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  1. Listen DE, I am going to be polite as possible here. first of all the changes to be implemented seem great, we are glad you are listening to the community. I'm sure you've had something in the works from a while ago, hell maybe even a year ago who knows (because you don't tell us but i digress) but this response "There's a handful of readers out there who will confuse a program's retirement and replacement with a player-driven system as a mob-justice victory. For these people, facts - such as retirement conversations internally predating any witch-hunts - do not matter." I do not think this will have the effect you desire, this statement comes off as spiteful, aggressive and will only further the divide amongst players that has started to form. STOP! Stop with the emotional language, stop with the whole "this is a witch hunt, personal attacks" etc. If it was all unsubstantiated then why are you making changes based on those complaints? See already I nearly went off on a mini rant and i'm sure others will want to too. That type of emotional and almost spiteful/ aggressive response wasn't needed and will only make the situation worse by instigating more emotional responses from players. Please think before you do stuff like that. We love the game and don't want to see the community split over something dumb like the moderation situation. I hope this all ends up as something we can all look back on and laugh about it.
  2. The whole thing feels a tad half-baked to put it bluntly. Auto block is an inconvenience at best ESPECIALLY with gunblades since you cant use your combos since you're constantly blocking so you are forced to shoot the enemy with your rifle etc, even though you have a melee weapon specifically designed to be able to shoot people. Guardian derision also makes no sense now, if you want to use it effectively with someone like nyx you need to go into the mission with only a melee weapon as due to one of the more recent updates that is the only way to re-enable manual blocking. Quick melee being removed is also terrible, from polearms, sword and shield to sparring weapons, you cant just hit someone, no, you have to do a 5 second breakdance which makes you not want to use those weapon types at all if you're trying to be efficient. on the upsides with specific weapons like katana's, single handed swords, greatswords... well swords in general, the new melee system is pretty fun, although i initially was very angry that E was the main melee key my concerns were soon gone after i discovered you have added in the control options to set melee to M1. HUGE thanks to whoever at de put that in, bless you. switching between gun and blade with swords is easy, quick and looks great. the new slam attack is also fantastic... its just a shame that this new system feels like it wasnt entirely thought out when it came to weapons that relied on their quick attacks to be useful, maybe adding a stance that gave weapons only the old quick attack would resolve those issues but maybe not : / all in all, the rework is a solid 4/10, has some awesome features, but has too many missing/ anaemic features to really be good.
  3. Ye gotta feel bad for chinaframe players, they seem to get screwed on a lot of things, hopefully de/ the chinese company involved with chinaframe development will do another chinese based warframe for them again
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