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  1. Just did the Shipkiller mission, and found an instance where the beam never stops firing https://youtu.be/twLhUkZ8gRc Another bug (display only) with exiting crewships (not railjack) Enter Crewship 1 Leave, normal Enter C2 1st crewship leave animation/position displays Enter C3 Same result Destroy C1 Once destroyed, C2 takes over EDIT: I stand corrected on 2 counts for the bottom one. It happens with the base too (only saw on recent 2nd shipkiller mission), and it happened on a mission where this time I hadn't even boarded the crewship first. Nor was it a part of the mission to kill them. Not sure if there's any correlation.
  2. When attempting to enter a grineer crewship at end of match, game completely control locks; in-game "freeze/soft-lock". Tried escape, tab, all abilities/movement. Couldn't use weapon wheel. Chat box still worked, but /unstuck did nothing. Not sure how wide the window for this bug is. There goes more farm time and resources I ain't getting back.☹️☠️ Sigh https://youtu.be/rCh6zY5Sq98
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