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  1. They didn't even show how his clone and his 4th skill work with enemies and already people are complaining. How about just WAIT.
  2. Or we can just ignore you and the rest of you. It also works out. Number of average active players has grown over the years despite what all of you naysayers say about how 4 to win is "killing the game". Also, what you all think should be nerfed is also the current meta. Funny. It's "so bad" that somehow everyone uses it. Yeah, sacrifice what everyone likes using to appease the minority that hates it. Good business move if they actually did that. Such logic, "lemme bring this level 100 equipment to a level 10 mission. oh my! the audacity, my overleveled gear kills weak enemies so fast! i am so astounded! let me petition the devs for my equipment be nerfed!!" How about instead of nerfs, ask for high level dungeons that cater to maxed out gear. Not ask for maxed out gear to be nerfed to become weaker and more similar to starting gear - therefore rendering farming and leveling up to become more meaningless The game should have a VARIETY OF CONTENT. Some high level tough missions and nodes for you to bring your best gear, for the veterans. Easy nodes, for obviously the new players who have no mods and only one warframe. And so it goes, there is progression. You farm new stuff. You level up. You get stronger. Warframe just lacks endgame. They are slowly adding stuff trying to address that. But don't go asking for the entire game to be same difficult level for goodness sake. If you have leveled to be supremely overleveled, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of being overleveled, instead of asking to be nerfed. People with strong maxed out gear are NOT lazy, they already put in the work to farm that gear back in the day and now reached endgame state. If someone who farmed tens of thousands of kuva and endo, re-rolled their riven 20 times to get the perfect stats, pumped in tens of thousands of endo, and 5 forma, to achieve an optimal set up, to see that sweet 5, 6, 7, 8 digit damage figures, which is waaay overkill, and capable of trivializing the game is considered "lazy" to you, then you have a very warped definition of laziness. They invested time and for some, money, to get there. Same goes for people farming a warframe part until they memorize the boss' quotes. The effort has been invested and now they are cashing out on the benefit. Overleveled maxed out stuff trashing weaksauce mobs is perfect, as it should be. Problem, there's not enough endgame content. Stop going around calling for nerfs and diminishing the effort people have put in to obtain certain things.
  3. I might have missed something but it seems that without using my weapon to set an initial target on fire, I won't have any fire on the battlefield to play with?
  4. The nerf-happy complainers hate it. Not DE. DE is capable of introducing new warframes that have such scaling mechanics without anyone's urging or suggestion. But because of complaints, nowadays, they start pre-nerfing what the create. Which is a shame because the new frames feel neutered or half-baked and I sometimes find it hard to justify using them over an older frame that's already a favorite.
  5. Equinox Deluxe still planned for near future? Saw it in a devstream a short time ago and then there was some negativity about it by people, and then silence, no further news about her deluxe.
  6. Seeking Talons - Vicious Wounds: Enemies bleeding from Seeking Talons now take increased (10%/15%/20%) damage from all other sources (Including subsequent applications of Seeking Talons) FTFY I don't see why not.
  7. Nobody: El_Chanis: Iron skin needs a rework.
  8. I would say Baruuk is the result of people who want nerfs so DE released a warframe that's pre-nerfed. To improve Baruuk, I'd say make his Restraint also deplete when allies within his affinity radius take damage, so it goes down much faster and you can use 4 faster. And make the restraint restoration slower so you can stay in 4 longer. That said, Desolate Hands is a bit counter productive as it makes enemies deal less damage by taking away their guns, so Desolate Hands ought to erode even more Restraint whenever it hits an enemy to compensate for nerfing enemy damage. Those are my minor buff suggestions. A more drastic buff would be to let Restraint depletion affect skills 1, 2, 3 as well. Since Restraint itself grants damage reduction as it is depleted further, it makes his 1, 2, and 3 a bit more redundant as Restraint is depleted. I'd say, make 1,2 and 3 gain some additional properties as Restraint is lowered. Elude - now gains a chance to redirect bullets that fly through Baruuk's body at enemies, doing damage to them. Redirection increases as restraint decreases Lull - gains ability to propagate sleep to enemies beyond what is in initial line of sight. More propagation range as restraint decreases. Desolate hands - Daggers deal more damage to the enemies they hit, with a wider explosion, and more daggers are summoned, increasing as restraint decreases. And his fourth skill, Serene Storm,wind wave range increases, and damage increases as Restraint depletes.
