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  1. Why is whisper 27% and not 100% like the rest of the elemental infusions
  2. Muh 6 forma invest Gaze: 200% power to full strip when 1.banshee 143% 2. Nyx 130% 3. Ash 143% Safe to say this is still awful and needs work
  3. 75% DR is still garbage on someone you made more fragile than glass. I already know you still won't let it scale with power. Even then 90% won't be much to someone with this pathetic amount of base stats across the board.
  4. Everyone is going to use these unless they aren't available at all. Roar can be 5% and we will use it . You think we care ? either go all the way or not at all. Don't pretend to give us freedom then snatch it away like you do every update
  5. This should be a feature. There are frames it improved not just ones with missing body parts. We finally had a way of removing the lobster tail and saryn's bloated leg tumor without hurting overall visuals
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