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  1. 3e19819b9ae5ac5e43c99840774ce514.jpg

    Thank you to everyone who submitted their designs for TennoCon 2020! We were overwhelmed by the flood of response by so many talented Tenno! 

    This commemorative For Fans by Fans x TennoCon Collection features the three winning designs from our 2020 challenge: the Kubro T-Shirt by Kedemel, the Lotus Spirit Mousepad by DebbySheen, and the Ivara On A Lilypad T-Shirt by kindred. These winning designs are available exclusively on the official Warframe Merch Store


    The complete sixth For Fans By Fans Collection is available now, featuring incredible new designs! Use discount code TENNO2020 at checkout to save 20% until August 20, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. PT. 

    You could also win Inaros Prime Access! Shop For Fans by Fans x TennoCon designs on either the For Fans by Fans store, or the official Warframe Merch Store before August 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT for a chance to win the desert king. 

    Shop the full collection here!

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  2. For those Tenno that have already begun to walk The Steel Path, (looking at you @Ceadeus)  you may have seen the new Bishamo Armor Set in Teshin’s offerings. We see that people would like to mix and match between the male and female Operator sets, and we totally want that to happen.

    We’ll have to make slight adjustments to the mesh of each variant Armor set for it to function properly on each operator model, and to avoid clipping when swapping between the pieces. We’re currently heads down on Tennocon prep, but we will explore this sometime in the post-Tennocon future!

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  3. EasterBunnyNova.png

    Dear Tenno!

    As we bid adieu to Spring we must also say farewell to the Lepus Headgear and Spring Step Ephemera. Our Easter celebration items will be hopping away today at 3:30 PM ET on all platforms! 

    Fret not Tenno, both items will be sure to make their way back next spring!

    4:53 EST - Update: The Headgear & Spring Step Ephemera have hopped down the rabbit hole and departed across all platforms!

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  4. WF_TwitchPrime_PrimeSigil_WebHeader_3840x2160.png

    Stand out from the crowd with the Static Reactor Prime Sigil, free with Twitch Prime! Don the Sigil to activate a full-body light effect to your Warframe.

    If you haven’t already, unleash the inferno by claiming your free Ember Warframe and Filigree Prime Orbiter Decoration! To take advantage of both offers on PC, PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to your Warframe and Twitch accounts and be a Twitch Prime member. If you’re not a Twitch Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial on the Twitch Prime page.

    Stay tuned for more free booster packs and cosmetic drops with Twitch Prime!

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  5. On 2020-01-31 at 3:16 PM, GrowthProfitGrofit said:

    Something which came up in the Devstream: Cautious Shot doesn't actually work on the Lenz. Will it work on the Kuva Bramma?

    On 2020-01-31 at 3:35 PM, GrowthProfitGrofit said:

    Well yeah I agree we probably won't be able to if the Kuva Bramma ships without any changes to Cautious Shot

    But Rebb was saying "why is everyone screaming about self-damage? we have a whole mod to solve that, and we buffed it and there's an exilus slot too"

    And I agree, self-damage isn't that big of a deal... if you can equip Cautious Shot on the Kuva Bramma, which you probably can't.


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  6. WF_OberonNekrosPrimeVault_NewsHeader_3840x1040.jpg

    Oberon Prime and Nekros Prime are back by popular demand! Pick up a Prime Vault Pack to instantly unlock them or seek out Void Relics to add these two Prime Warframes and their Weapons to your Arsenal. 

    When one Vault door opens, another closes. On February 11 at 2 p.m., Vauban and Ash Prime returned to the Vault along with their Prime Weapons and Accessories. Learn more here!


    Oberon and Nekros Prime Dual Pack:

    Oberon and Nekros. Two forces in eternal balance. Get instant access to the masters of reanimation, their Prime Accessories and more before they return to the Vault!