  9. Single target killing Chroma: Am I a joke to you? EDIT: On topic. Can I be greedy? I want both blender and her current 4. Not sure how we can make space on her current 4 abilities to do this - I am guessing. Merge current 3 and 4 into skill 3. Tap 3 to bleed self and regain energy. Press and hold 3 to prepare her Seeking Talons and release to send them forth. Press 4 to blend.
  10. I still feel they should have made link-nuke a feature instead of "fixing" it.
  11. LOL. Ok, I've built my character up to level 100. Let me bring my level 100 character to a level 5 mission. Oh snap, my level 100 character destroys level 5 enemies in 1 second! The shock! The incredulity! I should ask the devs to make my time spent leveling to 100 completely pointless by turning my level 100 character to become as weak as the starting level 1 character on my team! So genius logic! I am so smart. This is the best idea! I should also ask the devs to hand me all the warframes and everything else from day one because literally nothing matters. No leveling matters. No grinding matters. All the frames are marginally better than the one next to it so it all doesn't matter! Fashionframe endgame! The whole game's difficulty is the same! Level 1? Level 100? What's levels? Sedna is the same as Mercury! Who needs locations or levels? Who needs mods? Throw them out! Why endo? Why grind for blueprints? Why all this time and resource gating? Such a chore! Everything is the same! Give me everything when I install warframe and let me just pay for tennogen and skins! /heavy sarcasm Yeah, instead of asking for that level 100 dungeon (or in the parlance of topic starter, a difficulty slider) so that our level 100 characters can fight there and experience endgame, let's go request our level 100 characters to be as weak as a starting player's character cos we hate our lives and all the progression and time spent in the game is meant to be treated as rubbish. EDIT: And to not beat about the bush, and for people who don't comprehend analogies and don't understand what I mean when I say "level 100" and strawman me and say warframe has no levels. I'll just highlight a specific go-to example that people always shout for nerfs at. Saryn. What is she good at? She's a horde-killer. She nukes rooms. She does it very well, and has some tankiness to survive when the nuking goes slower than expected (for players who mod wrong or don't have all the best arcanes yet). You can say she is a A++ rank horde killer and an B rank survivor. What is she NOT inherently good at? Stealth. Probably rank C at stealth. Doesn't mean you can't do spy flawlessly as her, but it does mean she does NOT have built-in abilities to handle stealth with ease. Compared to Ivara, who is a definite A++ rank at stealth, capable of walking through all lasers and sensors and being invisible with that augment, for as long as you have energy, but B or C at nuking in a wide AOE. Ivara, who requires farming Spy missions till you memorize all the layouts just to get the parts, outclasses Loki in stealth, whom you can probably rate a A+ or A in stealth. But for the effort of farming, Ivara's stealth is therefore > Loki. Saryn's farm requires points from the Grineer arena, before you fight the boss that gives her parts, so her AOE nuking > starter frame like Mag's. And returning to the "level" analogy, you have a level-100 horde-killer like Saryn, thus give her end game content. There will be other "level 100s" at other things, like a level-100 boss-killer, Chroma, and level-100 infiltrator, like Ivara. Then we get the hybrid frames that do multiple things but not as strong as the level-100 niche frames, e.g Ash - stealth and DPS, Nezha - AOE nuke/CC + strong survival. And if such explaining still goes over your head then you really don't get Warframe, or really are trying to be pedantic and what not in your attempts to dismiss what I am saying.
  12. Which remains a bad decision to this day. Because now Trinity went from something with versatility to becoming a one trick pony. Same issue when they "fixed" Wukong's glaive nuke. Now all he's good for is staying alive.
  13. This is what happens when DE tries too hard to make all content accessible to new players. They wander into a place they are not meant to be at, end up dying, misunderstand the game and leave, or complain about either "overpowered" enemies, or their so-called "overpowered" team mates.
  14. Yes. I do use recruit chat and it works. Unless you are being weird and ask for something like "No saryn, volt, equinox, rhino allowed, only off-meta frames allowed" then good luck. Also, equipment below rank 30 does not necessarily mean whoever is using it is gonna be leeching. It can be something that is being Forma-ed for the 2nd or 3rd time, with a Riven, and can perform as good as any rank 30 weapon
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