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  1. GTX 1070 WAR-3074224 WAR-3075889 Crash folder empty no gpu.bin yes ee.cfg had Graphics.DebugDriver=3 in it, suggestions?
  2. another client player put the railjack in cloak and dropped/left, now im stuck can't navigate , only exit ship, but can't complete mission because can't interact with obelisk Patch 29.10.3
  3. no search field for syndana /attachment for crew
  4. can't vote on mission in railjack when not host
  5. Hiring crew : It should say properly that it is temporary and not permanent so we would not waste resources when not needed. I thought they were permanent and hired 3 for resources (the better versions) and says surprise 10h. I understand that some temporary ones make sense. But i would have preferred to be able to acquire some permanent ones too.
  6. Wreckage capacity still remains an issue in attempting to max railjack equipment shields, engine, generator and weapons. In order to repair /upgrade the equipped elements you need to farm a lot of necessary resources, but by having such a small wreckage capacity you are forced to scrap a lot of useful ones. It's imbalanced the cost for repair/valence fusion with storage capacity for wreckage with the time needed to farm the required materials for repair/valence fusion them. That's why i believe a way to upgrade the wreckage storage capacity to at least 90 is necessary.
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