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  1. DX12 atm is so laggy and unplayable atm
  2. Sad ill be at work but hope its a good watch when i get home
  3. Ok happy to see something new and can't wait to find out what it is :)
  4. Can we please get a tool for dojos that allow multiple parts/objects to be welded together so when moving items they can all be moved at once? When creating big structures and then finding some piece are wrong and having to move stuff is a real pain so this would be a nice feature.
  5. Yeah must be a bug then let's hope it gets fixed unless I'm blind and can't see where to get it from
  6. That's the problem it doesn't, I don't wanna rush through an amazing quest again to just scan fragments that may or may not spawn and have to replay the quest over and over again to have it fully scanned. If it was one at the start and one at the end for them to be fully unlocked i'd be happy. @[DE]George can we make them easier by just having this setup?
  7. I get the grind frame, but it quests? come on...
  8. So the sacrifice is now replayable (YAY!) and they added new music to the somachord in the ship which is nice always love new music. What i don't love is now you have to farm the quest to obtain these somachord tones. I just replayed the quest for the lore again and the tones and it gives you two, one at the start and one at the end not sure how many you need overall as there is only 2 new songs but i love its not loads... Why DE why put tones farming in quests that are about a hour long, again dont get my wrong love the quests but when it comes to just wanting the somachords it gonna mak
  9. Love Rhinos Palatine Collection 🙂 GL everyone! and thank you for allowing everyone opportunity to obtain a new deluxe skin 🙂
  10. Seems reinstalling the game has fixed it for the moment 🙂
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