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  1. So soft locks on an optional system are a problem but a four month old stealth nerf to affinity progression isn't? Even if it wasn't an intentional change if you guys keep balancing progression with a broken progression system it's only gonna become more and more of a problem. If it becomes a big enough problem eventually you'll decide never to fix it and announce "it doesn't fit our vision of Warframe anymore".
  2. The longer DE balances new farms without fixing this the less likely they are to ever fix it.
  3. Still waiting on a fix for this DE. Been broken since October.
  4. There is a financial incentive though: The more trial and error with builds we have to go through the more Rush Repair Drones DE can sell. Selling one time use consumables for throwaway rng parts seems to be the next step down a slippery slope for DE's monetization.
  5. Seeing as Ivara is a stealth frame maybe you should think about fixing stealth bonus affinity.
  6. Just tested. Sill broken as of 27.0.4. Did anyone really expect anything from the devs at this point? Also given that a lot of DE is about to go on holiday I doubt we'll see this fixed before February.
  7. Stealth kills other than finishers haven't granted bonus affinity since a bug was introduced in October. That's probably what he's talking about.
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