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  1. 1 hour, 11k points, lvl 200 enemies, round 17.. 20k is looking difficult.
  2. With the release of the Exploiter Orb fight it's basically impossible to do fractures (even by clicking on the Opticor Vandal event). Please introduce meta-missions/meta-bounties ASAP. I literally can't finish the fracture event cause every single squad is standing at that gate and host migrate mid fracture which causes the progress to break and generate an unrecoverable canister. 6 host migrations out of 8 mission attempts.
  3. Host migrations rarely finish causing a loss of progress each time. Exploiter orb doesn't always have the Coolant rachnoids around. Successful host migrations destroy the fracture and bug out the current canister forcing everyone to leave. No meta-bounty for the event to filter out new players exploring the Orb Vallis. Bonus points can't be tracked properly: According to the first post we get 3 bonus points for each 4 thermia. My current state is 16 thermia and 29 points. Assuming perfect missions for 16 thermia I'd get (16/4)*3=12 bonus points. But I already have 13 bonus points. What gives?
  4. Hotfix stuck at "Checking for new content..."
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