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  1. My guy this isn't a sexual thing. It's a meme about defeating hunhow.
  2. Bro the implication is reeming the railjack up hunhows poop chute
  3. Cephalon cy, what is the diameter of hunhows Ass hole cy: 49.8 meters Cephalon cy... what is the radius of this railjack? *cephalon cy begins sweating* Vital systems marked, trash the place
  4. Nullifiers were a vital addition to the game done poorly. And they were poorly received because of their poor implementation, but they were NECESSARY, especially for their time in the era of nuke frames like world on fire ember, old resonating quake banshee, auto aim 360 mesa, etc to keep you from obliterating everything with 0 effort. The time of nukers that scale to late game are more or less over with the exception of saryn. A better implementation would be an enemy that makes an aura instead of a bubble that makes nearby enemies immune. I don't know what it is with people conflating bad implementation with bad concepts. Upgrading your frame and weapon should be valuable, but it also shouldnt make the game autoplay. At least not in higher levels. Again like I said in my post, the things I'm recommending should only show up at level 40 and higher which is past anything in the basic star chart, but no matter how good of gear you have, a game should still challenge you. At the end of the day, the main thing between you and your rewards should be skill, not other rewards you've gotten in the past.
  5. Complexity would help with that... Did you read the post I made about new ideas for enemies? Indestructible deployable volt shields you have to navigate around do deal with enemies behind it. Snipers that do true damage through armor, walls (like frost and gara), barriers (like nezha and rhino) and at high enough level WILL one shot you if you don't respond by dodging when they lock on to you. (like those big tank things from breath of the wild) That kind of thing. Enemies with complexity on par with warframes, made to deal with our strengths so we have to THINK when we fight.
  6. The biggest problem is a lot of augments are bandaids for bad abilities and should just be how the ability works. Soul survivor, sonic fracture, abating link, reaping chakram, the list goes on. There's a TON of augments that just don't need to be a mod. It's a lazy way of fixing a sub par ability.
  7. Well see I have wanted this for a long time too, but DE won't do it. And I kinda get why. It doesn't take any skill to stay a long time. It's just the same S#&$ with more stats. In most endless games, more time spent equals more skill, but that is not the case here. DE would have to fix that first.
  8. DE doesn't even know where they're going.
  9. It's better than walking if you don't have an archwing. It's also more FUN.
  10. "this content needs nerfs because I CAN'T DO IT" Its so easy to decimate a level 5 lich even with an element they're resistant to if you don't build like a goon. Stop asking for things to be nerfed because you can't be bothered to formulate a method via trial and error.
  11. I really agree with your first point. But I don't agree with your second point. See, if DE doesn't hire more people you'll get people reeing about pvp taking DEs precious time away from them. The truth is, conclave HAD 1 or 2 people working on it, and they got pulled away to work on other S#&$ because DE is understaffed.
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