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  1. don't ask about mutagen samples or scott will break your kneecaps. one victory at a time.
  2. Nerfed loot farming and loot frames say you are looking into it say on stream you are going to adress the issue sell a prime access with a new booster that fixes the problem only if you buy it for $50
  3. pack leader heals your pet with each strike. this is not an arcane this is blatant bloatware
  4. In all seriousness my favorite thing about this game is the 4k resolution butts . we just need jiggle physics
  5. learn to take a joke and you will enjoy this game far more and make nice friends
  6. 50 minutes with the green light on and no drops tennogen accepted items page died also whats the idea of 200 ducats over the usual 100 unless you actually plan on releasing something that isn't cosmetic
  7. reminder the moment you get the ephemera its a dead drop from then on (like universal medallions)
  8. I hope this is what they meant so that I don't have suicidal thoughts when this update drops.
  9. they are in the shop already it's called cautious shot
  10. dumbest **** I will read all month. you sure you dont want it to cost 100,000 credits and the soul of our first born like amber stars??? hey how about how you made kuva disruption equally as worthless as normal kuva survival. actually. it might be more worthless? the thing about earning rewards is that you always have to compare them to "time earned compared to X" like hey did you know with some random booster on log in you can go do a flood and have 2000+ kuva in 5 minues. now imagine just buying a week long booster and doing that over anything else. you will have 100,000 kuva
  11. 1.just delete the sibear 2. mutagen samples? what are those? sounds like some made up material needed for like some infested weapons that people have been farming for 5 years with only failure
  12. AH yes I too like to pretend I play the game. what a fun meme. surely you too have already experienced the same interactions as I as we are the same person
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