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  1. For once I'm gonna wait for it to come out and judge reading all this is fine but builds are something else
  2. I'm surprised that the ivara and equinox deluxe skins aren't coming too
  3. Still cant believe mixer playwarframe channel won haha!
  4. None of what I've put was answered last stream. Did you even watch it?
  5. Like everyone else im sure is thinking mainline when? Also raids, other frame reworks, melee 2.99999 updates, more events or bring back of old events and what still about those dark sector weapon skins? Finally when will we also receive the ship docking animation for the orbitor?
  6. Yeah I don't understand it either be nice if you could open it from inbox window when they drop
  7. I sorta like embers and vaubans but i guess to really get a feel we will have to wait also would be nice for frost to be looked at also
  8. From my pov the booster should be released in the market in the 3,7 and 30day formats. Taken away from atlas prime access and give him a sigil or something. Also why not added it to login rewards also ?
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