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  1. FYI-Ive restarted wf, closed browsers, reset modem, called isp, sent a letter to the wight house, made a deal with big Bubba from cell block C, and sold my soul... Still nothing...

  2. Watching WF partners is supposed to drop a color pallet, but im not getting the drop on twitch or mixer. Tried websites and apps, but still nothing... I am linked on both sites, checked and double checked. Any ideas?

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  3. I completely agree. Archwing needs its own set of controls. It should have been done long ago, but its almost like DE made something and forgot about it halfway through, then just released it "as is"... Now, we all know DE would never do something like that... BUT, they did. I have a PC account now, but I used to play on PS4 all the time. I have no idea how this will work for any controller.

    Even with controller support on PC, its not possible to perform rolls, at least I haven't figured out how to roll on PC with a controller.... I really do hope they do something to fix this before railjack comes out otherwise, there will be loads of confusion and criticism.

  4. My friends just told me that Scott is removing Itzal... That is my favorite archwing... I thought they were going to make archwing better, what happened to that? If they remove the best one, how is that making it better? I love that game mode and always thought it was a shame that not many people liked playing those type missions. I was looking forward to railjack as it would give us all an excuse to do more archwing missions, but I guess Ill have to settle for the Odonata Prime... Its not a bad archwing, but it only sits at second best in my book. If they want to remove an archwing they should remove either the Amesha... It is by far the worst archwing in the game... I hate that one, take it instead.... Or even the Elytron... Its not as bad as Amesha, but still... Man, this blows... Who said anything bad about Itzal, and why would they remove it?

    So what if its fast... Volt is fast and he's still in the game...

  5. 1 hour ago, Nurmetya said:

    So nothing til late August at the earliest (which probably won't happen) to probably late October or November (this seems more likely) for any content? Hopefully they'll put something together to fill that void or I and probably many others won't be playing this game much in the near future.

    Woah, negative Nancy! I say we need less of your kind anyway, bye.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, (XB1)riphelix said:

    You'll need Twitch Prime and you'll have to have it linked to your Warframe account here in order to get the drop for Ash.

    Edit: I'm probably wrong.



    Everything MUST be linked or you will miss out. (You dont need prime FYI)

  7. 54 minutes ago, (XB1)MrMoby1 said:

    I have other stuff i gotta do during that time....... fml


    Just put twitch on your phone and walk away. I do it all the time. Easy fix. I just wish we could get a something better than a warframe. Anything you can grind for in game is worthless to me. I want something you have to buy like an armor set, or skins... anything you have to buy so that I dont have to buy it. lol I have around $1,000 US in this game. I'm not spending another dime on it.

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