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  1. I'm amazed at how DE can release some of the best content, and most infuriating nuisances at the SAME TIME. New boss: It's incredible. Best boss fight in the game. Epic, requires strategy and has actual mechanics that aren't just "It invincible lol" 9/10 New warframe: Wisp is interesting. Aesthetically pleasing, useful in late game, extremely mobile, but some of her abilities seem to be lacking. Not my playstyle but objectively decent frame. Amazing passive, unique bud mechanic that is extremely useful, very utilitarian first ability. My only real complaint would be her ultimate, but admittedly I'm bias in saying that. 7/10 New UI: It's horrible. A buggy mess that served to improve nothing. Refining relics is a mess, sorting them is a mess, things end up out of order in the wrong sorting catagory. Same goes for the market and syndicates, and it seems like most of this change makes things more confusing and more time consuming to do simple tasks, straight up adding steps to perform the same action. It's awful. 1/10 New Mandatory authentication: Added security? Very good. I'm glad that's a thing. Making it mandatory to trade? Garbage. It should be the users responsibility if they want to further secure their account. 4/10 New gas tileset: I love it. It encourages being skilled in this games mobility system, it's beautiful, it doesn't seem to have spawn rate issues so far, but I haven't fully explored it yet. And admittedly I will miss some of the old tiles like Io. 8/10 New Amalgams: Admittedly I have only fought a few of these, but it's a very interesting concept and serves to make corpus more difficult without making them use direct counter methods which has been the corpus whole gimmick since nullifiers came out. I like them and it serves to make the game more challenging. 7/10 Nyx deluxe skin: It's beautiful. I love it. It makes me want to play nyx again, which is actually reasonable now that she has a good passive and her 1 and 2 were changed to be good. 10/10 New mod sets: Very interesting. I'm actually in love with these because they provide reasonable buffs if you have the playstyle they're marketed for, and further incentivize the games mobility system. I would love to see mods like these in conclave. 10/10 New amalgam mods: I really appreciate DEs attempt to make these sub par weapons perform better in higher tier gameplay without straight up buffing them, and giving them unique things. I haven't used them yet, but they seem really good on paper, at least most of them. I hope to see more of these in the future. 8/10 Random mod pack removal: I personally didn't see this necessary, but I definitely see how some players could be scammed into buying these. But the addition of the new non RNG mod packs are a HUGE stepping stone for DE. I really appreciate this change, even though I'm far beyond the point of it being useful to me personally as a vet. Very good for newer players with less time. 6/10 New color changes: Very useful, adds a whole new layer to fashion frame which is something I've been hoping to see for a long time but never personally requested because I've always seen gameplay updates as a bigger fish to fry. Still very happy to see this change. 9/10 ONLY because certain things are bugged like the mythra heavy blade skin. Fix those issues and this goes up to 10/10. Weapon changes: Zenith: Very good, very necessary. I always liked this weapon but found it clunky and ammo inefficient. I personally feel like it could use a bit more base damage because of its requirement, but I don't want to nitpick. much appreciated. Tysis: Seems good on paper, but I'm not sure how well this turned out. Gaze: As gaze was the worst kitgun this was very needed. I hope to see it more. Speargun buffs: All of these. These are all fantastic. I don't even have to say more 8/10 changes. Heavy units dropping heavy ammo: THANK YOU. This is all I've wanted since the release of fartwing weapons. For a long time I feel like this system was horribly implemented and this was the change it needed. Overall update score: 7/10, which to me is a huge plus as I've considered most of the updates that have come out since fortuna to be hot garbage. Good to see DE is going in the right direction again. I will update this post after using the new weapons, exploring the new content more thoroughly and doing the new gamemode.
  2. Except DE #*!%ed up again and gave EVERYONE the ephemera regardless of authenticating.
  3. LMAO Mods actually renamed my thread from "Down with 2FA" to "2FA question". I guess protesting a feature you don't want to be mandatory is subject to censorship.
  4. Yeah if your account isn't 6 years old and associated with an email you no longer use. It's unneeded. There's no reason for it.
  5. I have already had 6 people in the last hour try to trade me, and can't because they didn't do the authentication. This is absolutely unnecessary and ridiculous to limit something as crucial as trading behind something like this. I won't be able to buy the new weapons like I had in mind because I cant make any plat.
  6. Where is it. My brother hasn't seen them all day, and I just logged on and they aren't there for me either. It's like the only content I do these days, this is a huge deal to me.
  7. This is FOR standard gameplay like arbitration and endurance run viability. Again, tweak the numbers until it's reasonable. And given how her ult and fireblast works I wouldn't call it single target. And I wouldnt compare her to saryn since you can apply the buff to allies. Why the hell would it need to work on eidolons or profit taker? Also covert lethality is not very good.. This would essentially turn her into a gun frame/buffer, while still making her abilities scale.
  8. 1) Infinite scaling if the proc is extended by reapplying it before it wears off. 2)The allies the buffs are applied to 3)Damage dealt with weapons, if buffed by her abilities like fireball frenzy, fireblast, and accelerant. 4)Yes 5)The enemies are dead and the job is done? What's the problem here? And on your final point, just tweak it higher then.
  9. It's not doubling her damage, it's making her a strong buffer with infinitely scaling damage.
  10. Well supposing 100% power strength is a 10% increase per tick, every added 1% power strength could equate to 2% extra damage per tick.
  11. I think I have figured out a way to make ember viable in all level gameplay while barely changing her. The key here? Her passive. Everyone knows its garbage. I suggest for a new passive, make it so any fire proc her or her buffed allies (either via her accelerant or her fireball frenzy augment) progressively deal more damage as long as the fire proc is applied (speed of ramp based on power strength.) Status procs last around seven seconds, so say you apply a fire proc for 1000 damage with 100% power strength on ember, each tick will have its damage increased by 20% (obviously subject to change, maybe 10% would be more reasonable) Tick 1: 1000 damage Tick 2: 1200 damage Tick 3: 1440 Tick 4: 1728 Etc. This way, you will barely have to change her kit at all, still have her be viable late game, but not an early game walk through the level and win frame. This will also allow her to continue to fill her role as a buff frame which is currently all she's viable as now. And I use the term viable loosely.
  12. I cried about it back then. Plenty of people cried about it back then. That's why it got changed in the first place.
  13. I feel cheated. Prime was supposed to be a reward, and they just handed out something objectively better to everyone. Prime is no more than just a shiny trophy. I don't know about you, but I don't care much for a useless trophy.
  14. I agree, as well as this allow for us to use individual statuses. IE using heat toxic and electric by themselves all at the same time.
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