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  1. You typically can't link anything you don't have.
  2. A prime frame is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor are they early; they arrive precisely when they mean to.
  3. Just because you went through a S#&$ty grind doesn't mean everyone else should suffer, especially since you likely did it when Conclave had more of a population.
  4. I once tried to write up a spider themed Warframe and it literally ended up being Khora without the cat *shrug*. But I would love some Bug frames they're so cool!
  5. Because many of them have good uses. I can't think of a single warframe that doesnt have atleast one good augment. Many of these augments are good enough to sacrifice a bit of power strength or w/e for.
  6. Been checking everyday, really want that Lotus mask too.
  7. So I don't know when this started happening but I just noticed that my nikanas no longer have the Holster Style option. The option does appear on Nikana Zaws however. Skiajati: Nikana Prime: Heres the Zaw options appearing as usual.
  8. Same here, havent seen the new masks at all. And I really want the Mother's Mask 😞
  9. I know they were added for the Tatsu so could we get holster sliders for the Gunsen?
  10. This happened twice on Brugia, Eris (Rescue), and of course made synthesis impossible to complete. If DE could explain to Simaris for me that would be great, because hes not happy. 😄
  11. Yeah I hope this isnt a deliberate change, it ruins the skin for me.
  12. This thread is so off topic now that it should really be closed, where the mods at?
  13. Difference is there is now a reason to participate since you get extra pearls/kill, so instead of 50 a good round will get you 150. Some people will still AFK, but I expect a lot more people will actually play the mode now
  14. Stop asking for frames to be nerfed. If you ever wanted to do high level content you would sorely miss having Saryn as powerful as she is. Instead ask why other frames aren't at her level. Next you would complain about frames being too weak and then asking for more reworks.
  15. Glad to see im not alone here, hopefully we might see something with melee 3.0.
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