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  1. paul5473

    please recommend my darkoon build

    darkoon... new weapon confirmed?
  2. No because all it will cause it people selling all of the mods when they want to sell all but one. That will then have loads of tickets of people going "oh i want to sell the mods but keep one but they all went" Also you can use the middle mouse button to select all of a certain mod and then sell it you dont have to click on it.
  3. paul5473

    TennoGen Round 13 Deadline

    Will the round be shown on the next dev stream?
  4. awesome! would love you to try my clans obstacle course!
  5. paul5473

    Should Syndicate procs toggle?

    i feel it should be a option to turn on or off when equipping the weapon
  6. paul5473

    Digital Extremes Gets American Sister Studio?

    Also here is a better article
  7. paul5473

    Digital Extremes Gets American Sister Studio?

    The article is saying that wargaming seattle is shutting down a studio while DE is receiving a sister studio
  8. paul5473

    Digital Extremes Gets American Sister Studio?

    Post it in off topic
  9. So i've been checking out other peoples dojo courses in the new creator but when we finish the course can we please get our ammo reimburse so we can do the trial again with max ammo? be a nice QOL fix if could be done.
  10. paul5473

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.1

    dojo lighting needs fixing please, also does the dojo assault course need to be destroyed to obtain the new version? still have the old assault course in my dojo.
  11. paul5473

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    Yay let's how this controller support is seemless also looking forward to the sayrn rework but please can we get another look on ember please.
  12. paul5473

    tennocon digital pack
  13. You quoted me but the reply didn't really add any further detail to the op from my comment. I was saying that if people who own the arcane helmets could turn them into a arcane, only the people who own them could do it and would be a bit unfair to people who can't obtain them anymore. If they did implement them again I'd be fine with it. I would love to have them as helmets.
  14. paul5473

    Game keeps crashing since update 22.19.0

    Seems reinstalling the game has fixed it for the moment 🙂