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  1. If you wanna make changes like these you gotta tone down the horde elements in warframe.
  2. The New Combat Discipline Aura can kill you while you're invincible. Tested with Nyx's invulnerability. Additionally your teammates aren't given a chance to revive you.
  3. Except that Nightwave was described as a (supposedly better) replacement for alerts, and not only is it a poor replacement (with only about 1/3 the reward frequency), it is now missing. When you talk something up as a more reliable replacement generally you should actually aim for greater reliability. This gap isn't doing wonders for player perception of nightwaves as more reliable. Between this and the recent loot ability nerf it really looks like some of the DE staff don't understand how soul draining the grind in this game is.
  4. I'm missing my Smoking Body Ephemera and my Kogake progress after the update.
  5. Way to nerf Nekros and increase grind time DE. Listing a gameplay change as a "fix" after all this time is underhanded.
  6. The default block angle is too narrow. There also seems to be a bug where switching between melee and guns rapidly results in the game thinking you're holding down the fire button even if you're not. Working on figuring out steps to reproduce the bug consistently.
  7. This is a non sequitur. The idea that one cannot criticize something that is not *(or may not be) working because one does not have a solution or alternative is ridiculous. It’s a fallacy because it is theoretically possible to use the criticism as motivation to think of a solution oneself, the mere fact that no solution was offered alongside the criticism doesn’t inherently invalidate the criticism itself. Point out what isn’t working and someone will figure out a solution. Fail to point it out, and things just keep going awry. My implied solution is to not implement "professional" moderators.
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