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  1. The Parazon seems very lack luster. Not only in implementation, but also cosmetically. It seems odd that the Tenno, supposed masters of gun and blade, are now incapable of finishing off their enemies with the many cool melee weapons in the game and instead are forced to use a glorified Assassin's Creed hidden blade. I'd much prefer refreshed finishers done with the melee weapons we all know and love. Not only for cool points, but for a more seamless melee experience. It looks weird when my Warframe puts away its giant scythe to finish off an enemy with its data spike. I feel as if it was implemented into the new Shadow of Mordor system to give it some kind of credibility. Cosmetically, it looks completely out of place on Warframes. Steve described it as a ceremonial dagger. Instead, it looks like something that should just be in my gear wheel. I truly hope it's design and implementation are built upon in better ways as the game keeps growing. Otherwise, I'd love to see it go.
  2. The new primary and secondary exilus mods shouldn't cost anything. At minimum the cost should be lowered for all of the exilus mods. There simply isn't enough space on weapons when you're using primed mods and in some cases rivens. Another good argument is that Warframes get up to 9 extra mod capacity points for free. Primaries and secondaries don't have aura mods like warframes to give them a higher capacity.
  3. The lifting mechanic is absolutely god awful. You guys missed the mark on juggling by miles. I shouldn't have to chase down every enemy that gets juggled. Also, adding innate juggling on certain stance combos was a poor decision. Having no control over when it happens is extremely irritating. Chasing down an enemy just to hit them a couple more times before they get juggled again and float away has to be the most troll game mechanic you've ever implemented. Stop trying to be like DMC and stick to what I hope you're still good at, Warframe.
  4. Sorry bud, these bugs will never be fixed. They've been reported before to no avail.
  5. Will the Gauss in Action glyph be a gift of the lotus reward again? I missed the last one 🥺
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