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  1. This is a new Warframe, not an Ember rework. A no from me, OP.
  2. Exactly why DE is changing Defy and giving him a proper rework. Cheap immortality is never good.
  3. He has been dead for years, Sherlock. This rework will bring new life to him.
  4. Uh... what? Garuda is one of the best designed Warframes. She is not lacking at all. She has her own thing, she can kill, be extremely self-sustainable with Bloodletting and Blood Altar, and deals more damage than Wisp. In conclusion, this comparison is very poorly thought out. No Warframe has to be the best at absolutely everything.
  5. This idea will unleash massive amounts of salt. It's unnecessary. You're probably having bad luck matchmaking. However, underused Warframes don't need buffs, they aren't mere weapons. They are characters. They need proper reworks.
  6. She can strip away all defenses, gain a damage buff through Absorb and buff her own Mind Control target. Better than what we had. Despite his sedentary playstyle, Hydroid has synergy and can deal crazy amounts of damage through Undertow. Better than what we had. Any other examples?
  7. Lol "RIP" to a frame that was never used anyways! This rework, with what little was shown, is miles better and more interactive.
  8. Absolutely not. We're perfectly powerful as is. And besides, shotguns? Really? They're the strongest class of firearms
  9. Penta with Napalm Grenades works even better.
  10. You don't care, but DE and 99% of the community do. Regardless, your idea will never happen.
  11. No tying gameplay performance to fashion! It's the very reason Arcane Helmets were discontinued and Arcanes are now bound to your loadout, rather than a cosmetic
  12. No. No. No. No. In conclusion: A terrible, senseless idea that doesn't even take into consideration the Warframe's theme.
  13. WRONG! 1. Spores bypasses ALL obstacles in the environment (no line of sight) 2. There is absolutely ZERO skill requiered to pop Spores. Hitting enemies with Toxic Lash on any part of their bodies automatically pops them. Moreover, enemies affected by Miasma and die under its effects also spread Spores. Saryns that require "skill" to play are outright bad Saryns.
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