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  1. Freeze is awful. Make it freeze and mark a single enemy. Killing a mark enemy causes it to shatter and flash-freeze everything near it; dealing Cold damage that scales off of enemy health.
  2. That's because it never was a passive to begin with.
  3. Zaw Bows, crossbows, glaives, throwing daggers would all be great additions.
  4. If anything, ice based weapons are the least common
  5. Short and simple: I LOVE it! Very cool looking, offers Mag defensive capabilities and hits hard. Nice change
  6. I would never use this in any scenario tbh
  7. I'm sure DE would now how to code this in.
  8. Gauss can only reach 80% of his total battery charge. With Redline, he gains access to the last 20%. Allowing for 100% battery usage
  9. That is a false rule that has never been stated. By your logic, Primed Continuity shouldn't exist because Narrow Minded is a thing.
  10. Viral in its current state FAR eclipses all other damage types in the game
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