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  1. As it is now, only rivens require mastery rank, and not more than 16. So basically any tenno can be demigod at mastery rank 8, in what concerns to modding, which sounds completely insane. Mods dropped in SP and Arbitrations should have mastery rank requirement, our mastery rank should mean more than the amount of stuff ranked up, should be a tool for the devs in order to restrict access to power creep.
  2. At this point I dont find any logic in their decissions, since they nerfed Catchmoon for being so powerful that everyone used it, and now is going to have, not only better mods to equip, but also a second arcane slot... They are trapped between their own contradictions more and more...
  3. As a friend of mine said: the game should be growing in height, not width. Each new content adds more and more islands, and not only that, is not designed to "go beyond", but to keep players grinding hours and hours in a gameplay they already know. This way you only keep new players grinding a lil bit more before they leave, but thats the problem, they leave instead of stay in the game, and there is a limit in the amount of new players you can earn every year, you cannot let yourself the old players leave, at least not all of them. Its a problem of focus I think. I ve seen wonderful ideas post here in the forums, ideas for endgame (like grinding 1% permanent stat increase in raids, capped at 40%), or ideas to rework classic gameplay modes (minibosses or minitasks in survival, defense, etc). They definitely should take in consideration some of the wonderful feedback posts I ve seen here in te forum, and bring a new golden age to warframe.
  4. What I was thinking right now... We just wanted Corpus liches, the ranged weapons buff should considered in a longer term, what the players were expecting for this update was "only" Corpus liches and some skin, not all this unnecesary grind with those polemical results.
  5. Also, no changes at all on melee nerf, thats pretty clear on what concerns to their intentions... Sad.
  6. Then increase the amount of vitus essence that can be earned, because Im not going to play a whole month for a single mod. Absolute madness.
  7. Moved all Galvanized Mods to Arbitrations from Steel Path. Why: This change is rooted in the depth of the new items we’re putting in Steel Path with this Update, and the hope some players had about being able to earn the Galvanized Mods before they even arrived on the Steel Path. Since Arbitrations also require a completed Star Chart, but are a step up in difficulty from that base Star Chart, we thought (and so did many of you) that they’d be a good stepping stone for earning some of the new Upgrades! Translation: Grinding increase x10 Im sure you dont expect us to be happy with this change. Cause we arent. Im not, believe me.
  8. Punishes afk farmers, I cant disagree with that, even if also punishes other players as a collateral damage. Blame the afk players, not DE.
  9. The more i think at the nerfs, the more absurd i realize they are. Last three years have been a mistake tbh, only the Eidolons are profitable for some players, the rest is falling apart... Dudes, DE, you need to change your mind, completely, 180 degrees.
  10. Not really... Fury, arcane strike, give additive bonus. Berserker was a multiplicative bonus, which was the reason it was soooo good. At best, nerfing Berserker means a 30% dps reduction, if not more. With Blood Rush and Condition Overload nerf the overall dps reduction may be... ¿50%? Its a complete extermination xD
  11. Not only weak, they also cant kill in aoe by themselves, you need to use a mechanic to make them work, mandatory. For example, infuse Ensnare, so enemies stay calm and easy to kill. The aoe problem has not been issued here, so the meta will remain in this aoe weapons, or with those infused abilities, at best.
  12. A very polite statement. Let me answer you one of your questions. "Why "on kill?" Well, the easiest answer for this terrible design decission is to say that devs didnt think long enough on what they were doing, so its a mistake, in other words. But not only. As you say, the longer you stay in a mission, the higher their levels are, meaning higher health points, armor, shields, etc. In that situation the "on kill" condition becomes in fact an obstacle for the primaries and secondaries. Is that somehow intentional? Imho yes, because disencourages long plays for most player in endless missions, since you cant deal the necessary damage, before with ranged weapons, now with ranged and melee weapons. Another nerf to endurance players by setting a limit to damage output, not only in ranged weapons, now also for melee weapons. Days ago I saw a guy streaming, using Revenant + Nami Skyla and fighting enemies lvl 999999... Will this be possible again? With much more effort and investment, and of course with much more stuborness, since the whole game seems to be screaming "I dont like endurance, go play another game". Is it fair to punish the whole playerbase by setting that condition? I think we all agree that it is not. And not only unfair, also a bad design, specially if DE wants to encourage a different gunplay in SP.
  13. Yeah that one is funny xD "50% effectivity nerf, a minor, extremely small change" xD
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