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  1. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Garuda suggestion

    Not using QT on her is the equivalent of not using Vitality on Inaros
  2. (PS4)LoisGordils

    The exalted slot a concern i have about...

    Sooo... Ability Augments?
  3. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Some big Hydroid changes I'd like to see

    That would greatly assist any Warframe. Then the new augments come out and people like you will state that these should have been part of the base ability. It's not a solution in the slightest, unfortunately.
  4. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Darkness, light, sperate warframes

    I'm guessing you watch Naruto lol
  5. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Does -75% really exist?

    My God these entitled threads are cancer. Can I report this for stupidity?
  6. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Please bring back Gear Wheel Item Descriptions

    Agreed. Baits and spears (and other gear items) absolutely need their descriptions back
  7. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Excalibur umbra

    DE has never addressed this issue
  8. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #122!

    Lmaooo xD
  9. (PS4)LoisGordils

    More Warframe Weapons similar to Garuda's Talons

    The Venka Prime does not have guaranteed Slash procs. Garuda's Talons are status beasts. On top of having the highest base damage and range of all claws
  10. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Saryn Augment Changed Please?

    Ah yes, the try-hard oblivious to reality
  11. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Saryn Augment Changed Please?

    Also, I agree. I'm not a particular fan of Regenerating Molt granting health in mini-bursts. I would greatly prefer if it was constant regeneration for the full duration.
  12. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Saryn Augment Changed Please?

    I LOL'ed and LMAO'ed at this
  13. (PS4)LoisGordils

    FOR TWO WEEK WITHOUT 75off.IT is so crazy,is not it?

    Ew, a beggar
  14. (PS4)LoisGordils

    Cool new content. New Warframe Idea.

    The same way cosmetic helmets are crafted, I would presume