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  1. everyone has to get off extraction then get back on that fixes it every time
  2. that sounds like fun though, why do all the fun glitches get patched and the game breaking ones stay.
  3. if it was by design then the mechs wouldn't be trying to pick up the orbs.
  4. I can't pick up health orbs with my mech and they completely removed the ability to heal the voidrigs how are we supposed to survive in orphix venom like this!?
  5. i like buiding out of bounds and using the open space room personally and what i meant by clipping is being able to put decorations inside each other without them bouncing off.
  6. Yay I can finally have the infested Zealots in my dojo?
  7. All right i can't stay quiet about this any longer! Why do dojo decorations take 24 hours to build and 75 plat to rush this is ridiculous. and while I'm on about this I'm going to add the fact that we can't set decorations to clip with other decorations which makes it hard to work with them. there's already surface snapping why can't we have a object clipping option!
  8. Trinity should be able to heal the mechs given that she has little other use.
  9. Deimos requires animal captures to rank up
  10. I've never bought a floof either i think they're a waste given how poorly designed they are.
  11. I find it annoying how we capture these animals and all we get are these dumb floofs. is it too much to ask for to have the actual animals instead of these stuffed animals that look silly and nothing like the real animal. my orbiter feels completely lifeless as does my dojo. there's no motivation to do animal captures when all you get are these wads of fluff. Could we please get the option to have the real animals as well as the floofs. we have the living versions of kuaka and condric so why not the infested animals or the orb vallis animals. i want to have undazoa and cryptillex roaming
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