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  1. I personally feel sabotage and spy missions could be revamped to promote more engaging gameplay that matches the theme of the game mode. As it is currently you just race your way to the poi, hack, bullet jump past enemies as if they do not exist because your just there to complete a task and move on. No penalties other than being spotted during the vault attempt. The race your way through because its more efficient applies to majority of the game modes on the star chart which is ok I suppose but for Spy I feel it defeats the purpose of the mission theme. Hope they reconsider revamping some of there existing game modes in addition to providing some new ones in due time.
  2. Type: Parazon activation Description: There is sometimes a delay in activating a parazon finisher after enemy audio indicator sounds off. The delay can occur for several seconds even as host. Visual: n/a Reproduction: often if I had to put a value 75% of the time. Expected Result: As soon as enemy is open for the finisher I should be able to activate parazon finisher without delay Observed Result: Often after parazon audio indicator sounds pressing the x key does not activate finisher. After 1-3 seconds of waiting then the finisher activates. Reproduction Rate: Every mission and Simulacrum PS. Enemies often die too fast to execute a parazon finisher on them. Blood for energy is a good mod for replenishing energy especially after eximus leech units appear and drain your entire energy pool in just 0.5 seconds! This is exasperated when you want to parazon those priority targets for a chance to proc 50% energy orb drop chance and you have to sit there while your current energy pool is zeroed out in less than a second. IMO the energy drain eximus leeches should be re-evaluated. Sure you want to make the game more challenging which I am open to however, the drain in its current state is very very aggressive. In addition, a better indicator informing players they are in the area would be appreciated. I just want the chance to react to these situations before being punished.
  3. TYPE: Sisters/Lich (adversary/s) dialog, voices, and images mix between other players in party during mission. DESCRIPTION: Occurs through out hunting process of sisters and liches from earning murmors to the showdown battle VISUAL: Animations and meshes clip with environment and either float or go through it. REPRODUCTION: Every mission I participated in so far that was public with other players. I play CoOp. EXPECTED RESULT: When adversary speaks the correct voice, dialog, and transmission corresponding with it matches OBSERVED RESULT: Adversary voice, dialog, and transmission mix and match between all player's adversaries in mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: Vanquished my first sister. During requiem reveal process to the showdown it occurred every mission. In addition to this issue, during the showdown after taking down your adversary they continue to speak throughout mission while fighting the other players sisters. Expected: Once sister or lich is vanquished their dialog ends because they are dead.
  4. Yep. Not sure why some weapons received their own separate modding capability for the weapon while other warframe abilities remained with the stat stick functionality. Not all warframe abilities that utilize stat sticks are considered exalted weapons however, wouldn't it be consistent if all the warframe abilities such as, whipclaw, landslide etc. that interacted similarly had the capability to be modded separately? Would make modding those weapons easier to understand. There are players that do not even realize some of their warframe abilities capability is measure by how their melee weapon is modded. For Excal and Wukong to name a few, its straight forward because there is a dedicated modding area for those weapons.
  5. Game play mechanics that incentivize semi and burst shot weapons or single target weapons would be a welcome addition. I would not agree entirely on simply boosting its damage over others weapon types because the majority will just use those weapons instead since they hypothetically will be stronger and possibly clear faster than aoe weapons. Gameplay mechanic suggestion: For example, heavy units that spawn randomly not guaranteed with special shield that can only be destroyed with timed shots and players cannot enter to melee the unit. The shield capacity limit could have A meter similar to the one used in the new RJ mission Volatile. If you fire at weak point with high fire rate or aoe weapons the meter will quickly move off the required target point and simply do nothing to shield however, well timed single or burst shots are just enough not to push the meter away from weak point which cause the shield to burst on first try. As level increases several successful attempts may be required to burst the shield.
  6. The arcanes will still drop in SP from acolytes. Its the mods that moved from Teshins store to Arbi store which allows players to gear up through arbis before heading into SP if they want to work on progressing their guns prior with the new mods to get them up to par.
  7. Arbis is fun. I play it all the time with randoms and we do fine. If someone dies its not game over necessarily and I find it fun trying to revive them because it adds a little bit of challenge. As long as their not dying every couple seconds and going afk often. Drones are a tad bit hard to hit but nothing anyone can't handle. The main issue is with vitus essence drop chance. Without boosters it does not feel rewarding enough. Also the rotating missions limiting access to mission I can see being an issue for players. I do not personally mind. Just can't run it like a regular in and out star-chart mission going for 5 minute runs rinse and repeating. It was not designed to be that type of mission.
  8. Does Primary Merciless Arcane include all forms of killing such as melee, primary, secondary, warframe power, parazon? I know there is a melee dedicated on kill condition for Primary Dexterity Arcane. It appears to be more focused on melee benefiting the user with higher duration per stack than merciless for those players that want to purely use melee. I assume merciless is for players that want to kill any way possible without being pigeon holed into one way of killing an enemy to gain stacks for the arcane buff. Especially with the duration being reduced to 4s per stack.
  9. Good point. I believe since it was originally in the SP shop it will more than likely be moving over to the Arbi shop instead.
  10. Perhaps instead of cutting back The number of targets spread too they could have just reduced its range. Buff prime pressure point up to 240% damage bonus making it equal to the revised condition overload at three stacks. CO can exceed it at 4+ stacks
  11. Need clarification on this. Is there a cap of 3 for condition overload? I keep hearing conflicting answers from the community.
  12. How does this mod stand out from the parazon mod "Out of Sight"? Excluding the fact one blinds while this one causes enemies to cower in fear.
  13. Arbitrations uses a similar system to invigoration that originally promoted this idea which provides a 300% power and weapon damage buff with the same intention of promoting players to try new warframes based on the random buffs rotated in. I play Arbis often and Not once have I purposely chosen the warframe for the buffs offered. If the one rotated in happened to be the warframe I wanted to play with then sure. Often I play the warframe I want to play regardless of the 300% buff offered I could benefit from if I decided to play with the frame in rotation. With this I wonder if the arbi buff will stack with the helminth buff??
  14. The issue I noticed is if you cast splinter storm on your self first you will have a timer for your personal buff. I then cast on another target. The timer displayed on the ability icon on the bottom right corner refreshes however, the timer indicator for buff icon for your warframe remains ticking down without a refresh. If you cast mass vitrify your personal buff timer will refresh. What makes it confusing is no matter what you cast your splinter storm on whether self or target the ability timer on bottom refreshes but the personal timer does not. I think it would make it more clear when casting on other targets if the ability timer on the bottom right remained unaffected to track personal buff time only instead of refreshing when cast on other targets giving a false sense that the buff has refreshed. I have lost my splinter storm buff often because of this confusion.
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