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  1. paul5473

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    Frame fighter when?
  2. paul5473

    Archwing, shall I compare thee to Limbo?

    Nah limbo is actually good and useful unlike archwing
  3. paul5473

    This, is endgame

  4. paul5473

    Change how to "master" weapons, Disable passive XP

    Sorry but no... forming would kill me with the you have to kill to level and solo on let's say hydron and you don't have a CC frame handy. Also a lot of new players would quit the game so fast.
  5. paul5473

    2000 Day Login Reward

    Well you can't of been playing warframe that long then as the daily tribute system only came in with U18 with the second dream that isn't 2,000 days old
  6. paul5473

    Are we still umbra-ing every frame?

    This was never said?
  7. paul5473

    2000 Day Login Reward

  8. paul5473

    Tutorial is so damn bad

    What they need to do is hard lock new players into a tutorial screen when they unlock each station that gives a brief overview of what it is and tells them about the damn wiki! its such a massive help!! and they don't mention it at all ingame
  9. paul5473

    FYI: Update 23.3.0 Tomorrow (probably)!

    Frame fighter when?
  10. Nah I want at least a chance of a prime trailer releasing at some point. Also the content drought would be worse than what it already is when the primes catch up to the released frames.
  11. paul5473

    Looking for better primary

    Stack that sayrn prime and let hell loose!
  12. paul5473

    solo endgame frame?

    End game? End game is fashion frame
  13. paul5473

    So when will we get to use the cadus?

    @[DE]Danielle can you close this thread please it's been derailed since it started, thank you!
  14. paul5473

    Stuck in the story mission years ago

    Also if it is bugged which I don't think it is but if so go to
  15. paul5473

    Archwing Is Awful

    So if it were removed completely then removed from POE as well? noty