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  1. The actual reason 1 hour is too much is because your game is made of wet cardboard tied together with household tape. I did both at the same time and cannot tell you how many things broke, stopped functioning, and glitched out during this one survival on the kuva fortress. It was an absolute nightmare putting up with so many elements of the game breaking at once. The kuva fortress has to be THE MOST UNOPTIMIZED, laggy, computer destroying node in the game. The worst part was when kuva modules stopped working, none of the kuva life support stations even came close to working. If you make players do these types of long challenges make them worth 10,000 nightwave not this lame 5000 THERE IS NO REASON TO NOT HAVE HIGH/HARD CHALLENGES BUT YOU NEED TO MAKE THEM WORTH THE EFFORT AND TIME other notes: Garuda blood effects are now perminently vomit green Mutalist Quanta. again. Alt fire no longer stacks properly and gives bonus exactly once
  2. PS4 controller windows 10 issue: NO LONGER FUNCTIONS, only recognizes left analog as a mouse
  3. ok so when are you reverting the self damage on the staticor?
  4. what is this paragraph of incomprehensible garble. Everyone who watched the stream knows they foolishly and haphazardly designated Nov 1st, stop trying to defend people that don't need to be defended. They messed up by announcing a deadline and getting anyone's hopes up. An action they have done way more than once in the past
  5. Buff the falcor and pupacyst attack speed. oh and hey stop making things cost a forma and come with no slots
  6. WHY DOES THIS UN CLOAK YOU what is wrong with you people. you clearly just want Wukong to always be hot forgettable garbage there ABSOLUTELY NO REASON this should break your invisibility because someone did ANY attack
  7. Hey is this like a joke thread? They don't plan on updating khora or touching her ever again so I wasn't sure
  8. I see many of you have such high, ignorant hopes here is a the deal. beams do not get multishot status that 120% from Hell's chamber will do NOTHING, nor will any other multishot riven you get your hands on. they only take pure status meaning you cannot no matter what get 100% status with this shotgun due to beam mechanics and may only do so if the weapon has like, a 4 out of 5 riven that you some how roll for status and 1 negative stat that doesn't matter crit % also affects your hunter munition slash proc, 13% means they will be very small even with primed ravage and because blunderbuss is so lackluster there is good news though, 1 single arcing beam(before mods) means status isnt split so hard on it. so it has that going for it
  9. >23 mag size beam weapon >impact >low base damage shotgun with no pellets to back up the procs you get >taking out the katana and leaving exactly 1 weapon added after this many months well that's absolute trash just skip this one, we can wait 2 more weeks for actual reinforcements and not gutted garbage. can you inform your team to stop rushing, unless you make the reload even shorter to compensate for the constant disconnect from combat and lack of functionality for being impact @[DE]Helen
  10. MAKE THIS HIS 2, It's not hard and its simple to make. give the turret 2018 stats and let us mod it. listen to the players for once in your life DE
  11. nearly no one got the drop. I want you to imagine all of the new players getting their first impression of DE and their mixed feelings for them
  12. waited an hour and got nothing not even surprised. incompetence and bugs are this game's foundation
  13. nah m8 we're gona nerf melee as a whole instead of removing maiming or fixing slides we're also never going to fix the zenistar
  14. blind has always been on the blade. even then they couldn't even be bothered to make something less awful than javelin/3
  15. yea sure just like 90% of this thread is going to be doing something else like waiting on hotfixes to finish the quest or how they need to occupy their time while they figure out why DE just took away their most used frame
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