in Mirages hands would be hard to see through. In any game there is an expectation of power when it comes to particular weapon types or categories such as snipers, rocket/explosive weapons, burst rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc. Some games lean on certain types more then others. For example, some games may put a heavy emphasis on shotguns doing a ton of damage since the idea is that they a short range pellet based weapons while other games emphasizes on snipers being able to devastate their opponent since it requires a single well placed shot. I am one that thinks explosive weapons should have an advantage when it come to spreading damage. That does not necessarily mean I want all explosive weapons to one shot mobs. One possible way to counteract this I think is allowing enemy’s to have a chance to adapt on a per wave or spawn cycle basis. When it comes to enemy spawning there could be a chance on a per wave basis that enemy’s have a chance of counteracting such as coming in heavily armored protecting them from X physical damage type/s such as explosive damage. Not complete immunity but rather increased resistance for that spawn group. Perhaps the same thing can apply to other style of attacks.
  15. Would be interesting to see invasions come to clan dojos as well. Players would have to defend there dojos from enemy attacks from time to time.
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