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  1. Nerf. Pls no. Thats what we all expect from DE, to nerf instead of buff. Lets just not make it so easy for them to do it, makes no sense at all.
  2. What about link movement and gunplay? We do have a critical chance bonus shen we do a sliding melee attack, so why not add different bonus to gunplay style. Not just sliding, also after perform a bullet jump, "flying", bonus to gunplay after switching from melee to gun, etc. Problem is this could kill or even overpower some arcanes and mods that in fact take advantage of this mechanics, but for sure it would encourage for more diversity.
  3. Do not nerf melee, simply buff guns... Increase base damage, allow damage escalation based on enemies level, there are some strategies that devs can use to buff guns instead of nerf melee, which has been already nerf since melee 3.0.
  4. I was about to buy the tier 3 bundle, cause I have money enough. But that would mean supporting the "event", and I'm not comfortable with it to be honest. Earn the glyph by doing a mission? Sure, why not. But buying a bundle that has kuva and rivens as a bait and justification for spending 470 platinum? Nope. Its not the kind of things I'd like to see in Warframe so I'm not buying it DE. I will have to wait to the new deluxe skin to spend my platinum.
  5. We re all fine as we are, we need DE fixing the game and focusing on it, not focusing on the forums xD
  6. February 7, 2021, crashed when returned to dry dock as client, not always but many times.
  7. Same issue, not always but many times. Hope they notice it.
  8. Same problem here, confirm all of the above.
  9. Thats what comes to my mind after watching this. Some players show so much love for this game, and they work hard to pay tribute... Its not mine, just found it. Enjoy it, worth every second.
  10. It certainly was. But didnt have a lore piece hidden to hype us all again. One simply cannot have it all I guess xD
  11. "The Steel Vipers sleep now. I showed them how. I... had my reasons." And now that cryptic message... I think we all know what means this, we are going to bring her back, or at least try it. Get ready tenno, we have a Tau system to burn!!
  12. The reason was Steel Path, we have higher arcanes bonus within a single arcane set but we cant stack them as we used to do before. You gain from a side and loose from the other.
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