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  1. I must admit ... After the recent changes, Xaku is fun to play now. A few more tweaks, and they will be in a nice spot. I love the synergy between his #2 and his #4. Stopping time while his #4 is active was the best idea so far. Bravo !
  2. Or a little icon near the selected Warframe to let us know what syndicate that frame supports. We wouldn't have look every frame up ...
  3. I would love that .... Really !! The last update was very buggy, and it still is ...
  4. Still broken as of today ... Trying to farm Protea but every two missions, the Granum void hand is NOT accessible ... A fix is needed.
  5. I just got my first Xaku Warframe ... My initial thoughts : Useless I love the aesthetics of the frame, even when you use his 4th ability, it's pretty dope ! But where is the fun, the usefulness, the synergy, the team play, the support .... You will not find it here. Looking forward to that promised rework.
  6. DE needs to remove the Extractors cap ... We are going to need an ARMY of Extractors !!!
  7. WTB 40 Thaumica for 3000 Platinum ... Please message me !!
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