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  1. Is there anything in the works for profiles? No one seems to acknowledge the fact that operator stances have been removed from the profile for months now. With all these new tennogen cosmetics for operators I'd think it would be important to be able to show them off in a properly working profile right? Beyond that, will we see a revamped profile later on down the line? I think the profile is such a huge way for players to show off their fashion frame in a game that values its cosmetic appeal. You all have been doing such a great job with the new UI so I can only hope that the profile receives the same love. Thanks!
  2. I think they've moved on. There are still visual bugs and issues in the game from a year ago. Just add this one to the list.
  3. What's going on with player profiles? Operator stances AND fashion don't show and update in the profile any longer. Can we get clarification as to when this is going to be fixed or why it won't be? Also, when will the sepfahn zaw be fixed? Bugged since April of 2018.
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