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  1. Sevagoth's first impressions: - The frame is too slow for me, sorry. - The frame is too Forma intensive. - Default sprint speed is to low, we would need PRIMED RUSH ! - Visual effects on his #3 is too intense. - His Shadow is too slow and it needs a lot more agility. - His claws attack speed is much too low, even with Berserker. - His claws attack range is abysmal. Sevagoth's gameplay is not fun, sorry DE, but a no go for me.
  2. Hi, I was playing on Helene (Saturn) yesterday and I noticed a bug with my Excalibur Umbra frame. Almost every time I was "void dashing" to get energy from my Zenurik focus school, my frame would drop a level (in the map) as soon as my operator re-entered the frame. It was like teleported back to the same spot over and over again .... Anyone else have that weird effect on the Umbra frame ??
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