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  1. Revenant deals adaptive damage using Sentient powers, though. It has never been explicitly stated that adaptive damage can't happen... Tau damage sounds cool too
  2. I always thought that weapons like Akjagara and Tiberon should have an alt-fire prompt where you slash at the enemy with the very visible blades
  3. Blazing Pillage should deal Heat damage/proc by itself and Radiation damage/proc to enemies affected by Haven
  4. My idea: singularities can now proc status and actively pull in enemies and projectiles.
  5. I wholeheartedly support this. Toxin/Gas/Viral should deal damage to biological targets only. Robotics should receive extra damage from energy elements (Electricity/Radiation/Magnetic). You can even have Magnetic increase damage against robotic enemies and/or stun them.
  6. Pretty much all support abilities can be applied to pets. Iron Skin is pretty much the only exception that comes to mind. I don't understand your post
  7. Acid Shells + Saryn is absolute nuts. I love it. Oh and Acid Shells also triggers Contagion Cloud
  8. Imo Fireblast should cost less energy the higher the Immoliation gauge is and cost 0 energy if overheating
  9. Everyone here OBVIOUSLY knows about efficiency mods. That is NOT the point the author is trying to convey. That condescending attitude is not wanted here.
  10. Overpowered? Not in the slightest considering enemies die so fast anyways.
  11. Inaros' skill is his HP. Dessication is just a lame sand throw Devour is terrible Sandstorm is also bad Scarab Swarm serves to ramp up his only saving grace: tankiness I believe he needs a rework that makes more use of the whole King of the Desert theme
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