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  1. Its actually super simple. It's called rolling.
  2. God can't undo the flood, but he did promise he won't do it again with a rainbow. Yeah this is like that.
  3. I know but I can't equip them on my gear wheel at all...
  4. So I use ciphers literally all the time. Yet for some reason I suddenly can't equip them. My foundry says I have over 200 but when I go to my gear wheel they just aren't there. Is this a bug or what?
  5. I know this was a joke but I actually empathize with this a lot.
  6. Today is my birthday and I'm spending it alone. What would be a good way to celebrate my birthday in warframe.
  7. I mean I have every weapon and arcane, and I'm working on getting every mod.
  8. I would be cool with that, but it's not the case.
  9. So add it as soon as it's possible for founders? It's achievable by SOME people, so it makes sense for the achievement to exist. But at the current point in time, anyone with the MR27 achievement hacked their steam.
  10. Just make them available with the update that it becomes possible with like they did with fortuna achievements. It makes my game completion percentage worse in my steam profile for one. I get that it seems weird to a lot of people but it just really bothers me. Maybe it's just my autism.
  11. That's why I'm mad... I like to get every achievement in the games I enjoy. It's the principle, you simply SHOULD NOT be allowed to put achievements that can't be gotten. Just add the achievements when they're available.
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