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  1. Please give a option to disable or remember the answer, i really dont want to optimize a game in a sdd drive, and it keeps asking even with small updates.
  2. Oh god how I miss the old targis prime effects
  3. Thats exactly the reason you dont create symbols on that room for white and black, as both can be normal and feel the same
  4. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Affinity If they are moving around then theres nothing can be done atm... Try feedback session and give DE ideas on how prevent the kind of leech you are getting, for sure they dont like afk and leechers, as warframe abilities are always changed to prevent that.
  5. I follow Naturism would be nice to have a glyph
  6. The game is easy enought as u can solo every content, also if folks afk they lose the rewards and xp so...no biggie
  7. Folks love symbols and marks, want to be different or minority, be it color, gender . . . limited content... thats creates toxicty and humans needs to spill their acid otherwise they would rust.
  8. We can accept after all these years that DE don't release warframe or skins based on its good looks, if it's lore wise, it will be put out and it will sell no matter the looks. Use ember deluxe as a exemple and move on, eventually tennogen will save the frame you
  9. yah though i was having this issue 3 days ago every single day, the dual stack i think was added more than 1 week.. anyway now its gone for good.
  10. For a long time i have been getting constant error 10054 and chat disconnects, for some reason this all vanished. im using google dns and never changed that, so wonder if something was improved on chat layer.
  11. I need more nerfs please, so that i can rest and wakeup wishing to invest more money.
  12. Thank you for fixes, waiting for nerfs
  13. Please fix targis prime particles fx showing on random atachments
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