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  1. Anyone stats getting reset? i've just had this happen to me
  2. Was this plaguestar and nightwave? or have i got the wrong hotfix haha
  3. i wish we got one for the fragments, somachords anything collectable really like the kurias or fish on the plains
  4. Look through reddit and pull ideas as reddit and even the forums have loads of ideas
  5. Thank you very much for this post so happy to see names back ui, it can get confusing to know what you've picked
  6. Can we have a option to hide the new tooltip section on the reward screen, i find it distracting from choosing my reward its massive and clunky and hides names over items. I find myself checking if i've clicked on a item i want.
  7. Cheers for the update but I still think our names should be put back in on relic reward screen as I find it confusing if I've chosen it but I'll have to install this to find if it fixes it. Also bring back alerts between season of nightwave its so dry right now...
  8. Have you tried contacting support?
  9. I do extermination but yeah caps work but you can be hit by a timer if you're in there long enough for some reason
  10. I gotta say who every designed these puzzles deserves a medal from me I love these so fun to try and find all the panels to open the room plus all the new scenes. Thank you 🙂
  11. Thank you for the update DE i hope you all get some well deserved sleep 😄
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