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  1. Please fix Bishamo armor >< Looking forward to see you guys, cheers.
  2. Yeah it's supposed to be glass. Shame because the sword itself looks awesome.
  3. I just looked up at mine, that's really bad. I don't like this weird grey stone box or whatever. It was so much better with transparency. Wish they didn't change it.
  4. Thank you for the update. Congrats on reaching that goal, it's awesome! Just a small tiny reminder about Bishamo armor fix >_< i know it's not important and you're super busy but please do something with male variant it's bland in comprassion to female one. Thank you DE! Stay safe
  5. Thanks! Even tho i already farmed one Protea with this bug, it's good that now i can farm the second one for subsuming her Dispensary :)
  6. Frost Prime, yes! Finally i'm gonna get this icy boi. Also that syandana looks pretty good, might buy accessory pack.
  7. A question about Xaku's 1 ability. Why it uses Nidus's infestation texture when it's a Void based ability? It really looks out of place and ruins Xaku's fashion. Please consider to change this to something more fitting and good looking (some sort of void shroud like ephemera effect) like you did with Revenant's Reave (originally it was a bad looking texture wall). I really like Xaku and hope you listen to the feedback. Thanks.
  8. Will there be cosmetic items like armor or operator suits in the Entrati\Loid syndicate? We had those in PoE and Fortuna.
  9. I was wondering why i started to fall under the map lately (never happened to me before). It's not a big deal since unstuck fixes it but glad that hotfix is coming.
  10. Started to farming Protea and got this bug today
  11. While i'm mostly disagree with the latest changes, i think it's good for new players when you don't have lots of slots for warframes so you farming them, level and sell. Now you can at least have something useful from it, not just a few credits (10k iirc). But still, at MR8 it's too overwhelming. For me the point of MR system is to look forward to unlock cool stuff, get new upgrades etc. so you feel progress and meaning for every MR you going through, when you go higher you unlock more complex and strong mechanics (liches for example should be MR locked). Sorry for my english it's not my nativ
  12. Got it today. Thank you DE and Megan for the quiz! Can't wait for the next year :)
  13. I beat him on Steel Path solo with this setup: Umbral Wukong build Paracesis Kuva Bramma for a twin That's it. It wasn't hard at all, just make sure to build your melee with gas since he's weak to this element. Took me about 15-20 min.
  14. Still no email either. Hope they can send it out for a weekend. I already have a special place for that poster :)
  15. Greetings. I have a question. Since soon we are going to be able use secondaries on k-drives, does the kills from k-drive will count towards affinity on the k-drive?
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