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  1. Looks good. When can I buy them with platinum like other platforms?
  2. The unfortunate answer to this is if you don't have lots of free time warframe isn't the game for you. Im sorry man.
  3. Haha thanks. I wish it was longer though.
  4. not to mention MOD PACKS. the thing everyone thinks should be removed from the game because it's basically a loot box filled with guaranteed garbage. How dare you do this after hyping up baro SO hard in the dev stream.
  5. I am genuinely insulted. They played up baro in the stream like he was going to have something new. Instead we get the chance to pay for something that you can get for free buy asking nicely in trade chat.
  6. Haha thanks boss. I wish it was longer.
  7. Oh man am I going to regret this. Long time vet. Been playing since the game was released to the public. Mr26 founder with some 6000 hours. Pleased to meet you.
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