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  1. Sounds logical based on the visuals and ability description. I agree. Should just be a new passive for Frost. Name it.... Lingering Chill? His current passive is almost never in a situation where it'd make a meaningful difference - except against maybe the Infested. New passive can be based on your idea, give him a meter where the more ice abilities are used, the colder the temperature gets around Frost, granting perks to himself and allies. Perks would be armor for self and allies, and slowing aura on enemies. Higher the meter, the more armor and slow percentage. Maybe up to 50% more for armor, 25% for slowing? Range could be affinity radius? His current 2 is not bad, better than his current 1, in my opinion... which right now exists mostly to pop his own Bubbles. That being said, using the augment for Frost's 4, Avalanche, you can give yourself and allies some HP damage absorption, which is a bit similar to your idea. But they could improve Avalanche's augment to give armor also, for added synergy with bubbles.
  2. Lol. Nobody is working against a team member by attempting to kill as many or more than a Saryn team mate. Most people's objective is simple: finish the mission ASAP. Whether it is the Saryn that does it, or someone else managing to do it, nobody seriously cares. I've outkilled Saryns and other nukers in the past, using a frame with no AOE nuke, and i've yet to see any of these players complain to me or point out they can't get kills or act like I personally offended them or whatever. Pretty sure most people are the same. Except you guys of course, you special people, that can't be content with team success, but insist on this "What about me?" mindset, that choose to perceive nukers as being something personal against you, when they really aren't, many of them are just in it for the win, for the loot, no ulterior intention to ruin a team mate's day at all, but you choose to take offense and insist on "muh kills" "muh interactivity" and refuse to even improve yourself to get it, but want the entire game reduced to your speed to cater to you.
  3. Agreed. I have outdone Saryn while using Atlas, Wukong and Ash. I've seen someone else do so with a Hydroid. Some of it requires context and good map awareness, being good at moving around fast. I don't achieve it all the time, as it depends on the Saryn player and map type too, but it is possible. Some people are not even trying and just passive aggressively acting AFK or leaving the game.
  4. I can always just say double energy cost for hell mode. Further Edit: The specifics of the difficulty slider are not so important, as it is conceptually. To me, I can agree when people ask for challenge and interactivity. The only thing I fundamentally disagree with is when people insist on forcing this challenge and interactivity by stepping on others' toes. Sure, have challenging content, modes, etc. Sure, have interaction even on easy stuff. But not at the expense of people who enjoy the nukes and power fantasy, or want certain things done in their preferred way. You are not happy cos the nukes stop you from killing with guns and stuff, and spoil your fun. But when you ask for nerfs, you spoil the fun for others who enjoy the nuke. You don't like your fun being spoiled, you know how it feels, but you want to do it to others. What is this? Revenge? Nerfs piss off people that enjoy certain things and don't want that to change. Sure, it's more work for the devs to make more modes, than it is to nerf X or Y. But I think modes also have good potential to be rewarding to the overall health of the game. There may be more difficult modes, and perhaps not many play it at first, and it might seem to not pay off in the short-term, but if the mode is well made and good thought and rewards are put into it, eventually it will build a new player base that likes that mode, and I can imagine people just playing on Hard or Hell mode constantly. And looking at the people that often ask for nerfs around here, I would say there already is a player base that wants such modes, just asking for it in a way that forces everyone to play it. And because they are trying to force it on people that don't want it, you get endless arguments and threads going forever about to nerf or not to nerf. Honestly, advocating for more modes and settings would resolve this and similar issues. People will have the options to play the way they want with like-minded people more easily. As opposed to the current state of forcing conflicting playstyles together, which results in a wall of text PVP on the forums arguing over what to do.
  5. You can probably go to Hell (mode) as outlined in a post I made elsewhere that nobody cared about.
  6. And we interrupt your Atlas thread with the typical "nerf all the things" rant.
  7. I'd prefer both. Lots of fodder type enemies to mow down or nuke with 1 button (4) at low levels. Then fewer but more challenging enemies which require some methodical and tactical approaches at higher levels. With both, you also cater to more people. People who like easy nuke fantasies, go low level. People that want slower, methodical, combat, go higher. People that want something in the middle, maybe arbitration, kuva flood, sorties, disruptions.
  8. Nah. If I was guided in my first few weeks of warframe, I'd arrive at the realization there is no endgame and no proper reason for the grinding, even sooner.
  9. Is Atlas going to get an option to edit the colors of his rubble? Perhaps by emission or energy color? Or does he already have it and my graphic settings are just so bad that I can't spot the difference.
  10. If Ember rework is going to keep Fireball as first skill, can we improve it a bit more? In addition to being a small target nuke, add the wall of flame, or "hedge" of flame, given how short it is, from the current Fire Blast and put it on Fireball, so wherever the Fireball impacts leaves a hedge of flame behind. But just make that flame hedge taller already, so it looks cooler or more impressive, like a wall. Wall of flame should be guaranteed to set on fire any enemy that walks through it. Shooting through wall of flame should grant heat damage to weapons, and also add some damage reduction to players standing within the ring of flame cos the flame melts / deflects incoming bullets and the visual glare of the fire also affects enemy's aiming at you. Turning Ember's fireball into a dual purpose, small aoe target nuke + small protection bubble + heat-based volt shield. As for the new fire blast, please, please, please, keep the knockback when we cast it. If the knockback is removed, the ability will feel wimpier than the fire Eximus units, and we're supposed to be the Tenno, with superior technology.
  11. Speaking of stat sticks, pseudo exalted weapons and stuff, I still think Nezha's chakram should get some of this stat stick / exalted weapon benefits too. Or something like Garuda's talons. Such a prominent chakram, featuring obviously in his frame design, like Garuda's claws, and definitely more noticeable than Atlas fist weapons or Khora's whip, or Gara's blade, all of which are not very visible when not used... but nobody talks about the Chakram. It is even more obvious than Wukong staff or Excalibur's blade, which are both also tucked away nicely when not in use
  12. I don't get why people hate staying in Bastille. Like, you all have used Frost's Bubble, Gara's Glass Wall and Limbo's Rift Bubble but when Vauban does it, he receives hate. Makes no sense,
  13. I have some ideas to improve on the Minelayer ability that was shown on Devstream. Change Speed Arrow mine to Anti-Grav mine. Which grants you and allies a low gravity buff, allowing more jump distance and air time, etc. This will still maintain the mobility utility while also having less risk of trolling which the speed arrow might do. Let the Nail mine have decent range, around 15m perhaps, or line of sight targeting up to 20m? And deal low damage, but guarantee Impact and Puncture to stagger and weaken them, or just proc a disarm, instead of puncture. Giving a cheaper source of cc and type of damage reduction when you feel setting up a Bastille is not necessary. As for Pull Lines, in addition to the current function, let the Pull Lines combine with Tesla ball drones. Pull lines can upgrade the ball drones to now fetch enemies with the hook lines, tasering them, and then drag their stunned bodies towards you or depositing them in the radius of a nearby deployed Bastille. And that opens up the enemies for follow ups from either Vauban or allies.
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