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  1. I use Ash to for Lich hunting whenever I want some fun instead of pure steam roll. All his kills have effects on Liches. Dealing damage or masking your presence from them. Or in sorties where enemies are elemental resistant, and them Saryns and Volts are wondering why they are unable to do damage, while I kill everything quickly with my shurikens, shadow clones and fatal teleport. I don't value highly what a 'main' has to say though, as nearly every single 'main' I've seen in this forum tends to ask for buffs that turns their 'main' into a jack of all trades, master of none, when DE might have designed the particular frame with the intent to be a master of niche areas, not everything. Alternately, that 'main' might equate their chosen frame to be the best example of frame design and try to impose that frame's design on all the other frames, asking for nerfs and tweaks on other playstyles, disregarding that other people have different tastes and preferences. So 'main' of anything carries little weight to me. People who use all frames have better ideas than those who spend their whole lives obsessed with their one specific frame or playstyle. Listening to 'main's too much result in all the warframes becoming utility clones of each other, only varying in cosmetic appearance of their explosions, particle effects, and flavor texts of abilities, I don't think he needs too much changes. Including his teleport skill, I use it and it is good to keep ahead of the entire team and can enable you to kill faster than Equinox or Saryn as long as you have the actual motor skills to do so. But I can imagine his 4th skill being clunky on a controller, which you undoubtedly use on PS4, and that clunkiness probably could have a look at. I am ok with how his 4 works on PC.
  2. I prefer his current toolkit more than any of your suggestions. His current 2 with augment is great in Disruption also Also, just because something was released long ago doesn't mean it's bad or requires "modernization" Sometimes these "modernized" ideas are just gimmicky that make people do extraneous actions for the same or less reward. If it ain't broken, no need to fix it.
  3. Grendel is a beast and I use him as an alternative to Mesa. And he works great even in sorties with energy limitations.
  4. Hydron is meant for farming stuff fast. If you want some challenge, go kill an Eidolon or Orb Mother. And if Saryn can't even do Hydron in range, she'll be a joke on open world maps or any other map.
  5. LOL New warframes is literally one reason old players return. How are the developers going to keep up an illusion of newness and freshness if they don't create new warframes? New cosmetics are effectively WORSE than new warframes. New looks, old gameplay, results: twice the boredom. The game is boring as is, but the new frames break the monotony of it somewhat. Tell them to stop making frames is like asking them to kill their game faster.
  6. No thank you. I would like to have Fire Blast whenever I need it, and not depend on Immolation being active. However, I am ok with Immolation meter giving an energy cost discount to Fire Blast when the meter is high, but I do not want the meter to be sole requirement for Fire Blast to be used.
  7. I feel that her kit needs NO changes because having different mod set ups, and different forms, for different mission modes and situations is a design feature of Equinox, not a design problem. If one doesn't agree with these features, I am sure one can find another warframe whose features are more fitting to your taste in this roster of 40+.
  8. Nah, they still shouldn't. I know you are jesting. But if we take your comments seriously, then the moment they add the first person option and people start using it, the next step would be these people asking for the entire game to be nerfed and rebalanced around first person.
  9. I think the vector pad should have been grenade that grants gravity-themed mobility buff to allies and debuffs on enemies . One that's different from the simple +speed. Maybe the buff can make it so that you get "low gravity mode" effects on player who step on it, letting you jump further and faster, and aim glide longer. For enemies that step on it, they get "lifted" more easily by melee, or have a mechanic similar to Titania's abilities which causes enemies to float.
  10. No and no. There's more to this than just 2 frames being compared side by side in terms of numbers and mechanics. What is overlooked by people is there is also a difference in obtainability. One of them is a frame you pick for free at the start of the game. One of them is a frame you get near the end of the star chart after grinding through victory points in the Grineer arena system and fighting Kela multiple times. Due to the difference in availability, and to maintain a sense of game progression, which there definitely is in warframe (because of the mods system, and now DE has confirmed it with Intrinsics in Railjack - this game has a leveling up mechanic and nobody can say otherwise). It's not power creep. It's power progression, a gameplay feature. When you want to "balance" future frames, or rework present frames, I think one has to consider where that particular frame stands in terms of how they are obtained. This is why some frames like Baruuk, Hildryn, Harrow, or Grendel, are overlooked and ignored by most people. They are not terrible frames. But, the utility/power they offer does not match the difficulty (even if the gameplay is not difficult, the grind or RNG can be tiring to people) in obtaining them. Because of this, they are not as often used. And this is made "worse" if a person already has access to another easier-to-obtain frame which has more utility or kill potential than the newer frame that's locked behind some new multi-layer grind/RNG wall - then the question becomes: why bother with the new thing when the new thing is a side-grade or even less, a down-grade, but more hassle to obtain? The new thing then becomes a goal only for those hardcore completionists, or fashion frame.
  11. They literally said in the same devstream that they would make changes. Maybe even radical changes.... so did you even watch? Or just viewed a screen capture?
  12. Didn't encounter this bug personally, but I imagine it might be a cool feature for whenever Kuva Liches or Steel Meridian decide to assist us in Railjack battles. Perhaps when our own ship is experiencing some fires or hull breaches, the friendly Lich or Steel Meridian ship could pop in, distract and shoot down enemies for around 5 minutes, then leave.
  13. The recent patch's addition of relics to the drop table just made an intrinsically fun game mode even better. Thanks.
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