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  1. This adds no challenge; only grief. This idea is a solid 0/10
  2. It's not usually, it's exclusively xD
  3. 1. Heavy crossbow with a scope. A unique mix of a sniper and a bow. Deals massive single target damage. Additionally, instead of changing zoom levels, alt-fire shots a shotgun-style cone of arrows to defend against closer foes. (No, not the Nagantaka) 2. Handcannon revolver. Big, slow firing, heavy recoil, massive damage. A classic elephant gun. (No, not the Vasto or Euphona) 3. Corpus spear launcher. Launches electric spears that embed themselves in enemies. Two or more speared enemies that come near to each other will generate a chain lightning effect between the two; stunning them and dealing continuous Electricity damage to anything caught in the middle. (No, not the Ferrox) 4. Grineer chemical weapon that douses enemies and the floor with a noxious flammable substance that deals Toxin damage. Alt-fire shoots an incendiary projectile that ignites the chemical. Lighting enemies/the area on fire. 5. Infested chargeable sniper rifle. Fully charged shots will turn an enemy into a hive, spawning maggots that scale with enemy level. 6. Corpus icethrower. Cryotic based gun that can fire a cone of frozen air. Has a much wider cone than the Ignis, but a shorter reach. As enemies are damaged by the blizzard-like weapon, they slowdown and eventually freeze solid.
  4. About time the Infested got an update! 🙂 They've been neglected for far too long
  5. Stance Forma would be better if it didn't reset the level and/or gave 2 more mod capacity
  6. Not in the slightest. She needs some work on Absorb, but that's it. Hydroid and Revenant are worse.
  7. While creative, four new abilities and a new passive is not Nyx at all. DE would never take reworks to such degrees. They're better off making an entirely new Warframe (more profitable) than completely changing an existing one (less profit)
  8. Passives aren't affected by mods
  9. Nope. Zephyr, Mirage and Mesa all came before Chroma and all had their passives upon launch
  10. This is the worst one. It's not even a passive.
  11. Press 2 to summon Mesa? No thank you! The ability is great as is.
  12. I'd add a moderate slash AoE to it as she cuts herself and spins. Enemies near her get slashed and swept by the spinning talons as Garuda cuts herself. But that's about it
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