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  1. I'd buff all enemies to make them harder, and I also think this is needed. Dont nerf warframe, buff enemies.
  2. Exactly, those are problems that must be solved before, and right now we dont know how to do it. But, does this mean it is impossible to solve them in a way we actually dont know? Nope. DE should give it a try at least.
  3. We should demand cross-play too, I think that would be really healthy for the game. ¿Impossible? Also cross-progression was impossible before.
  4. So... great, i have so much platinum for nothing. Good to know it xD
  5. Translate in-game currency into real world currency... why is this impossible? So all the platinum income from tennogen in consoles goes to DE? Nothing for creators?
  6. Maybe, but while console players buy everything with platinum i cant do it in Pc. Even if there's a good reason for that it seems unfair to me.
  7. I want to spend all this buying tennogen in Pc... but you dont let me do it 😥
  8. Some day... my platinum buying tennogen in Pc... some day....
  9. Sadly i think it's gonna be tomorrow, maybe thursday but if i had to bet some money I'd say tomorrow.
  10. Hey, calm down kids, relax. We all are here for answers, not to fight each others. Calm down, and if you dont have nothing kind to say to your fellow tenno, dont say anything. Lets just give the impression we are all adults, pls.
  11. Thats why i havent seen any chapter of Game Of Thrones finale season until today, i knew it was gonna be useful for this week hahahaha
  12. They should say something like "not today" at least, just that 2 words. I'm usually a patient person, indeed the most patient in my whole alliance, but this time the hype game is going too far. People need answers, and it's not too dificult to please them
  13. I wouldnt expect anything. It's the only way to be surprised.
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