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  1. All I want from this event is a codex scan of misery please bring misery back or put it in everyone's codex
  2. the 24hr cool down is there for a reason to stop you maxing mr straight away and letting you progress through the star chart and enjoy the experiance a bit more
  3. It might be a lighting bug and if so report it to support.warframe.com
  4. Why no link @[DE]Helen ? Also £21.99 is very steep for what's offered imho
  5. Be awesome if empyrean launched live at the game awards! Or the old/new war and a nightwave season 3 release date 🙂 and finally a ivara prime trailer lol
  6. Hi guys and happy tennobaum 2019! My wishlist is: Forma Boosters Weapon slots Frame slots Any decorations (love some noggles! 🙂 ) equinox deluxe skin bundle Thank you for reading Let's help the kids!
  7. Yes it was set at tennocon for december/christmas 2019 it's on the trailer. Also the way I see it going we got the dry dock first to build the railjack, then we use it in the quest for the new war to get to the tau system then maybe emperyn next year. So no it doesn't need to be in place first.
  8. Is the old/new war still on schedule for release this month or before Christmas?
  9. Maybe get a riven for it?
  10. Has anyone else had the issue of insufficent space when trying to build dry dock? built a new elevator and a cross connector and still saying it?
  11. Thanks for the update reb hope igor is ok
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