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  1. Xepthrichros

    How Can You Make Content Around Limbo?

    I know a counter that will work. Global nullifier. No abilities and passives for anyone. Should definitely be a good challenge and fun.
  2. Xepthrichros

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    That's my most optimistic prediction
  3. Xepthrichros

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Looking forward to the new warframes. Hopefully they come with a bit of lore/quests and maybe some new mechanics on the level of Octavia's mandachord.
  4. Xepthrichros

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Fortuna was released last month. And already people say "drought".
  5. Xepthrichros

    Fan concept: Artist-themed warframe

    Lets hope it becomes an augment that gives pencils to limbo only (allies can continue to not have pencils).
  6. Xepthrichros

    Fan concept: Artist-themed warframe

    Name: Picasso (placeholder) Tl;dr - Using a special drawing tool, you inscribe various symbols to bring forth different abilities. Passive: Picasso's artistic dexterity has benefited his gunplay, granting faster holstering speed. Ability 1: Sketch Conjures a magical papyrus that functions as a short-term shield that blocks damage from one facing (like Volt or Garuda's shield), and serves as surface for drawing. You then use a special void-energy-pen similar to the old mining tool, and draw symbols on this papyrus. Different symbols have different effects. Horizontal stroke -> Slash: Sends forth an energy blast similar to an energy stroke from Excalibur's exalted blade, but slightly larger width. Procs slash Vertical stroke up, ending with a ball shape --> Levitates enemies in front of you off their feet, like Titania's first skill, but they don't float too far away... confusing and rendering them unable to attack. Crowd control Vertical stroke down, ending with a ball shape --> Amplifies gravity of enemies in front of you... rooting some to the ground where they stand, while knocking some of them over (like blast proc). Crowd control. Infinity symbol --> Weapon ammo buff, grants ammo recharge (no need to reload) for an amount of time Peace symbol --> Disarms enemies in certain area. Lightning symbol --> Shoot forth lightning bolts, proc electricity Fire symbol --> Shoots forth a fire wave, proc heat. Water droplet symbol --> Rains a barrage of water similar to hydroid's 1. Writing Z Z Z --> Put enemies in front of you to sleep. Smiley face --> Buff user morale, slightly increasing speed of various movements Sad face --> Depresses enemies in a certain area, making them move a bit slow, and susceptible to panic just from seeing a tenno appear Tornado-shaped squiggle --> Summons one small tornado Exclamation point ( ! ) --> marks target area as a point of curiousity, drawing nearby enemies to walk over to investigate (range should be lower than ivara's so as to not outclass her niche) Star shape --> Emit a bright light akin to radial blind (but smaller radius) Nuclear symbol --> turns a target into a radioactive hazard for a while, that deals radiation DoT to things in a small AoE around it, and a 20% chance to proc radiation status. Target can be inanimate surface, or an enemy. (and more ideas to be added later maybe in the edits. looking forward to ideas from others too) Ability 2: Archive Once you learn this skill, it begins saving the last sketch you have drawn. Can save up to 4 sketches in a mission. Tap 2 to cycle between saved sketches. Press and hold 2 to activate the power of a particular sketch, without having to re-draw it. To replaced a saved sketch, toggle to the undesired saved sketch, and use the first ability again to draw something new and the new drawing replaces it. Ability 3: Exhibition The archived sketches are re-accessed and shown off to the team - granting team-wide buffs. Some of the sketches will have functions re-adapted. E.g. Normally, Fire symbol creates a fire wave. But in Exhibition, it becomes a buff that grants allies +x% heat damage (maybe less than Ember so to not outclass Ember in this area) Ability 4: Living Art Based on your currently selected archive artwork, you summon a beast based on it. Slash summoned beast can be a ninja-like spectre (coincidentally we are space ninja...). Water summoned beast can be a Kappa monster (Japanese folklore) that goes around melee-ing enemies and shooting pressurized water blasts from its mouth. Radiation summoned beast can be a radioactive bullet sponge sludge monster that goes around clinging on to enemies and hindering their movement while also damaging and proccing radiation. Fire summoned beast can be a phoenix which shoots fire at enemies while also possessing slight healing capability for allies. Sleep summoned beast is a dream eater ghost, floating around the map and putting enemies to sleep while eating their dreams (killing them) to produce health and energy that is then distributed to the team. And so on All names... even examples of what sketches produce, can be considered placeholders. Reason I came up with this idea: I was watching Cephalon Shy's drawings. I think Cephalon Shy can be the point of contact for the quest that will introduce us to this warframe and his or her lore. (and have Simaris say "ART IS IRRELEVANT" and dissuading us to help shy) After you complete the quest, you can also buy Cephalon Shy's voiceover as an optional mission announcer to replace the Lotus. I look forward to being derided for failing to protect an excavator, or for bringing Mag to a mission. Also, I feel it will be nice to have another warframe that has a novel, unique mechanic on a scale similar to Octavia. Octavia has a mandachord... so was just thinking how to have another warframe with something different. Just a quick for-fun idea I thought up.
  7. Xepthrichros

    Lambeo MOA fires weapons from its foot.

