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  1. Couldn't Feast 1 and Regurgitate 3 be one skill? Press/hold 1 to Feast and press/release 1 to Regurgitate? Could open up ability 3 for something else.
  2. Chances this will happen is null I suppose but I am just having fun with this. Perhaps a talent or specialization tree dedicated per frame as a deeper form of progression system for the warframe itself? IN regard to what you suggested I agree. An augment should not be dedicated to simply adjusting base stats of an ability. IMO should change functionality and allow for different play style.
  3. Hopefully this will not alter elemental combos on other players weapons. Only add more damage to elemental combos that use the element being cast or adding the elemental status proc affect to weapons without being combined into others.
  4. Would be cool to have a way to specialize our frames with additional augment slots. Not something that can be purchased or obtained in 5 minutes but for those who are dedicated to their favorite frames. How to obtain I am not sure but would be cool. Would like to see furious javelin or even slash dash augment add some sort of damage reduction per enemies hit.
  5. Along the lines of what I was thinking about in expanding squad link to connect other mission objectives.
  6. I would also find it interesting if if the squad link required group to enter other mission types to assist in completing objective. For example, maybe in one mission the railjack away team requires system codes to hack an enemies ship systems to enter or disable its shield. So fish team is required to enter a spy mission to obtain that information. To complete all the data vaults must be obtained successfully within a certain time frame which will reward them with data revealing the code railjack squad requires to hack enemies ship systems?
  7. The Empyrean demo was awesome and I am sure there is more to it then what was revealed. What I am curious to know is will fish team from time to time run into some resistance helping out the the away team? In the demo they just waltzed in and placed their chargers to detonate the shield generator with no issues. From time to time an easy quick victory sure, but I hope there may be times where fish team may run into a real snag or form of resistance. What do you guys think?
  8. Agree. Nightwave specific alerts would be interesting. Hopefully this will be considered for the next series.
  9. Would be nice if wolf credits were more readily available as you progressed in the series. The Wolf has a low chance of dropping the hammer parts and blueprint. Wouldn't it be interesting if he had a higher chance of spawning in elite missions in addition to the randomness of him spawning in missions as the player progresses through the series? Elite missions would feel more rewarding and perhaps challenging because the Wolf and his goons would have a higher chance of spawning in that mission increasing frequency of player getting lucky and earning parts for free. If the player is not lucky enough to receive drops from Wolf they could save their wolf credits and purchase parts instead. Price of the parts to be determined. I would assume the cost would be high to create a sense of exclusivity, but this would be an alternative for players to obtain that reward if they are not lucky enough to receive the drop. May potentially incentivize players to continue the grind knowing there are other opportunities that can lead to reward. Random idea for Nightwave specific mission: To make certain Nightwave missions more interesting I thought it would be a cool idea if certain mission types rewarded "coordinates" allowing players to find the Wolf and get the jump on him instead. If 3 coordinates are found they can be merged (single use consumable) allowing players access to ambush the Wolf and his posse. Maybe a mission like interception to initially obtain coordinates from specific NPC enemy type or have the enemy random through out the star chart with a chance of appearing in nightwave related missions.
  10. I love the idea of Nightwave however, the alerts had its pros. I am a casual/hybrid player that likes to mix up my gameplay. When I first started playing warframe back in 2016 the alerts were a great way for me to jump in and start playing. To admit the game was overwhelming and I almost stopped playing. I decided to stick with it because I loved the art direction, parkour system, and potential story this universe has to offer. So, I stuck with it and learned that the warframe wiki is my best friend. What Nightwave does right imo is that it offers players an opportunity the purchase the items they require, that they would've otherwise had to plan for ahead of time due to alert cycle and limited time. I personally did not mind it. In addition, the app assisted me in further planning ahead however, I do like the direction Nightwave is going to allow players especially new players to purchase sought after blueprints such as potatoes and Nitain to upgrade their frames. One of the things I’d love to see change with Nightwave is for the weekly and elite mission types to be listed under the alert’s column like all the current alerts left in game are. The Nightwave banner can remain below for players to track overall progress but the mission objectives should be under alerts tab for quick access. Doing this I assume would require alert missions to have a per-determined map. With Nightwave as it stands currently, players have the choice to choose which map they prefer to attempt the challenge on. They just need to search the star chart for all the available nodes unlocked to them that qualify for the mission objective. With the old alert system, the map was per-determined and if the player did not have node unlocked, they could work towards unlocking that node. I believe the best part of the old alert system was the quick play capability. Pro of old alert system: allowed for quick play, access to additional resources, and instant reward on completion. Pro of Nightwave system: Lore attached to season, capability to purchase what you require, goal-oriented progression at players pace within season time frame. Forgot to mention for the Nightwave alerts there is no mission failure prompt, the player can just keep playing the mission. I noticed this when playing the stealth exterminate alert available for this week’s Nightwave cycle. I do not typically play stealthy because I do not feel the game really requires it except in niche game modes. While doing the mission I could not tell if I was failing or not. I had to go to the wiki and read about how stealth and AI alertness works to determine if I was properly completing the mission and what I could get away with. It would be nice to have a prompt indicating if the Nightwave alert selected failed with an option to proceed or abort mission. Elite mission types As a casual/hybrid player I like the idea of a challenging objectives. I can choose whether I want to pursue it or continue completing the lesser objectives available. I have read many forum posts expressing mixed feelings specifically about the 60-minute kuva survival elite mission. After reading many of the complaints, the frequent complaint I have seen is that many feel 60 minutes is to long due to a feeling of unbalanced reward for play time ratio. I believe the mission rewards 5k standing. Perhaps bumping this up to 10k would make it more appealing. Maybe another way to approach it is to make it tiered. For example, first 30 minutes rewards 5k. If player decided to proceed further for another 30minutes, the mission becomes a lot harder, AI level increases significantly, and rewards 10k standing. Perhaps the mission can be 30 minutes long and start AI at lvl 80+. Allow elite missions to have a greater chance of spawning the Wolf and his goons in attempt to ruin the players day. Thank you for your time.
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