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  1. She use to be a good CC for making enemies fall over so you could do a finisher with her aug but now she's useless. Even before her nerf she wasn't exactly useful for higher level stuff and now no point at all for her in a mission.
  2. paul5473

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.5

    Was wondering the same generally he spot reserves every update nearly
  3. paul5473

    When should i start Fortuna?

    I would say (same applies to plains as well) you should focus on clearing the start chart and doing all the quests. Once you hit a place like plains or fortuna you leave all the lore and star chart alone, which imho sucks for all the work DE has put into them.
  4. paul5473

    Account Transfering

    Please only post this once. So account transfer only ever happened 1 for PS4 and xbox one from PC never the other way around, you can't just choose when you want to transfer as sony and microsoft had a policy about it and it was a one off when they launched like nintendo has now and won't happen again. You account is saved on there servers so that shouldn't be a issue, and it was only a clone of the account so you keep it on the pc if you cloned it to the xbox or ps4.
  5. paul5473

    Riven Price Check Fang

    tbh i wouldn't even bother building it until melee 3.0 hits as they are just such a terrible weapon. They're that bad the prime has less status chance...
  6. paul5473

    Szuna...whoever you are THANK YOU!

    Damn the winter accessories bundle I remember last year I didn't obtain it as i couldn't afford it then, what a nice bundle maybe i can hopefully get some plat 😄
  7. paul5473

    Szuna...whoever you are THANK YOU!

    Just found this thread and loving the spread of love of gifting
  8. paul5473

    Accolades Feedback

    I think how old you account is should be one like 5 years old should be a trophy with a 5 on it
  9. paul5473

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    damn made my account on 25/03/2013 missed that lol
  10. paul5473

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Ember and vauban next, cheers
  11. paul5473

    waframe for colourblind

    There is a UI for this i believe not sure if it changes that but you could try it in settings
  12. As above there is no counter on the website like normal counting down ormshowing how many days are left on the prime vault
  13. paul5473

    Devstream in a few minutes

  14. Damn i wish i had a switch now just for warframe lol