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  1. I believe the Buzlok fits into your description, does it not?
  2. Yes, they both require energy and both skills are the 4th abilities of their respective frames. IDENTICAL. In no way is this statement true when Fireblast now strips armor.
  3. It's called "Prowl" for a reason She never needs to refresh it and costs negligible amounts of energy to maintain. If she were able to move normally, you would never have any reason to NOT use Prowl. Leave her as is
  4. Exalted Blade? -_- I must've missed it, then. I do see you in every Revenant thread going about how awful he is (which I totally agree)
  5. No. Then Mind Control becomes redundant. Which is exactly the problem Trinity has with Well Of Life and Blessing.
  6. Aha and...? Still no substance, nor ideas. Elaborate on how your ideal Nyx would be
  7. Then by all means delight me with your ideas. Since I always see you criticize other posts, but never actually see you contribute anything of substance ☺️
  8. I love it 🤩 My take: Freeze now freezes and marks enemies. Enemies killed while frozen explode; dealing Cold damage that scales with % health and shields, while also flash-freezing any enemy in the immediate vicinity
  9. Given its shield like appearance, I'm more inclined to have the Paris Prime block frontal attacks while aiming with it
  10. Hello! Nyx has been one of my most used Warframes. She was the first Warframe I bought and the first Prime I obtained. She got a rework a while back that, despite critics, was actually not that bad. However, I can see why people still think she is underwhelming. As such, I propose some additions and touch ups to her current abilities: Passive: Nyx emits a field of telepathic energy that disrupts opponents with different effects based on the distance they are from Nyx. Starting from farthest away to closest: accuracy debuff, periodic hesitation to attack; a stun, unconsciousness if Nyx is struck by a melee attack. Additionally, Nyx keeps her allies psyche in check. Therefore, the effects of friendly fire due to Radiation are nullified while Nyx is within Affinity range. 1. Mind Control: Nyx can now permanently subdue and enemy. Previously, having the enemy expire after buffing it and having to look for another specific unit became cumbersome. And since MC will never be truly good because of the AI, Nyx can also gain buffs based on the enemy type controlled: Bombards give bonus Blast damage, Butchers give bonus melee attack, Heavy Gunners buff fire rate, etc. Recasting terminates the current enemy as it does now. 2. Psychic Bolts: I honestly like this ability. The addition I would give it is that it marks enemies. Foes that have been marked become priority number one for both your mind controlled ally and any enemy affected by Chaos. 3. Chaos: Fundamentally the same, except enemies will NEVER attack Tenno if another enemy is left standing. Additionally, Nyx gains increased critical damage against enemies afflicted with Chaos. 4. Absorb: Unpopular opinion: I love the concept of this. Sadly, it's very poorly done. My take: a. Remove the increasing energy drain b. Increase the range of the explosion c. Give it an ABSORBED DAMAGE MULTIPLIER d. Let Nyx cast her other skills while meditating e. Aiming and firing while in Absorb instead causes Nyx to fire beams of psychic energy. Their damage is based on the amount of damage stored. However, this action drains energy. f. Enemies affected by Chaos take double the stored damage and are stunned for a few seconds
  11. Lol, how so? States that the values you proposed are absolutely terrible and are the reason DE doesn't listen to community given values = 2nd grader. Sure, Jan.
  12. You forgot the most crucial part: ABSORBED DAMAGE MULTIPLIER
  13. Thank God DE NEVER takes community-given values into account.
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