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  1. the 2% extremely noisy minority did. tyranny of the minority is the main factor behind most nerfs, i'd suspect
  2. Or they can give guns an equivalent of a combo meter. And the meter goes up the more enemies you hit. Body shots raise it by 1 Head shots raise it by 5 Create mods that raise the combo meter faster. Give guns the equivalent of combo-stacking mods which melee has.
  3. while we are on the topic of worthwhile grinding. nerfs actually are antithetical to this because devs basically just took whatever you spent x hours/days/months grinding over and deleted/adjusted it beyond redemption. how's that for a grind being rendered completely worthless. just some thots
  4. Primed Pitchfork all endo-ed up and ready to go. Edit: Should have said Pitchfork Prime
  5. Game is losing players because everyone feels disrespected by nerfs You: More nerfs. Good move. If they continue catering to you, this game will have no future.
  6. So basically. The Great Waste of Download Time. Also a moment of silence for those with data caps.
  7. At least you had your fun doing the same mission 100 times, right? So entertaining to not use your warframes. It's almost like the game is titled Necramech now. Right? /s
  8. When are you going to fix the dwindling number of players?
  9. I see the game has only 35k average players nowadays. (steam chart, not best gauge of data but still better than people who claim their ideas are popular with ZERO data) Even with new event ongoing. I wonder why. Could it be... that the developers have been nerfing warframes again and again (Khora the most recent victim with her whip nerf), and now forced people to play a mode in the ongoing event that removes warframes entirely within a certain area of the battlefield? And you, 200IQ suggestion, lets nerf MORE! Add cooldowns! I guess we are infiltrated by people who want
  10. At least you have some self-awareness to know your opinion is bad. That's about all the credit you deserve.
  11. If an event is going to be Necramech only (or hypothetically Operator only), I would be fine with it, if the Necramech and Operator actually felt like full-fledged features of the game with many options and cool mechanics. Right now, we have TWO necramechs. Or maybe 1.5 Necramechs, since one of them seems lackluster. That's not much. Doing such an event is premature. Do they plan to introduce a third necramech before this event? An Operator-only mode may actually be more interesting than necramechs since we actually have a bunch of focus schools that offer some differences, and differe
  12. This Chakram, given the way it features on Nezha's appearance, should have been made into a type of pseudo-exalted weapon or straight up exalted weapon. It should be affected by melee mods, similar to Khora's whip, Atlas' punches. And if we compare appearances, the whip and Atlas' fists don't look as distinctive in appearance as compared to the chakram on Nezha. Alternately, make it an exalted glaive, or be usable when other melee weapons are unequipped, like Garuda's talons. Either of these routes, is fine to me. The current way it works though, is just bland and a very underwhelmin
  13. Alternately, all these irritants can be placed in certain map types and modes, so players that want their call of duty simulator can go there. And the rest of us who enjoy warframe can enjoy it in peace, with no poorly-conceived nerfs.
  14. DE: Can't hear you over the other people that hate warframes and want call of duty in space instead. Better nerf Khora and other abilities once more! And while we are at it, maybe we will consider a global Energy Leech status effect, or global nullifier.
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