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  1. Mmmm ... Guess I'm the only Tenno who liked Nightwave. Sad, but what can you do ... I love playing the game !! - NW LVL15 prestige and not stressed at all.
  2. Same problem here ... I changed my Glyph in game for quite a while now, and it doesn't show here ... And yes, I did try to sign out of all my devices, still doesn't show in the forums.
  3. Looking forward to try it all tonight .... Thank you
  4. Triste nouvelle .... J'aurais bien aimé faire partie de la grande famille !!
  5. Well said mate, well said ... Here you are at home.
  6. Got him only once too ... Looking forward to kick his behind again !!
  7. The problem is not the "40 waves" part, it's the "with a friend" part .... DE, I have no more friends because of your game !!!
  8. Mouhahahahaha .... You got that right !!! Old is what I am ... I'll go back to sleep now if you don't mind ....
  9. Let the kid be .... I'm 49 and I get scared every freakin time too !!!
  10. Same here ... But does the opposing team has to have "no points" at all, or just "not win" a match ?? Confusing a bit ...
  11. Done deal .... Thank you DE for everything you do !!
  12. FIXED !!! You absolutely have to assign both "Crouch" options in your key binding section for it to work .... Mine was only bind for the "Toggle crouch" option ...
  13. Same here ... And i can’t seem to use my « DOWN » key anymore while in Aegis Storm. Anyone else ?
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