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  1. Personally I think every balance decision DE has made has been bad, and all they do is alienate different segments of their community each time. Taking turns to annoy their remaining players. This is because they mostly do not have a a real policy or principle in their nerfs. They allow certain OP mechanics to remain forever, while nerfing others, but then perhaps one fine day, they feel rather bold and then they finally nerf one or two more OP mechanics. But, they still allow a dozen more to remain. Such a design philosophy is not one of balance, it is one that looks haphazard, and even hypoc
  2. the 2% extremely noisy minority did. tyranny of the minority is the main factor behind most nerfs, i'd suspect
  3. Or they can give guns an equivalent of a combo meter. And the meter goes up the more enemies you hit. Body shots raise it by 1 Head shots raise it by 5 Create mods that raise the combo meter faster. Give guns the equivalent of combo-stacking mods which melee has.
  4. while we are on the topic of worthwhile grinding. nerfs actually are antithetical to this because devs basically just took whatever you spent x hours/days/months grinding over and deleted/adjusted it beyond redemption. how's that for a grind being rendered completely worthless. just some thots
  5. Primed Pitchfork all endo-ed up and ready to go. Edit: Should have said Pitchfork Prime
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