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  1. sarcasm escapes you. the damage stat does not matter. just get the mission done
  2. don't expect anything from anyone. do not leave jobs up to those who will do it worse than you could yourself. there are no set rules. only player etiquette. you are not obligated to use public lobbies or even use recruiting. nothing in this game after a certain point requires or asks you to be in a squad. you have a choice. either learn to play solo to avoid being annoyed by casuals or learn to ignore other people doing worse than you
  3. >game caters to casuals >upset when casuals don't meet standards >complaining about who does the most work in a team game >using the forums
  4. I see you boldly decided not to fix Armor for warframes and adaptation not working. really shows how much you pay attention
  5. you explicitly advertised warframes you bring would matter because their abilities would work with the ship. do not backpedal on this. also just like that. WHOOOSH. the point goes over your heads. did you think maybe we used +300% damage roars because of too much armor OR because the guns and ship options for dealing damage are terrible and are too low to matter in any mission even on earth. did you forget half of 2450 base armor for these officers is still highly overscaled. did you forget maybe just maybe you should make drops not have random stats like every other mod the past 6 years so that when we maximize our pathetic damage it somewhat matters? Even if you halve armor values it still leaves the rest of us without ways to deal damage because we weren't lucky enough in your galaxy brain decision to make stats awful because a number generator was rigged to 2% to ever matter. overscaled armor is half the issue. oh and cant wait for the team to nerf intrinsics grinding for the what. 3rd time? I'm sure it fixes so many problems for those who haven't done the farm yet right? Oh we're so hurt that this farm we already did is worse. good luck to the rest of everyone who still has to do the farm :^)
  6. "it works for me guys I dont know what your problem is lmao"
  7. I'm sure all the people currently on a garbage lich with a trash weapon + low % bonus will enjoy being forced to fight them for another week. Then repeat the process all over now that squading up is no longer incentivized
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