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  1. Thanks once again for making the majority of your player base feel cheated and ripped off for investing into something fun
  2. >restrictive Thats a funny way of saying "we don't like seeing you have fun with khora or atlas" Because we were so heart broken that an annoying mechanic was fixed by equipping this glaive Thanks i hate it
  3. Oh look nothing changed from the workshop and you took 0 feedback. Its almost as if you post them as a formality and you pretend to care
  4. shrapnel needs to scale off enemy level. Set damage only holds it back. This is all the more alarming due to her 4 being extremely anti warframe without abilities that matter. This ultimate can't even kill level 20 enemies so the rest if her abilities to the least need to do way more work
  5. You're probably going to have to double the damage of blaze artillery again after this. Just save yourself the hassle and make it triple, its pretty pathetic. My sentinel weapons kill higher levels than this ability
  6. can confirm. both sim rooms no longer work
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