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  1. As long as I've played this game I've noticed that the drop pools have little to no reward such as getting a control module as the rare reward in a plains bounty, or getting a vitality mod at the 70 minute mark in kuva fortress survival, needless to say that i already picked about a hundred vitality mods off of enemies I killed in that one mission alone. So i want to know: will we ever see a rewarding drop pool outside of arbitration.
  2. For people that don't have anything else in their life other than videogames this kind of attitude is insulting at best.
  3. that would be nice some tilesets just feel empty and it's a real bore.
  4. Are you having a laugh Deemed harmful to the game in which makes you grind hours on hours to have a chance at getting something you wan all the while constantly nerfing and making it harder to farm the already braindead farm in order to get your item with the 0.1% drop chance. without these exploits the game would fall apart due to how futile farming feels in this game. The drop tables are sick joke and while plague star may let you choose what you get through the standing it still feels braindead after the 50th time you do it. if the drop pools weren't insulting, maybe people wouldn't rely so heavily on these exploits.
  5. Let's see being constantly thrown out of the objective for no reason up until it fails, liches not spawning when they're supposed to, doors not opening until you use transference assuming the game has bugged out and says abilities unavailable, side turrets not functioning. outside of bugs the lazy copy paste of already existing tileset's for dull missions in railjack ex. Mobile defense, exterminate, etc. on an added note: While this is the opinion of myself and quite of few other people I've talked to, when i heard about railjack I thought i was going to be flying my ship for the mission not spending 60% of the mission in copy paste tileset's. The only part of railjack that I and anyone i talk to likes is the flying of the railjack, one the best examples of things said is when i was talking to a random on one of the void storms and he said, "If i wanted to an exterminate mission i wouldn't be doing railjack. I also took a closer look and the demographics for the playerbase since it came out to now and it's not as bad I was led to believe but still if they improved on their tutorial there would be a lot more players. The tutorial expects you know already know everything outside of how to shoot, parkour, and hack.
  6. while i more or less agree with this statement the forum has truth to it with some things such as the diversion of recourses to trivial things while game breaking issues still persist. and while i get that it can be hard to fix bugs DE has their priorities skewed quite often focusing on nerfs which don't actually balance the game or small fixes typos. people notice this type of stuff and it is concerning.
  7. More people need to point this out because regardless of what the Warframe simps that defend DE when they really shouldn't be say, they don't get it and I doubt they've even played the game long enough to see the problems that people like you and I know. their ignorance will just serve to kill the game that we love.
  8. oh really now if you were good you wouldn't be sitting here bashing on other people and actually contributing to the forums not that it really matters since i'm pretty sure you are just a forum troll anyways. if you don't have anything useful don't say anything at all you're just diluting the forum post.
  9. Not exactly I do as you say "Ridiculous endurance runs" because of the flow of the combat and by no means do I find it boring. Personally two to three hour runs is mediocre, but if they would balance all the weapons to have potential to somewhere around there, the game would be a lot less boring variety of weapons is what is truly lacking in my opinion. I don't really care if it's challenging or not so long as I can blend and rip through hordes of enemies with little to no effort.
  10. there aren't any other games that i actually enjoy no other games let me constantly slaughter hordes of enemies like Warframe. also i really care about this game and i want to progress past the stagnant point it is in. I don't want to just stop playing because it's boring i want to help it grow so it isn't boring anymore for people. having long endurance runs is just a part of variety the game should have.
  11. \ There is no point in having interesting and fun weapons if they cap out before you reach high level content, if anyone doesn't know what they're talking about it's you come back to me with that statement when you've put 5000 hours into this game and then we can talk about who knows more.
  12. Sure enemies should be tougher but not to the extent where you're wailing on them for 30 seconds while 15 other enemies are swarming you from behind. granted if you use the "META" you don't always have that issue but people like myself don't want to be forced into using the meta I play the game for fun and using the same few weapons until they get nerfed is both draining and boring.
  13. also lets take in to account what happened to blast damage when they changed it to only reducing enemy accuracy making it effectively useless.
  14. the game does not mention anything about how to upgrade mods what polarities are, it drives people away from the game. it drops you off not knowing what to do after you kill captain vor.
  15. those said arcanes and galvanized mods still require you to get a kill to proc them which means if it isn't strong enough to get the kill then those are effectively useless. also not all of the weapons are truly capable of endurance runs, examples being the basmu, paracyst, keratinos, nagantaka, boltor, soma, and the list could go on.
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