    • 1200 Platinum
    • Oberon and Nekros Prime Warframe
    • Silva & Aegis Prime
    • Sybaris Prime
    • Tigris Prime
    • Galatine Prime
    • Sukira Prime Syandana
    • Aroka Prime Sugatra
    • Uru Prime Syandana
    • Acanthus Prime Armor
    • Oberon and Nekros Prime Glyphs


    Oberon Prime Pack:

    • 400 Platinum
    • Oberon Prime Warframe
    • Silva & Aegis Prime
    • Sybaris Prime
    • Sukira Prime Syandana
    • Aroka Prime Sugatra
    • Oberon Prime Glyphs


    Nekros Prime Pack:

    • 400 Platinum
    • Nekros Prime Warframe
    • Tigris Prime
    • Galatine Prime
    • Uru Prime Syandana
    • Acanthus Prime Armor
    • Nekros Prime Glyphs


    Oberon Prime Accessories Pack:

    • 200 Platinum
    • Sukira Prime Syandana
    • Aroka Prime Sugatra


    Nekros Prime Accessories Pack:

    • 200 Platinum
    • Uru Prime Syandana
    • Acanthus Prime Armor

    The Prime Vault opens on February 11 at 2 p.m. ET for PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One!

    See below for PlayStation 4 regional launch dates:

    • North and South America – February 11
    • Europe – February 12
    • Asia – February 12
    • Japan – February 13

    Click here to pick up these Prime Vault Packs before the Vault closes!

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  7. Let the solar winds sail
    Orokin Compass to guide your path
    while I tell you a tale
    of a Grineer soldiers path

    He was green and misshapen
    eyes like scarabs of gold
    cloned and conditioned
    had no memories of home

    The solider was not unlike you or me
    dreamed of a place simply to be
    at peace and alone, away from the screams
    far off in the reaches of the vast galaxy

    This solider only new war
    a sliver of hope, aye, but a glean
    of one day becoming
    something unseen

    but this ill fated lad, equipped with only a dream
    had to serve his masters, lived to obey the queens
    ready and willing, he took to the skies
    piloted an outrider craft, fated to die

    with a Tenno ship, far off in the distance
    this final hour, He knew in this instance
    there was no other way
    onward he pushed, seldom chance of glory that day

    In a blaze he went down
    Tenno gunner triumphant
    The Grinner slipped from this life
    finally taken away from his strife

    His last thoughts fading, light in his eyes all but ceased
    Never good nor the best, not above the rest
    finally, peace. Tenno, lay me to rest

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  8. @-AxHx-Vile Correct! I have been following your thread closely to see which glyphs still need to be updated. For instance, all the glyphs @Voltage mentioned should be fixed now. 

    For the background of the glyphs, the backgrounds are actually transparent. It's the difference between Dark and Light mode that makes the transparent background look inherently dark or light. You can see by checking out light mode. I can look into seeing if that can be fixed. 

  9.     c30b173eb6cc1d6b24aa04a18ce5569f.jpg
    The latest episode of [DE]Constructing is here!

    How do we bring Warframe’s world to life? In this episode of [DE]constructing, we spoke with Environment Artists Brian Yu and Lionel Cruget to discuss the artistic influences of the Railjack, designing the Servofish that swim the coolant rivers of the Orb Vallis and much more. 
    Listen to [DE]Constructing Episode 6, now on YouTubeSoundcloud, SpotifyGoogle PlayiTunes, and Deezer!

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  10. c30b173eb6cc1d6b24aa04a18ce5569f.jpg

    George and Erich are back for Sound Design: Part 2!

    The latest episode of [DE]Constructing is here!

    Tune in as Erich and George return to discuss more Warframe Sound Design secrets including Railjack’s sound design, what makes the Teralyst so special, and how George nearly “sacrificed himself” for the Sacrifice!

    Listen to [DE]Constructing Episode 4, now on YouTubeSoundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes!

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  11. Tenno!

