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  1. i just put all def mods into my helios, armor/hp/shield/shieldcharger, i dont care about that tiny frame shieldrecharger or frame hp_regen mod^^ its really rare that my sent. dies. but if i do eidolons i will always will take a kavat because of Tek Assault cya ham
  2. i can understand that 100% i reading so many times "iam done" and that means "i dont care about my other groupmembers", thats not the way i play a group oriented game and because of that i do much stuff solo. i can understand if somebody dont want/can play in a group but then should these players play solo. what i really dont understand is that "make a group" or "play solo" thingy - sry but in a group game u can expact group playing also with randoms. arbiration have one big problem - theres no mr cap^^ lowies can join at mr 6/8 (if iam not wrong) and most time die instant there and i dont think its a ragequit more like a shamequit^^ (dont understand me wrong, i dont have anything against lowies but if u are too weak,, u are too weak) the communication thing is a problem too - most time i dont get any response, was a little bit diffrent in the past thats right. cya ham (my english isnt the strongest hero in town)
  3. idk why but u can ignore me too plz for example, i have not equipped it, hope u get my point here, thats a kind of flex into nowhere but that is true^^y at end, time was always a good friend of warframe, just wait for the big wave of crying of other players, it works every time. for me, pro_tea isnt the most furstrating farm ingame, theres a few ways to make it stressfree and thats good for grinding stuff cya ham
  4. idk i always reading "mesa, mesa, mesa"^^ too stressful, try out revenant, jump on a stone and spin to win cya ham
  5. idk but its very boring see 2/4 - 3/4 groupmembers with that bow in most evry mission... is that the game u want? i dont want that kind of game. its the first time in my long warframe"life" that i really dont like a weapon - because ~80% of players use it. i did lichs in the last weeks and i only saw lichs with a brama...just wow. and we all know that DE will see it and will do something against it. and at end the brama users will cry a ocean full of tears because thei bought expensive rivens for that bow,.. maybe selfdamage can fix that bow idk. for me the "meta" stuff is overrated and kind of a youngster problem, and i have one question... which utuber said that brama is meta?^^ cya ham (my english isnt the strongest hero in town but i hope u get my point)
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