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  1. Imagine a frame that many people use, but you want to take it away just to make a small nitpicky group of people happy. It would be great game design to listen to such opinions. (sarcasm, btw) You want more interactivity etc.? Go pick a frame that does. You want something that's straightforward in purpose, pick that. Not everything has to be the same level of power, tankiness, or interactivity, for everyone.
  2. As I have said in a different topic. It is clearly not a turret. They named it wrong. Marketed it wrong. Advertised it wrong. And aesthetically designed it wrong. A turret is something that sticks in a position and shoots for a decent amount of time and serves as sort of "guard" for a specific location. Like TF2's Engineer turret. But in warframe, this thing lasts 4 seconds? And after the proposed buffs in the official dev post as linked by the person above me, they will add another second? For what? So, that's 5 seconds? IT IS CONCEPTUALLY NOT A TURRET if it requires constant re-casting and babysitting to do its intended "guard duty". Flechette Orb IS a turret. Vauban indeed got his turret. Sentinel weapons when modded correctly, do great damage, and are mobile turrets. And they cost 0 energy to maintain in a mission Wukong Celestial Twin with the right weapon is a mobile turret. And it last forever after initial cast as long as it lives (which isn't too difficult to maintain) Spectres are mobile turrets with abilities which can be assigned to guard fixed positions. Also last forever after cheap foundry manufacturing costs. Even Protea's Shrapnel Vortex is a turret albeit with limited "firing radius". With decent duration, cheaper energy than Blaze Artillery. I can go on. All the above do "turret" jobs better than the one skill that has an animation and was marketed as a "turret", Blaze Artillery. Blaze Artillery, is a typical "press 1 for damage" skill with extra animation steps and criteria (deployment, line of sight, firing arc) for it to apply damage.
  3. They can use whatever words they want. They can make it look whatever they want. But they are just making things difficult for themselves by giving it the wrong descriptions and appearances. It is not functioning like a turret. They set themselves up with giving players expectations, and disappoint people when the gameplay doesn't match what is said. People hear "turret", they think deployable cannon that sticks around a decent duration and deals damage, similar to Engineer in TF2. This artillery does not. Hence complaints all day. If it were up to me, I'd never have called it a turret to begin with and designed it aesthetically in a way that doesn't give any such connotation.
  4. It's not a turret. It looks like one. But it isn't. The duration is low. And DE so far doesn't seem to want to drastically increase the duration. This means that it is designed to be placed down repeatedly. They expect you to spam 2 a lot. Not press 2 once and wait for 30 seconds etc. It's not a turret. Flechette Orb is a turret. Celestial Twin is a mobile turret. Even Shrapnel Vortex is more of a turret. Blaze Artillery is like Oberon's Smite or Ember's Fireball and other "press 1 for damage" type of abilities, but with an extra step in between casting and damage appearing, and that's for a deployment animation and requiring objects to be within the firing arc and LOS. However, it does not help that it looks like a turret. Definitely sends mixed messages. Expectations vs Reality etc.
  5. Imagine playing Warframe and not wanting to use abilities of the thing this game is named after: Warframe. Imagine not getting your way, and yet still staying around and continuing to try to poison the well.
  6. He is not a problem. And in my region, 90% of the games, I don't see anyone complaining about him when he pops up either.
  7. After more time using her, I'd say... Protea is great. If, and BIG IF, you like to spam 3, then 4, then 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, etc. non stop all over the place. Wait for 4 to implode, and restart the process again. Only then will you achieve damage comparable to say, Ember, who can just go 2, 4, 3, 4, 2, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 2, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4 etc. for same results.
  8. I play warframes for warframes. Abilities should hit hard and be effective. If I want to have guns all day, I'd go play call of duty instead.
  9. How about NO? Leave Equinox alone. That being said. Protea needs buffs. She feels intentionally weak to appease all the people who love asking for nerfs (of which TC unironically is another one of those) or those who complain about power creep before anything is even launched. So they nerfed her before she even arrived in the game. I guess, one reaps what one sows. Hate power, get powerless new warframes.
  10. That being said, Vauban's CC and DPS output is superior in every way. Flechette Orb, for less energy, is better than Blaze Artillery. With 360 degree firing arc, better duration, damage scaling to higher levels. Tesla, with augment, can do significant damage. Bastille and Vortex hold enemies at a fixed position, instead of Shrapnel Grenade's drunkard staggering. Temporal Anchor + Dispenser. Talk about ability overlap, and both of these provide things that the current "economy" in the missions gives out plenty: energy orbs, health orbs, ammo. TRAIN MAN VERY MUCH LIVES! (contrary to early reports that said Protea will be his demise)
  11. I am just wondering if the survival timer could pause if ALL party members opt to go into the granum void? Or are there technical issues that prevent this. It's not exactly a necessary feature and I can easily just access the granum void in other mission types, but the granum void causing some sort of interaction with time outside the void is something mentioned in the lore.
  12. Here's news: If you just used the system that they implemented, you'd have maxed out all your focus schools by now. Based on our forum profiles, it seems I have joined the game (or at least the forums) after you did, and yet all my focus trees are completely maxed out. And I do not even go out of my way to farm focus, I just slapped a few lenses on the frames and weapons I tend to use more, and the rest of it just "happened" as I played the game rather casually, doing the daily sorties, doing alerts (back when they had alerts) or nightwave tasks, getting the vandal and Khora drops in sanctuary onslaught modes.
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