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  1. Why in the world does the Treasurer take so long to kill in SP mode even with a squad of four? The modifiers that increase his EHP through the roof in steel path mode are ridiculous and unnecessary. The Acolytes are killed so much faster compared to this mob which makes no sense. In solo play its nearly impossible and not worth trying to kill this dude in SP mode. I would prefer the Acolytes be a little tougher but not near the level this guy is. The Treasurer's EHP should scale based on the amount of players that are in the mission. Right now he is just a sponge even when using toxin dmg to b
  2. Baro Ki'teer allows you to have access to his entire store which opens up his entire loot table for you to see and purchase. So if you have a ton of ducats saved up and are tired of waiting on his scheduled rotations to obtain a specific item and/or mod you can use that opportunity to purchase what you want.
  3. I feel guilty leaving them behind at times. I still do not have protea and every time I see a prisoner I have to decided whether to rng run for a protea part or save a life....also wish the provided rep for vox solaris.
  4. Has DE ever considered adding additional heavy and/or super heavy units to the game that require arch guns to defeat? IMO archguns should be a step up from our standard primary weapon tenno arsenal.
  5. Are there any plans to add more to the steel path? I am casual and from time to time I like to go try hard. I'd like to see specialized units with unique modifiers that can benefit both them and the squad they spawn in with. Lower level one randomize with 1 modifier while higher level ones randomly generate over time with between to 3-5 max. Similar to how Diablo 3 has their elite mobs that spawn in map during rift run. e.g. Modifier can make primary enemy take benefit from heavily reduced damage while his supporting units are alive. As each one dies the damage reduction bonus or benefit
  6. Game Mode: Arbitration Warframe: Sevagoth Noticed that I can collect shards in both main and shadow form however, the total count does not apply when trying to pick up a player. So if I have 2 in my main form and 3 in shadow the game mode does not recognize that I have 5 total shards. In addition, after reviving a player meeting the requirements of 5 shards the shards picked up by my shadow remain which affects both it and main forms total health. Expected: The shards should be zeroed out once the downed player is revived however, it does not appear to do so. For example,
  7. This is the only warframe ability I found that does not work with limbo properly compared to other warframe abilities. When casting fireblast inside his rift it does not affect enemies outside the rift. All other subsumed abilities work between planes. Not sure if this is a bug or as intended.
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