    Yup. Also noticed my moa doing this today.
  8. Xepthrichros

    Way too OP enemies?

    I don't see a problem with the enemies' dealing damage. Or even being tanky. Just means I have to level up my mods, bring a different warframe etc. Maybe tweak my mod setup, If I lack the right gear for the job, that's great! Now I got an objective to work towards. If everything is one level of difficulty, it's gonna get boring even faster the moment you get accustomed to the difficulty, cos there are no other levels of difficulty to adapt to or overcome. I do think DE just needs to put a clearer indicator on UI, or mission descriptions, which content is for more casual play, and which ones require some preparation.
  9. Xepthrichros

    Ivara Prowl Breaks When Bullet Jumping From Standstill

    Happens to me occasionally. But I also noticed in most, if not all these occasions, I am not the host. Might be a ping related issue.
  10. Xepthrichros

    [BUG] Loki Decoy stuck on Corpus Floor Laser-Grid

    Can confirm this. Just so happened to be using Loki in an alert spy mission. Encountered that room you mentioned and I tried to use decoy to get over the laser grid floor, but the decoy kept appearing on the laser grid floor even though I aimed at the area behind it. There were also other instances where I tried to switch teleport with my decoy and was prompted that my target was obstructed. Something may have been broken with regards to these powers in the recent patches.
  11. Xepthrichros

    Loki Radial Disarm Damage Bug

    Hi, just want to check if there is a bug here. I know the damage is quite low by default, but I do not even see any damage numbers pop up now when I use radial disarm. Even against low level enemies on Mars. The disarm still works, but no damage.
  12. Xepthrichros

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    They are trying to appease the people who want challenge and difficulty in warframe. And that is fine. There should be endgame. Unfortunately, among these people, there is an ultra-special subgroup that when difficult challenge arrives, instead of attempting the difficult content, are complaining that level 1-30 enemies and our warframes should be rebalanced to become Call of Duty in Spaaaaace. (I checked, they are not even Old Mate, and their standing with Quills also shows they didn't bother much with Eidolons)
  13. Xepthrichros

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    1) Will the Baruuk Mandala be a bundle-exclusive only? Is this the trend going forward? I like to farm my warframes and weapons as they give me an objective to work towards. Making me buy them right out of the Market with platinum will actually reduce my play time than increase it. If there are to be more bundle exclusives in future, I recommend that they work like the Deluxe Skin bundles - just a pack full of cosmetics. In other words, there can be a Baruuk Accessories Pack - all the cosmetics in it but not Baruuk and his melee weapon. Or maybe a Garuda Accessories Pack - the alternate helm, syandana. sigil but not Garuda and her weapon. Boosters optional... I don't miss the boosters either way. --------------- 2) Will there be more prime accessories purchase options for both the current new prime, and vault unsealed? I want the cosmetics but I don't have much need for the boosters these days. And also, I like farming the Prime parts themselves via gameplay, gives me a goal to work towards. --------------- 3) Vauban buff please? Some of the new Corpus units and our Moa pets have abilities that I feel should be modified and given to Vauban. Vauban's "technology" seems weaker than the enemy henchmen we kill, which is weird since aren't the Tenno and our technology supposed to be the best in the system? ------------------ 4) Nyx's in-game abilities descriptions need an edit to reflect their new properties. And I think her passive description is still the old one. Also, psychic bolts affecting 6 enemies feels very little when you can be surrounded easily by 50 or more enemies. Perhaps increase the limit of how many enemies can be affected, or just let us spam the ability until we are out of energy. Debuffing is not OP. Also, it might be my fault for using a lime green energy color, but it is difficult to see who Psychic Bolts has debuffed.
  14. Xepthrichros

    Collection "Exclusives"

    Bumping this. I agree that there should be cosmetic-only bundles. I like to farm my frames and weapons. It gives me an objective to work towards. If I just buy it now, I actually play less.