    Today has been a confusing day for Baro:

    On Consoles, Baro accidentally brought with him Primed Pack Leader. You were expecting Primed Animal Instinct and were bamboozled!
    We rectified this and added Primed Animal Instinct approximately 20 minutes after Baro's appearance.

    On PC:
    Now that Primed Pack Leader is out on Consoles - we also wanted PC to have the same chance at getting the Mod so it was also added there about 50 minutes after Baro's appearance!

    The Kavat is out of the Primed Ducat Bag, so Primed Pack Leader is now available from Baro on all Platforms.

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  12. DiscordNitro_WF_ResourceBooster_1080p.png

    This month's 7 day Discord Nitro Booster is now available! A Free 7-Day Resource Booster is now available with Discord Nitro. Claim yours through the discord app under the Nitro tab or on the 'Discord Store' tab in the Warframe Discord!

    Note: that the Ash Nitro Bundle is now available again if you didn't claim it before - the Bundle includes:
    - Ash Warframe
    - Ash Koga Skin
    - Nikana Ryu Weapon Skin
    - Centuria Syandana
    - Gazal Armor Bundle
    - Discord exclusive Color Picker
    - 7 Day Affinity Booster

    You can find more details on the monthly Discord Nitro perks and the Ash Nitro Bundle here!


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  13. The Wolf of Saturn Six will soon leave the airwaves. Nightwave Series 1 will be ending on Sunday, May 19th at 20:00 ET (8pm). This week's Acts will be the final Acts for Series 1! Be sure to spend any Wolf Cred you have left before this time in the 'Cred Offerings' shop, as Wolf Cred is only usable in 'The Wolf of Saturn Six'. 

    There will be a gap of time between the end of Series 1 and the start of Nightwave Series 2.

    This is partially because we’ll need time to sync on all platforms, but also because we don't want to simply lead right into another schedule. We are confident the changes to Acts and structure will make Series 2 more enjoyable and well paced, and we're also confident some week's downtime will help.

    As a reminder, we’re changing the Acts and tempo of Series 2 to reduce the time needed to progress through the Nightwave ranks. This includes making expired Acts obtainable again and making changes to existing Acts - which you can read more on here

    Remember - the end of Series 1 will not be the end of the Wolf of Saturn Six himself! There will still be a chance to hear the wolf howl...

    Thank you all for joining us for Nightwave Series 1 - your invaluable feedback has helped us move in the right direction for future Series installments.  

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  14. c30b173eb6cc1d6b24aa04a18ce5569f.jpg

    New Episode Available Now!

    From finding inspiration in Tibetan singing bowls for the perfect Glaive sound to nailing Clem’s signature voice, audio Director George Spanos and Senior Sound Designer Erich Preston discuss the lengths they’ll go to get the sounds of Warframe just right.

    Tune in for an in-depth interview on the painstaking process of sound design, winning the Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Music/Sound Design and much more! 

    Listen to [DE]Constructing Episode 3, now on YouTubeSoundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.

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  15. 24 minutes ago, TGDM said:

    Could we please get some clarification on how assassin spawns work in general? It feels really unclear how this "roll" is made when there's also the Stalker, G3/Zanuka, Syndicates, and then squad member conditions to account for.

    Are you saying there is an overall 4%/6% chance for The Wolf to spawn or are you saying that out of the x% chance of any assassin spawn, The Wolf has a 4/6% chance to spawn? What is the x% for general assassin spawns? It's not possible for multiple assassins to spawn in the same mission, right?

    There's a very distinct lack of information and anyone who could pull that data would be ill-advised to share it because these calculations are made server side iirc and that very much steps out of the gray area data mining on client side files is at.

    There is a 4% or 6% chance the Wolf will spawn in your mission (depending on mission level). This is outside of the percentage for any Stalker, Zanuka, or Syndicate spawn. It is not possible for multiple assassins to spawn within the same mission (at least, it's not intentional!)

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